Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't give your day job Mum - from Dozer

So Mum was waiting on the phone and on “hold” for an inordinate amount of time this morning and decided to see if she could draw me (as if any drawing could capture my handsome-ness). I think we can all agree that Mum had better not give up her day job because we would be starving if we were dependent on her art skills. Honestly, isn’t this why they have art schools?

Monday, June 29, 2009

This contest was made for me - Dozer

A beauty contest? Well cut off my tail and call me cute! This is just what I need for my self-esteem! Click on the picture to visit The Four Musketeers and read about the contest!

Mr Dog & Miss Beauty 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scottie Tongue Challenge - Cooper

Those funny scotties at Rocky Creek (click here) are having a contest to celebrate their 100th blog entry (where did the time go guys?). You have to post pictures of you with your tongue hanging out. So we scrounged around our boxes of pictures. And here we go with our entries!Cooper doesn't stick his out very far 'cause he's a Cocker.
Check out the size of my tongue!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Important Message from Cooper Edwards

It's really, really hot here. Could you send me
some popsicles right away? Thanks, Coop

Saturday Doings - Notes from Dozer

Mum seems bent on accomplishing a lot this weekend. We went to the All Natural Doggie Day Spa and each of us had our nails done. We love the women there and they love me. How they 'ooo' and 'ahhhh' over me is almost embarressing. What Mum has not figured out is why we make such a fuss at the vet if we have to have our nails cut, but will stand still and let the ladies at the Spa do it without a growl. Go figure! It is very hot here. So Mum cleaned my pool and filled it up. Nothing makes you feel cooler than having your paws in a pool. Now if Mum would just throw some dog cookies in so I could snack while I cool off.

Friday, June 26, 2009

From A to Z - A Study in Pictures

Inflated dog
Deflated dog

House Arrest - Notes from Cooper

We continue to be under House Arrest because we invited the squirrels inside to play cards. Amazingly Mum's sense of humor completely deserted her over this escapade. Who would have thought? Eventually Mum has to let us outside again, we just have to be patient (big sigh).

Sunday, June 21, 2009


There is no smoking in our house! Who told the squirrels they could smoke in the house?

There is no playing on the bedsteads!

There is no playing on the kitchen counters!

There is no playing in the garage!

Dear Tank, Mango, Howie PeePants, Sweetie, Sugar et al,

Goodness knows I do not want to put a damper on the War on Squirrels but enough is enough!

I do not like coming home and finding dozens of squirrels smoking in the house, playing Hearts and Crazy Eights, while munching on nuts and celery with peanut butter spread. (who pray tell is going to get the peanut butter out of the couch cushions? Hmm? Answer me that!)

You all know that you are not allowed to use matches and yet I find cigars, cigarettes and pipes littering the house. The curtains reek of smoke and there are ashes in all the flower pots. And the wisteria plant doesn't look well at all!

Filling the bathtub full of hot water and using it as a hot tub is not appropriate behavior on anyone's part. Warming towels in the oven is a HUGE NO-NO! Towels are flammable which means you could have burned the house down!

Ordering pizzas, DVD's and rental cars on my credit card is not funny.No one needs to order five copies of Die Hard and Charlotte's Web, we only have three televisions - what were you doing with the other copies? And by the way, those DVD's are now overdue and have charges.

As of this afternoon, all the squirrels have been removed from the house and are now on flights out of the State of Oregon. Fortunately the Department of the Interior has sympathy whereas I find you all have none. Your behavior by inciting this so called "war" is questionable. I am sure PETA would be very interested in this "war" and  how it is being conducted.

Dozer, Dottie and Cooper have been undergoing intensive therapy, the cost of which must be borne by me. The house is a wreck, the toilet has a birdfeeder wedged in it, and there is squirrel hair everywhere. While I am sure you all find this wildly amusing, I do not.

There will be no more squirrel wars in our neighborhood. Dozer herewith resigns as your "Northwest Regional Commander" and everyone's helmets have been locked up.

Don't bother calling, everyone's phone privileges have been revoked and Dozer, Dottie and Cooper are grounded until further notice.

I am sure your parents would be very interested to know what this little game has cost in terms of the condition of our home, let alone having to pay for therapy for three dogs because they now want to have squirrels over for sleepovers.


Nancy, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper's Mum

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deprogramming 101 - Notes from Dozer

The deprogrammer arrived and we started the program of deprogramming. I like it. It involves lots of massage therapy, visualization and eye-rolling. Here I am as we start - I am supposed to visualize the squirrels leaving the yard. Oooo,this is me seeing squirrels on the ceiling. Are they real or my visualization exercise? Can't tell.
I think it is time for a little nap. This deprogramming is very tiring.

Despicable Behavior - notes from Dozer

Amid all the trouble and turmoil of the Squirrel Wars, we had a quiet evening. I tried to tell Mum about how Cooper was sliding towards the dark side and wanted to go outside and play cards with the squirrels but Cooper jumped on her lap and made googly eyes at her. Then he looked over at me and stuck out his tongue! I need to find a professional to assist – we are waiting for Sweetie from the East Coast to help but I think we need…a deprogrammer! The brainwashing is moving too fast!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Insidious Squirrels! - Notes from Dozer

Dottie finally returned to the fold and brought treats! Apparently those squirrels are now using brainwashing techniques and cruel torture to infiltrate our troops! Dottie says she was kidnapped by a battalion of squirrels and taken to their secret outpost under the garden shed. After hours of playing Crazy Eights, eating rawhide chewies with liver dip and drinking aged-to-perfection toilet water, Dottie said that it seemed to make sense to invite the squirrels into the house. She said the squirrels released her with the treats as a sign of good faith. I can see no good of this coming and I feel we must say strong or we will succumb to these long-tailed rodents. Cooper unfortunately dove into the rawhide chewies and liver dip with total abandon so I don't see him being a big help. I continue to recover my injuries (like I am going to 'forgive and forget' the squirrels and my fight with them? Not!) and have sandbagged all the doors to the outside. I called Home Depot and they are delivering wooden slats to cover the windows and I am putting spikes in the flue of the fireplace. Those squirrels will not take over the house!

"Listen those squirrels are really nice and you should see their pantry! They have bags of treats and the most amazing liver dip, you guys should come play Crazy Eights with us!

I tried one of the chewies and it was good...but my injury reminds me of my duty to Whack A Squirrel.
Cooper has forgotten all his training and
has fallen to our prey's wiley ways!
He also fell asleep while on duty again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News from the Front

I continue to recuperate in the Medical Tent at our Fort. The drugs to fight my squirrel cootie infection have upset my tummy and I am forced to put my most pathetic look upon my face to get the help I need. To date it seems to be working.
Sleeping has been difficult but I have found with company I can power nap. I am trying to build up my body to face the hordes of marauding squirrels. Thank you all for my purple bone medal, I shall wear it with honor.
Cooper is maintaining surveillance and Dottie was discovered consorting with the enemy (she was under the shed playing cards with them). We are hoping she is acting as our secret agent however she is easily swayed with promised of treats.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Have Been Overrun! Send HELP!

Note sent to Tank, Head Commandant of "Whack-A-Squirrel":

We started our last offensive by trying to dislodge the enemy from the apple tree. I pulled while Dottie barked to confuse the flying rodents.

I gave my task all my energy, pulling and twirling.

Those darn squirrels refused to let go and kept pelting me with branches and stuff. It was most distressing!

Then I turned around and saw the squirrels running to the shed and laughing at us.

Dottie kept watch at the tree while I ran after the squirrels.
I almost had the squirrels when natured "called". This put me in a vulnerable position, if you know what I mean. While I was otherwise engaged, the squirrels attacked me and I was wounded in the paw defending myself.

Although the wound is most painful and requires a lot of expensive medicine, I want to get back to the front lines.

My nurse administers my ointment and antibiotics twice a day to stave off the rampant infection from the squirrels. Yes, I have "squirrel cooties".

We have not seen Dottie since the battle but Cooper thinks she is under the shed taking up a defensive position. I am in the sick tent and Cooper is maintaining our front line as well as he can. It would not be unseemly to say 'WE NEED HELP AND WE NEED IT NOW'! Whatever you can send and as soon as you can send it would be nice.

(Mother's Note: Dozer did not get bitten by a squirrel. He does not have "squirrel cooties". He has a staph infection on his paw and he is getting lots of antibiotics and other medicine. He is not in ICU nor is his life in an danger.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time Out to Say Good-Bye - from Cooper

Our pal Rascal left us yesterday and headed to the Rainbow Bridge. We didn't have time to say good-bye and our hearts are very sad tonight. We told the squirrels they could win tonight because we just don't want to fight. Tonight we remember how fun Rascal was - he was a rescue too and he made his pawrents so happy in Iowa when he came to live with them. He was just 12 years old - but for a corgi, a good, long life.

We met Rascal on Dogster.com and while we never met in person, because he lived in Iowa and we hang out in Oregon, we felt like he was an old friend. We dog-mailed and shared pictures and got to be great pals. So we say "Good-bye" old friend! We will see you on the Bridge in the twinkling of an eye. Lots of prayers for your parents tonight - but don't worry, we will take good care of them for you. Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

Such a majestic pose from such a naughty corgi! BOL!

Rascal and his Mum on their steps. Don't they look like quite the pair?

And look at the Halloween decorations!
Rascal got lots of holidays in with his parents!

Looking good in a new scarf!

That wonderful Corgi smile that shines down from the bridge tonight!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Message to Mango

Mango Man:

We need whatever you can send, we are running low on acorns to lob at them and we are completely out of rubber band guns. We were going to send Dottie out on a night mission but being blind, she got lost in the garden and we found her behind the composter asleep this morning. Mum said suiting us up each morning before she goes to work is getting a little ridiculous but she is not the one keeping our yard and America safe from flying rodents.

Our biggest concern right now is that the squirrels are ringing the doorbell and then running up trees and hiding. Cooper says they are doing this to wear us out. Mum says it has to stop or it will drive Dad nuts. These people have no priorities!

Thanks Mango, we await anything you can send. Please do not send PeeWee.

Love, Dozer, Cooper and Dottie (once we find her)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whack A Squirrel - Regional Commander Reporting

NW Regional Command - Report from Commander Dozer, Esq.

Commandant Tank:
(Click here for the Main Site for Whack-A-Squirrel)

Herewith is the report of the NW Regional Command on the Squirrel Wars. As instructed, I have recruited staff to help with the ongoing battles with the squirrels. Thank you for sending our flak jackets and helmets. They have been of incredible help during the daily skirmishes with the long-tailed rodents of the trees.
Commander Dozer Edwards Staff Sargent Cooper Edwards
In-charge of communications and supplies
Recruit Dottie, who is listening for vibrations through the floor of squirrel activity under the base building. We have intercepted coded messages which lead us to believe that the squirrels are attempting to infiltrate our headquarters and disable our battalion.

The following are images captured on our last reconnaissance raid:
The enemy has newer weapons than we had been led to believe they possessed. We are renting all four Star Wars movies so we can learn how to take on these space cadets and conquer them.

The squirrels continue to use heavy warfare against us. The backyard is beginning to look a lot like the surface of the moon. But we will not fail in our mission.

We have discovered that the squirrels like to smoke after battles. We are leaving cartons of cigarettes around the battlefield in the hopes they will smoke so much they will get lung cancer and keel over. Staff Sargent Cooper states that this takes much longer than we have time for, but we can also locate the squirrels at night when they light up. We plan to have more night battles.
Another shot of the enemy using their bazookas.

Many of the enemy have drinking problems. We are inviting them in for cocktails each evening before our battles to see if we can get them inebriated and then tie them up with shoelaces. To date this tactic has not worked. Staff Sargent Cooper passed out in his dog bed and Recruit Dottie got her head stuck in the Sangria pitcher. I continue to study the enemy's drinking habits.

We continue to need more recruits for the NW Region and gratefully request that any canines available please contact us as soon as possible.

Over and Out,

Regional Commander Dozer Edwards, Esq.

300th Post but Shhh, it is Sleepy Sunday

This is our 300th post but we're having naps because it is Sleepy Sunday. We'll celebrate tomorrow.

Dozer won't lie down and take a nap so he doesn't get his picture in the blog today (hee, hee). Love, Cooper

Saturday, June 6, 2009

For Martha and Bailey