Friday, October 29, 2010

Paws It Forward CONTEST! Enter now!

So Mum used the Blogger scheduler to post this note about Paws It Forward and it has been sitting for a week. It never published itself and it never even told us. It just sat there...waiting. How lame is that? Pretty lame if you ask me.

Anyway, we'll try this again! As you can see below, we received this nifty package from Natasha Kirker. She picked our name out of her Paws It Forward blog entry and then sent us a padded envelope with a stuffed toy, treats (two kinds) some Pupperoni chewies and two postcards with a discount on her jewelry.

We loved all our treats and we gave our toy to our Nanny with a pin attached to it. We think this Paws It Forward movement is a great way to make friends and get some cool new toys and foodables!

Now it is our turn!

If you would like to be in the running for one of three Paws It Forward packages, simply leave a comment to this entry. We will take all the entries, use a random choosing machiney-thingy, and the winners will be announced next Wednesday. These packages will contain food-ables, Oregon only type toys, and other fun stuff for you to enjoy. If you receive a package, then you have to Paws it Forward and have a contest on your blog.

I figure we if we keep this Paws It Forward  thing going, eventually everyone in the world will get a package. So odds are you may already be a winner!

One entry per dog/cat/bird.guinea pig, etc. This is not for dogs only. If you are a family members with wings, feet, paws, gills, or whatever, you are welcome to play!

Let the game begin! Arrroooo!

Love, Dozer

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dottie is still getting top billing

This is just pathetic (moans a sad Dozer). Dottie is in the new Best Friends magazine this month in their Memories section. I blame Mum because she must have been the one to send in the notice of Dottie's passing and no one else knows where the pictures are kept.

(Cooper sneaks out of the room and runs down the hall laughing and giggling - he knows where the pictures are but please don't tell Dozer!)

Mum sends in a donation each year to Best Friends because they are a great rescue and take care of every kind of animal and then trys to find homes for the residents. Once in a while, when I am bad, she swears she is sending me there for obedience classes or time outs. I say to myself "Whatever". Personally I think I am perfect.

Anyway, one more salute to Miss Dots. She definitely knew how to work the media and the ring in her favor.

Love, Dozer

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We's Gots a Nanny!

The kits at The Casbah Kitten said Heidi from Kitty Meow Meow is really our Nanny! How cool is that? We had no idea but we are really excited to learn we now has a Nanny. Cooper went on-line to learn about Nannies 'cause we aren't exactly sure what's a Nanny really is.

Apparently these Nanny sorts live on top of mountains and sing quite a bit.

And during their off hours, these Nanny types fly around with umbrellas (risky behavior if you ask me...I'm just sayin')

But check out the sheep! Whoo whooo! We can't wait for Heidi to bring the sheep...maybe tomorrow? We love sheep - just look how much we loved Mr. Goat (till his head fell apart).

Plus there's More!

We got a big envelope from Natasha Kirker! It is part of the Paws it Forward movement and we are so excited!! Mum is going to open it tomorrow and we will show you all our neat gifts and then it will be our turn to paws it forward!

Natasha has a neat website called Sparkle and Metal which Mum fell in love with (we're monitoring her time on the site and we took her magic card away). Check it out by clicking here.

Kitty Meow Meow

Many of you have commiserated with me over my abandonment issues. Mum goes off each day to work and right now Dad is in Arizona.

How do I manage? It is not easy. Cooper panics a lot and glues himself to me because he used to live at the Humane Society and thinks Mum is not coming home. Yeah right.

Heidi from Kitty Meow Meow looks after us when Mum cannot. Heidi comes at lunch time every Thursday because Mum has a jobsite meeting and she cannot get home to us. We really look forward to our Thursdays with Heidi.

Heidi plays with us and leaves Mum long notes on us (see above). I can't read very well and Cooper needs glasses so we are not really sure what these notes say. Cooper says we have to be on our best behavior otherwise Heidi will tell Mum we are incorrigible. I don't even know what that means but Cooper says it is not good. (If you click on the picture you can read the kind of notes Heidi leaves).

Personally, I do not think Heidi needs to tell Mum what we do in the toilet department but apparently that is part of pet-sitting. Mum thinks it is fun. Yeah right.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Cold Fall Night

...a cold fall night requires conserving heat and finding a comfortable position.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall is Upon Us

The leaves are turning, there are brisk winds coming over the from the coast, Mum is changing her wardrobe, and pumpkins are being carved and presented! We'll be saying good-bye to the last of the tomatoes later this week - Cooper is really upset over this.

The leaves are becoming drifts and collecting in every corner!
Leaves are mingling with grass, Mum had her loafters on and it is officially Fall!

Mum found a lovely site that makes "wordles". She made all sorts of "wordles" for Cooper and moi. (You can make some too at

This is Cooper, obviously, he's a spaniel

Yeah, yeah, Cooper again

 Oh look, finally me!
So stylish,!

I'm loving the colors on this one 
Oh crikey, it's Cooper again!

Are you having a good Fall? We hope so, because it is a beautiful time of year. Do you have leaves falling off your trees? If not, Cooper will be glad to bag and send you a bunch of ours. No really, it is not a problem. We have Mum's debit card and we'll pay the shipping.

Multi-Tasking Stuffies

Stuffies always have more than one purpose or use in life. Let's look at Mr. Goat, shall we? Even though he is missing most of his brains and head, he continues to have a purpose in life as my chin support in bed.

Thanks Mr. Goat Stuffie for your continued good work - you'll need to lose a lot more stuffing before we send you onto Stuffie Heaven.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Me and My Hugs

From Mum's phone, me and Da, having snuggles.

I have no idea how Cooper's pictures got into this blog entry because it supposed to be all about me!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This little paw of mine, it's going to shine

Softest paws in the West. Cooper Edwards.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Left Behind - Not the Book Series

So Mum and Da went off and left us so they could visit the house in Arizona. I went to Inavale Farm to play with my pals and Cooper stayed home with Heidi from Kitty Meow Meow because Mum thought Cooper might like some peace and quiet after I keelhauled him last week.

I had a great time - I got a bath and a nail clip and came home exhausted.

Cooper did not have a great time - he thought he had been abandoned and he tried to scratch his way out the front door, which is metal, so he didn't get far. Then he tried to dig his way out through the carpeting by the front door, which he had even less success at.

Finally Mum came to her senses and came home. Before she left, she took these pictures of the bird's nests in the cactus outside the house. Nobody is taking babies out of these nests without permission! Check out those cactus spines!

On her trip home she saw this paper dog at the airport. He's made out of phone books and paper. Pretty cool.

When Mum picked me up from The Farm I had this neat autumnal scarf on to celebrate Fall. Dashing yes?

Cooper went bananas when we came through the door and threw himself at Mum (it was embarrassing). Then we all went out in the backyard and got an apple or two to nosh on. Cooper makes the most disgusting faces when he eats.

Now I am sitting on the couch, waiting for you to come visit me or to send a C.A.R.E. package. (big sigh).

I can't sit here all day...well, actually I can. But you could still hurry!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Me, Glorious Me!

I may be in the dog house but I can still reach out to my readers and devoted fans. Feel the love my readers, feel the love.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Boy It's An Auction for a Good Cause!

Jan is back at it! Go visit and see all the nifty things she has in her auction. She is finally having an auction to take care of the animals she keeps under her wing.  I put a bid in on some lovely earrings for Mum. I think I have enough quarters but I need to keep a watch out for people bidding against me - these auctions are popular. Jan runs these auctions to raise funds for folks with vet bills that went through the roof, or who need help with adoptions of pets or other pet emergencies. She is a real winner!

Perhaps you will want to buy me something and send it to me in a nice brown box that says "SECRET! Only to be opened by Cooper Edwards!"

How to Eat a Zucchini by Cooper Edwards

I got a zucchini from Mum to chew on. It was most delicious.
 First I rolled it in the grass but I almost lost it because it was green and blended into the grass.
 One must keep a firm grasp on the zucchini lest it roll away or be taken by strangers.
 As I got to end of my nom, nom good zucchini I had to get down on its level.
 I ate the zucchini chips at the very end, had a slight belch and fart (which Mum said sounded very wet) and called it a lovely snack.
See the trail we have made in the yard? See Dozer at the end of the trail by the tree? He was a very bad corgi last week and is still earning his way back into Mum's good graces. He attacked me to get the apple I had and we had a giganormous fight. He bit my neck but I gave him a "what for" below his left eye and left a big ol'divet! Mum was not happy and now Dozer has to earn everything from breakfast to walks to play. He is also taking "Good Traveler" tablets twice a day (as Julie our trainer suggested) because it will tone down his dominance issues and help with his attitude adjustment. Dozer apologized to me and even cleaned up my neck and ear for me. He said not to tell Mum because she would think he was a baby.

So we are all fine now and we are working on better manners. Mum even let Dozer attack the hose (the hose is stil safe which should tell you something about Dozer's fighting skills).

Dozer needs his nails clipped. He's getting that done later this week but Mum said not to tell him.

Lots of love from Cooper.