Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our last agility class - Coop was not invited!

 THIS IS MY AGILITY CLASS NOT COOPER'S!!! But Mum brought him along because he has been sad about Dottie leaving us. I said it was okay but it was a huge mistake. Cooper wasn't left in the car because Mum said it was too hot. So he hogged all the attention and everyone thought he was cute and he didn't even do any agility.

 This is Elaine and Albert (this is from last week). Albert has lots of fur, more than me.
 Check out Albert's feathers on his butt! He is a true corgi!
Jaeger the brown and white Dalmatian is on the left and Riley is on the right. They are a lot more advanced in agility than the rest of us but they are very nice about it.
 There is Sharon our teacher, Elaine, me and Albert. Corgis rule!
There is Cooper horning in on my friends. It was really hot so we drank lots of water.

Mum fell down running the agility course with me and hurt her knee. She definitely does not bounce as well as she used to since entering her 50's. It was embarrassing, there was Mum splayed out on the ground and I was already on the A-Frame ready to hit the jumps.

I made Mum take this picture of me when we got home lest you forget whose blog this is.

PS: Mum says "Thank you" to all the lovely blog friends who sent their prayers, heartfelt words and notes to us after Dottie had to leave us. You made Mum cry with your tenderness and kindness during this difficult time.

PSS: And Mango, I read you note and we are not crazy as loons. Dottie may have seemed "normal" but she was one brick short of a full load if you catch my drift. Cooper and I are colorful, full of energy and imaginative. We keep Mum in line and working off the calories. If not for us, she'd be a couch potato and have nothing of interest to say to anyone.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

(big yawn) have a nice sunday, I gotta go nap now...love, cooper

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good-night Sweet Girl - Remembering Dottie

 Dottie Edwards

(Dozer's Mum here) Dear Dottie Dog went downhill last night and I took her into the vet this morning and had her put down. I was up most of the night with the dear old girl and the vet thinks that her symptoms indicated a brain tumor and heart failure (which we already knew). Whatever it was, Dottie was in distress and I am not one to let an animal suffer. They do such a lovely job at the vet's office. They gave Dots a sedative which equated to two stiff Scotch and waters and she was in a very happy place based on the fact that her tongue took on a life of its own. And then she was gone after the final shot. She had her favorite vet and tech and honestly it was such a gentle passing, one could not have asked for a better exit. I am having her cremated and then will give the ashes to her previous owner's son who will have them scattered on Betty's plot so they are together again.

Dozer amd Cooper noted that Dots did not come home with me and for the first time, both of them got on my lap for a cuddle (that only lasted a few minutes and probably will not be repeated again in this lifetime!)

Dottie Edwards - took down garbage cans, ate one of the kitchen chairs, loved apples off the ground, moaned and rolled on her back when she was feeling frisky, loved to have her ears scritched and never forgot she was an AKC Champion show dog.  How lucky we were to have her in our life for two and a half years. Now we return her to Betty so she can sit by Betty's feet and have treats fed to her and talk to her old friend about this and that. Thanks for visiting us Dots, we will always love you!

(Thank you to Emily at Dreameyce Pet Photography for these beautiful pictures of Miss Dottie - Emily caught the essential Dots so we will have such lovely images to remember our old girl! Click here to visit Dreameyce's website)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out of Detention!

I still don't get my picture as the profile picture for the blog back, but I can move freely again and rejoin the family unit! Whoo hoo!

Cooper had to go to the vet on Saturday to get his ear checked, its the one I tagged. He didn't have to get stitches or anything.

Mum and I took a little nap out in the garden before she left for Washington State to visit family.

 This was our walk tonight at Philomath Park, we got to play in the water and mud.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Timeouts...for the guilty....

We continue to reflect on our misdeeds and the commission of our sins...

We regret to inform our reading public

We regret to inform our readers that Dozer will not be blogging until Sunday at which time there will be thorough review of his behavior to see if he merits the privilege of blogging with his friends again. This morning he attacked his brother Cooper and bloodied Coop's right ear (it will be fine). Dozer also growled at his mother which mandates a mandatory one day lock down without stuffies or amusements.

While the miscreant shows all signs of being remorseful, a committee has been formed to investigate dog obedience classes - with a professional trainer to curb this tendency to attack when Cooper makes a cry of a pain.

The management will not tolerate this type of behavior.

Dozer will not be allowed visitors nor does he have phone privileges so please do not call the house phone. His cell phone has also been turned off and locked away.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wally Melon on the Veranda

Dottie had her wally melon on the deck (veranda)

Check out her jaw action!

Cooper went for the full mouth attack!

No one said wally melon eating is pretty.

I take the demure approach.

Mum seemed upset over the floor, whatever.

Excuse me while I check my teeth,
I haven't had time to floss.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I need to work on my agility - from Dozer

This is my friend, Albert, doing the high walk during our class tonight. I had a ball but I was a little confused with the purple tunnel that had a big bend in it. But for enough treats I was willing to give it a shot.

This is me looking at Mum, asking for more treats.

Mum says we have to work on my weaves. But right now I have to go to bed because I am very tired. Mum's looking a little weary too.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's hot and we're nappin'

We like the hot weather but we like when the wind comes up and we can go outside and play without panting our brains out. Not that we really pant our brains out, that is just a term, a bit of word play. We would never let our brains fall out of our heads, that would be just silly.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't like fireworks! ~ Dozer

Mum took me to the Philomath Frolic & Rodeo with Aunt Joan and cousin Pearl. I liked walking around and smelling all the neat smells - lots of hotdog smells! I met a lot of people who wanted to pet me and I was very good and patient. I wore my flag bandana and looked really handsome.

I rolled on the lawn and it felt wonderful!

I sat on Mum's lap until the fireworks started.
Then I started shaking and drooling. I was not happy.
So Mum brought me right home and closed up the
house and we did not watch the fireworks.
I stopped shaking and ate some cookies
and drank some water and was all better.

No more fireworks!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My first agility class by Dozer

My first agility class was tonight. Why Mum decided we should do this on the hottest day of the year is a mystery to me. We got to the class and there was Mum's friend, Elaine, and Albert her Pembroke corgi. Albert took a bit to warm up to me but eventually he succumbed to my charm and we got on like old friends. Since we were the only two in the class, we could not fail.

Sharon, our teacher, is the best. She took us through weaves, the teeter totter, two different kinds of tunnels, and jumps. It was great! The best part of the class were the goats next door. They smelled great and I am sure I could have herded them if I had been given a chance.

It was over 90 degrees so we only spent 45 minutes in class. Mum put me in the car and turned the air conditioning on high. When we got home, Mum cleaned my pool and I attacked the evil hose, who now has knows its place in the house.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My new course - by Dozer

Check out the agility course has Mum made for me in the back yard!
 I remembered how to do my weaves last night
and got the ring thing down pat.
 Looking for someone to play ball with me.
 Hmm, no one over there.
 Well, you will do I guess.
I laugh because you can never win at "fetch" with me. Play on!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Passed! I Passed! by Dozer

I had my agility aptitude test this afternoon and I passed! I went through the tunnel, I learned how to do weaves and I love the raised walk and fences! I got lots of treats and I even went through the wickets like a pro. I have lots to learn so we will start our agility lessons on Tuesday night at 6:30pm. My teacher, Sharon, says I need to get my nails trimmed because I need to be able to grip - so Mum is getting the dremel out and if that doesn't fly, it is off to the groomer. I hate having my nails clipped!

Mum was so proud of me, she said I was "a natural"! We stopped at Petco to get two leashes (one is 4ft and one is 6ft) and lots of treats for our class. Mum also bought me a pig's ear as a surprise! 

I am pretty tired tonight because I did a lot of running but I had a great time!

Bad Cooper (hee hee) by Dozer

This here is Cooper. He's tired. He's asleep. Want to know why he is so tired? It's because he found a hole in the fence and he escaped! Mum freaked and went all to pieces. We had to get in the car and drive around to find Cooper. We drove to the park and Cooper wasn't there. I hung my head out of the window and I couldn't see him. We decided to come home and re-group. As we turned onto our street there was Cooper! He was sitting on the sidewalk looking lost. Mum opened the car door and he jumped in.

Mum blocked the hole in the fence and had a long talk with Coop. Unfortunately he fell asleep mid lecture.

Bad Cooper, bad, bad!