Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love Facebook - Cooper

Dad made me an account at Facebook. I am trying to sell Dozer there. I'd be glad to be your friend on Facebook, just invite me!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Napping with Mum - Dozer

Mum and I retired to the bedroom last night and I snuggled in for a pre-bedtime nap. Always time for pratice for Sleepy Sundays I say. Snork, num, num, num.
Bunny paws

Do you feel a breeze? I feel a breeze.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Good-Bye Pink Baby!

Our message notes in Pink Baby's scrapbook. Today PB leaves for "Hoover-ville" via United Parcel Service. Thanks for stopping by PB, you made our week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A quiet day with Pink Baby

Pink Baby is not very coy! She has been all over me today - "hug me", "kiss me", "let's hug!"..on and on it went. She is such a sweet puppy! And did I mention she is very pink?!

Goodness, Pink Baby just jumped right up and wrapped herself around me! She is such a cuddle pup!
This is me being cuddled by Da. He is very patient with me and just lets me lie in his arms and doze.
Pink Baby loves my nose (who can say why?) She says my nose is smooth and "so kiss-able!"...well of course, I am totally "kiss-able" and I love little pecks on my snoutster.

Pink Baby gave me a lovely paw massage on my hurt leg. She is such a devoted little pup and very good with her paws. My foot felt much better after her ministrations.

This is me giving Pink Baby a big good-night hug. I love Pink Baby and I am so glad she came to visit us. Cooper says PB has to play with him tomorrow...we'll see.

No update on my leg today but we will be patient and wait for Dr. B to call us. Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers.

Good night, Love, Dozer Edwards

Pink Baby Unwrapped!

Finally Mum got herself organized to open our package from Tibby in New York! See what a pretty job the merry Tibster did on our name and address? Very artistic! In case you are wondering, the name of our town (Philo-math) means "City of Volunteers". The town was built around the logging industry and now we house the Benton County Historical Museum which always has great exhibits and shows. We are about as small a town as you can get and it is a bit like living back in the 1950's, something we find most endearing and delightful.
Pink Baby went over the rules for having her stay with us. Just one week - how can we show her everything Oregon in just one week? Well, we will do our best and then she will be off on another adventure.
Oh, this is me after I put Pink Baby in my mouth and ran into the living room with her. First, I am not supposed to be running and second, I am not supposed to be trying to de-stuff Pink Baby. Sorry, I got a little carried away. It won't happen again.

Pink Baby had a cup of coffee and we looked at all the entries in her scrapbook that Kylie started. Like I said, Tibby is a hard act to follow but Mum says it isn't a competition (it better not be because we're failing fast! BOL!)

Tonight Mum said we will review some Oregon history with Pink Baby and have some play time - quiet play time but play time nonetheless!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Verdict from the Hospital

I am finally home from the vet. Mum took me in for my 11am appointment and I made sure to leave a big (some might say “giganormous”) puddle by the front door of the office so everyone would know I had arrived.

I was ushered into one of the private rooms (Mum says all the rooms are private but I think they have a special one for important dogs like me).

"What? What do you mean there is a limit to how much cheese-in-a-can I can have? Who cares if it gives me the farties? That's fine by me, I don't care!"

We hung out with the most able technician who was very free with the “cheese-in-can”. My heart is just fine and my temperature was normal. Then Dr. B finally arrived. I love Dr. B. and she feels the same about moi. She checked out my knees, comparing the two against one another and determined neither of them was in great shape. I put on my most pathetic look for her and I believe she succumbed to my charms once again.

Then I was off to the x-ray department (Mum says it is just a room and not a “department”…. whatever!) and they took magical pictures of my knees and hips. Dr. B and I came back to my private room and looked at the magical pictures with Mum. I take remarkable x-rays and need to talk to Mum about using them for our annual Christmas card.

"Isn't Dr. B just beautiful? See how gentle she is with me? She loves me and I love her. Actually I like her massage technique best and her opposable thumb that let's the cheese-in-a-can out!"

The decision is that Dr. B is going to have an orthopedic surgeon look at the x-rays and then my “films” go to the Oregon State University Veterinary School to see what they suggest. We should know in a couple of days what needs to be done. My left knee that had surgery last year has a giganormous amount of arthritis so Dr. B isn’t sure the same surgery on the right knee is such a hot idea. The right knee is not as “loose” as the left but I am not sure if that is good or bad. Mum says not to worry about it, that is what Dr. B is there for.

"This was a pawtastic couple of hours but now I am ready for my pain meds and a nap. Time to let go of me ladies, I've got more hearts to break and need to keep movin' down the Road of Love."

I am home now and Mum has been to my favorite pet store, Animal Crackers, and gotten us Frosty Paws for dessert tonight. And we get to unwrap Pink baby too!

More news as it breaks (the news, not my knees!)

Monday, Monday - Not such a good day

Dozer's Mum here. Dozer is going to the vet this morning because we believe he has blown out his right rear knee (you may remember he did his left rear knee almost a year ago to the day). He is not feeling very well but we have him on his pain medication and will get him into see his favorite vets and see if we can schedule surgery or whatever they suggest. We suspect this has been coming on for a bit because he has not been his usual rambunctious self.

On the bright side, we received a package from our good friend Tibby, who resides on the East Coast of the United States. Although Dozer is dying to open the box, we have decided to wait until tonight so we can all sit down together and see what is inside. Could it be something Yes, PINK BABY has come to Oregon to visit Dozer, Dottie and Cooper! Can you believe it? Pink Baby belongs to Miss Kylie who lives in Massachusetts. This traveling stuffie has been to Singapore and visited all sorts of dogs like the Musketeers! We have only a week to show Pink Baby our side of Oregon and even with Dozer's serious injury we will do our best.

Disclaimer: We cannot rise to the level of Tibby with Pink Baby. First off, we cannot sew collars, nor can we make teeny little pancakes for PB. We're not entirely sure what we can do to make this a truly Oregon experience but we will do our best!
Please keep Dozer in your thoughts today as we determine what the best course of action is for his leg.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking for a Large Heart - Maybe Yours?

For Susan and Mike Kelms, their four dogs were like their children. And they always hoped they would stay together if anything happened to them.About two weeks after the Kelmses were both killed in a fatal motorcycle crash over the Labor Day weekend, their family and a Burr Ridge shelter is looking for someone to adopt the pack.They've had inquiries about one or two of the dogs, but no one has stepped up yet to take all four, said Kathy Deets, manager of the Chicago Canine Club in Burr Ridge."Their last wish was that they could be adopted together and they are an interesting little pack,'' said Deets. "They're just best friends, these four dogs."

They are 6-year-old Anacortes, a 47-pound female American Eskimo lab mix; 3-year-old Cedonia, a 34-pound female husky mix; 7-year-old Tacoma, a 92-pound male lab mix; and Everett, a 4-year-old, 47-pound, male Austrian Shepard lab mix.She said the shelter has been boarding the dogs since the accident as a niece of the Kelmses searches for a home. Deets said the dogs have an unusually close bond and tend to hang out together in the shelter.According to a letter posted on the shelter's Web site by Kim Mayer, the Kelms' niece, the dogs were adopted over the past seven years."Their dogs were the only children they ever had,'' Mayer wrote.Deets said she understands it will be difficult finding homes for all four dogs, and said they have had inquires from neighbors and friends of the Kelms."To adopt two dogs together is a huge challenge ... four could be impossible,'' said Deets.But she said the dogs are very well-mannered and show signs that they were well taken care of by the owners. "The dogs are super sweet.'' The dogs, all rescued from area shelters, are spayed and neutered and are up to date on vaccines.-- Carlos Sadovi

I want a jury trial - Dozer

So Mum and I were playing on the bed with Mr. Mallard, who sadly has lost all of his stuffing, and apparently someone ripped the duvet cover. Mum says it must have been me because Mr. Mallard doesn't have the strength to do such a thing. I think not. Let's look at the evidence, shall we? Here I am with Mr. Mallard. He certainly is flat, is he not?
Oh look! Another handsome portrait of me. I do look rather nice on the duvet don't I?

Nice side shot of me, I think it may be my best side.

Hmm, the tear. Note it is a perfect 90 degree angle. Not something you would expect from a canine, is it? I think the can opener did it and that's my story.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Tuesday Morning Funny


Monday, September 14, 2009

Finally My Evening Walk ~ Dozer

We finally got an evening walk - much overdue if you ask me. I had to spend an inordinate amount of time checking peemail and Coop was forever foraging into bushes to see if anyone had left messages. If Mum was a bit more consistent in our walkies we would not have to spend so much time doing these little tasks. Hmmm, there's a note here from Pearl thanking us for the playdate.
Coop checking into the bushes and all that they hold.
Ah the sand of the volleyball court. What mysteries it holds!
That's right, Kitty Roca!
And just a moment for my toilette before we head home for the night.

Love, Dozer

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleepy Sunday - Dottie

Sshhh! Dottie's sawing logs and we are not supposed to wake her up.

Playdate on Saturday

Mum finally felt well enough to think about someone other than me! About time if you ask me. We walked down to the elementary school because it has a fenced field and met our friends Joan and Pearl. Pearl is a big, black lab and Joan is a biped. Cooper immediately started snogging Joan - honestly, some days it is just embarrassing to be his brother. This is moi in a rather regal pose. It looks like I am going to eat that sunflower but I was actually looking for water. Mum forgot our water bottle and we got a bit dry in the mouth. She promises next time not to forget everything.
This is the covered part of the playground. It was really bright and sunny. We walked home and took naps for the rest of the day. Mum got tired and took a bunch of naps and we decided we should keep her company.

Friday, September 11, 2009

From Fail Dogs and other animals

Someone is going to be ticked when they wake up!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Note to our Subscribers

Mum has a cold and has been in bed for 3 days. Her 'puter went bonkers and has had to be reformatted and it is still not well. In the meantime, she feels this need to go to work. We will see if she can get us updated tonight. Apparently we are not a priority. (violins swell in the background).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birthday Aftermath Pictures

We regret that there will be no blog entry today
as all participants are recovering from a long night
of partying as they celebrated Cooper's 12th birthday.

"Snorgle, um, um, num, num, snorgle, thwwwp, snore"

"Could you turn off the light, it's making my head pound like a jackhammer..."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Barkday Pictures!

A small, tasteful birthday celebration was held for Cooper Edwards, Esq. as he turned 12 years on September 1, 2009.

Frozen treats from Animal Crackers in Corvallis, Oregon with small biscuit treats artfully arranged into smiley faces were prepared for each attendee. Dottie found her frozen yogurt treat to be quite satisfying although she did get an ice cream headache.
"Is there a second course?" she asked.

The guest of honor, Cooper, chowed down on the biscuits and then approached his frozen treat.

Cooper licked the frozen yogurt into submission in no time. Let's take a closer look at that tongue action, shall we?

Hmm, nom, nom, nom good!

The frozen treat did require some jaw action as everyone was too impatient to lick the desserts.

A pink pig was the present of the festivities and Cooper immediately checked out its hind quarters to insure it really was a pink pig.

Dozer then stole the pig and tore its tail off in order to establish who was top pig in the house!

The pig put up a tremendous fight and at one point it appeared it had Dozer on the ropes!

Using furniture, Dozer cornered the pig into submission!

Eventually the pig cried "Uncle!" and the battle was won!