Monday, April 7, 2008

Can You Believe Our Bidped?

Crikey! It has been ages since Mum took the time to write up our life. We could have moved to Europe done the Grand Tour and come home in the time it has take for her to simply sit down and address our needs! Is this too much to ask? Well, is it? Of course not. Look at the many ways we enrich her life:

~ Always there for unconditional love and treats
~ We leave presents on the carpeting and walls when we cannot get outside
~ We drool in our sleep on her pillow
~ We wake her up at night when we are running our sleep
~ We sometimes wake her up at 4:30am in the morning and convince her it is time to get up and feed us
~ We sit on her lap at all times so she cannot read the paper or eat without company
~ We follow her into the bathroom and sit at her feet looking perplexed as to why she doesn't just lift her leg like us
~ We always jump when we see the treat jar coming out
~ We sit patiently for our flea medication to be applied
~ We never argue
~ We rarely even speak
~ We are wonderful watch dogs as long as it doesn't interrupt our naps
~ We have claimed the couch as our own so no guests will ever sit on it because of our shedding

The list is endless. Hopefully Mum will take the hint and be a bit more responsible in keeping up our blog. Otherwise it could get ugly.