Monday, July 30, 2012

Allergies Are Not Our Friend

See the big, black mark by my mouth? I have been rug surfing with my face because my allergies are in high gear. I have been going under the bed and chewing on my feet and shaking my head because my ears itch. All in all, not a happy time for me.

Mum took me to the vet and now I am taking 1 1/2 tablets of Benadryl twice a day (per the vet) and I don't itch any more. I do get a little spacey which Cooper thinks is funny.

Mum says my allergies will get better as summer ends but until then I have to take my Benadryl and antibiotics (to heal my face). I hope my rug burn turns into a scar. I will tell the ladies I am a pirate and it is an injury from a sword fight. Why is Mum laughing hysterically?

Love, dozer

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pool is open, everyone come in!

Mum finally got my pool out of shed and filled it with water utilizing the evil water hose which must be attacked at all costs! I do not know what the evil water hose does when it is not on but it must hide in some dark, dusty, evil place. For that and many more reasons, I always go slightly ballistic when Mum turns on the hose. Cooper, he doesn't care for water so he ignores the evil water hose. He has no idea how many times I have saved his life. Ungrateful wretch!

Checking out the evil water hose

I took a brief break to catch my breath.

Keeping an eye on the hose, it seems to move on its own.

Always keep a firm grip on the hose lest it get away.

Never take your eyes off of the hose, it cannot be trusted.

Nice action shot eh? Mum does have her uses.

Take that you evil hose! Nice teeth yes?

I feel barking adds to the experience. Mum unfortunately does not agree. Go figure.

Today the evil water hose, tomorrow the lawn mower!

Love, Dozer and his brother, Cooper

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mum is Home!

Look! Mum has come home and everything is right with the world again! See the smile on my face? It isn't there just because she bought a 25 pound bag of dog food in the door with her! BOL! Pig pile on the bed tonight!

Love, Dozer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ocean!

Mum sent me a video of the ocean in North Carolina. There is a windsurfer out in those waves somewhere. There has been terrific wind and lots of people with kits and boards. As my readers may know, I am an ocean dog - give me the waves, the sand and the people with picnic kit! Oh yes!

I am checking to see how much it costs to fly to North Carolina as I would like to windsurf. Cooper said he doesn't want to go along unless he can sit on the beach with Mum. He doesn't like water quite as much as I do.

Love, Dozer

Monday, July 9, 2012

We're Bachelors and It's Cool!

Mum in in North Carolina so Dad is making the house into a bachelor pad and we are loving it! Dad sends Mom notes on Facebook to let her know we are not taking our pills, having fattening snacks and staying up all night. He told her we were having chicken fried steak and french fries last night and he sent pictures showing us fishing and checking out the tundra and turf. Mum doesn't believe a word of what Daddy sends but she knows we are having fun being 'just the guys'.

The good news is that Mum is with her family and there are no dogs there and all she can do is miss us! BOL!

This is me fishing during our walk at the Park. I don't actually fish, I was really drinking water because it was a bit warm.

This is evidence that Coop and I really do get along. Here we are conferring on some pee-mail. Cooper relies on my expert discerning sense of smell.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post 4th News

Mum(right) and our Aunt Emely(left)
Copyright Gazette Times

Once again our Mum has embarrassed us to no end by dressing up for her 5k Walk Race and then standing by the parade route looking like a red, white and blue candle. She made the front page of the paper (with Aunt Emely above) but thankfully we live in such a small town that perhaps no one will notice.

The drugs Mum got for me to make the fireworks less stressful made me a stumbling fool so after a test dose, those drugs were put away and not used again. I got kind of loopy and very sad looking. I made it through the holiday with minimal stress and barking.

How was your 4th? Let me know!

Love, Dozer

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th to All!

As we celebrate our independence from England we want to make sure our friends across the Pond know that we consider them family. I mean these are the people who gave the United States corgis for pete's sake, what's not to love them!

But more importantly we want to celebrate our men and women serving the United States in our armed forces and their support service personnel, both past and present. They are the ones for whom our freedom comes from on a daily basis.

So hats off to all the people of the United States for the freedom we enjoy, to those who make it possible and for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Love, Dozer