Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Gates Cannot Keep Me Out

Dottie has discovered that if you sleep on top of the baby gate, it cannot be closed. On a cuteness scale..10+!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dozer's Feelings Got Hurt - Cooper's Notes

A lot of people don't know it but Dozer is a really sensitive dog. He is rude, but sensitive. So when Dad told him to go away and not beg at for food at dinner time, Dozer got really upset and put his head between his paws and was very sad.

Once dinner was over Dozer got to get on Dad's lap and get lots of love. Dozer told Mum to take lots of pictures because...(all together now) it's all about Dozer!

Dozer's guide to an evening massage.

Step 1, assume position on lap of choice.
Step 2, shed a bit on the person so they know you love them.

Step 3, give a coy look at the camera.

Step 4, give a second coy look in case the first one did not get through.

Step 5, look adoringly into person's eyes.

Step 6, sigh gently while looking heavenward.

Step 7, make sure to make eye contact one more time.

Step 8, drop head so ears get a good scritching.

Step 9, look right at the camera with your best Hollywood face.

Step 10, slide back into repose for more ear scritching.

Step 11, look at masseuse and say something in French. (Masseuse's love French).

Step 12, peek around to make sure no one else is getting more pets or scritches than you.

Step 13, try to stay awake long enough to....Zzzzzzz.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elvis Has Left the Building

Thank you, thank you very much...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sleepy Sunday - Video from Mum

Shhh, quiet please. Turn up the volume for the next 30 seconds as we listen to Cooper snore on my lap. This being Sleepy Sunday and his day of rest.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Loose Leashes - a New Site to See

Cooper here. Mum found this fun site of Photographer Ron Schmidt who takes great pictures of dogs. We saw this one of the pug and immediately thought of Howie PeePants in Texas. You can buy all sorts of prints at Ron's website for very affordable prices (unfortunately Mum doesn't make enough money to be buying fine art for our dog wall but maybe if she wins the lottery). These labs are Lewie and Clark, they are great adventurers and are always after their yellow tennis ball.
Look at that bull dog puppy! Makes you want to lick his face!
Dozer was thrilled to see this picture of a Corgi in a car.
Lewie and Clark again, this time paddling towards that tennis ball.
This is Clarence, he is an angel dog, but you knew that.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Time for an AWARD!

We are pleased to award the famous Dottie's 4 Paws Up Award for a Dog-Gone Good Blog to some blogs which makes our life a little bit more humorous and touches our canine hearts in good ways. Dottie is a discerning reader and she reads numerous blogs daily (between naps) and has come up with the following list and reasons for our winners this quarter. If, for some inexplicable reason, you were left out, feel free to right click and award the award to yourself. (We rarely get awards so we sometimes award ourselves an award to build our self-confidence.) Now onto our winners:

Mango the Magnificent: He's big, he's photogenic, and he drools. His spelling is a bit wonky at times but he has a way about him. Plus he cracks us up!

The Casbah Kitten: Yeah we know, it's a cat blog but it is really, really funny. It is enough to make you believe that cats really are scheming to take over the world.

The Corgi Lounge: We love these guys - who else has a video of "Corgi Hurdles" on their blog? Plus they take trips all over the place.

Emmit the Pug: Emmit threw a huge party when his Mum was off on a business trip and his mother never found out. That in itself is grounds for an award!

Gerald and Janice: They are out in the woods in British Columbia and they drink Guiness and said they will take Dozer. What's not to love?

Howie PeePants: He is the naughtiest pug on the Net - enough said.

Martha and Bailey: They live across the pond (in the United Kingdom) and have great adventures in lochs and other places we don't have in America.

Moco: Moco was one of our first bloggy pals and Mum says he has an old soul that has a lot to say.

Sparky Barky: We love Sparky, he is just so funny and he has a way with words (and pictures).

Wally the only Corgador: He has a hard life with his brothers but somehow he makes it through.

It's Still About Me - Dozer

Mum started the Memorial Day weekend a little early when she came home at 1:30pm for the day. She was supposed to garden but we talked her into having some fun first.Dottie got a tummy rub from Anthony, note the nice paw action she has going.
Looking fine there Dottie girl! She is almost cute but of course, not as cute as moi!

This is me sitting on Mum's chest on the porch swing. Mum thought a nap might be nice but I explained a better use of that time would be petting me.

Mum, are you paying attention? Pet, pet, pet. A back rub would be nice too.

Give us a good scritch under the chin and down the neck. More, more more!

Hey you! Wake up, this is no time for a nap!

Well, you aren't the best masseuse I have ever had but you will do.

Oh, and this Cooper keeping watch. That dappled sunlight can creep up on you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Presents! Presents! But Not All For Me - Dozer

Melissa and Emmit at Pugnotes (click here) sent us three beautiful cards of ourselves! Melissa, with the assistance of Emmit, paints pugs (one of Mum's favorite breeds) but she also does the bestest corgis and cocker spaniels - says Mum.

As you can see, M&E definitely captured the real moi (that is "me" in French, at least I hope it is. Cooper told me it was but it might mean "smells like fish soup" knowing Coop.) I had hoped Melissa would put stars in my eyes but Mum said that perhaps M&E didn't have me in mind when they painted it. I don't think so.

As you can see, M&E really are not very good artists. First off, Cooper (below) is not this good looking and he doesn't pose at all. (Mum is pulling on her hair now). Mum says they are wonderful artists and this is not necessarily Cooper but representative of his breed. Well, whatever it is, it definitely looks like a Cocker Spaniel but Cooper is much uglier and smells funny.

Now the next picture (below) is where M&E ran into some real problems which is not surprising since it is Dottie. First off, Dottie is not that good-looking (see notes above on Cooper) and second, M&E have made her look totally innocent which she is not. Her eyes should be bright red (devil eyes) and she should be drooling or at least have grass hanging out of her mouth. (Mum is now hitting her head against the wall, whatever that means)

Mum says Melissa and Emmit are really good artists and no one should listen to me (not!). Now Mum is ranting something about it not being all about me (whatever!) but I think we all know if it isn't about me, then what is the point? Exactly.

Anyway, Mum says you should see all the other neat stuff Melissa makes and sells - plus M&E are having a giveaway but you will want to enter right away because the drawing is on Friday. Go to their blog by
clicking here and then scroll down to see the giveaway entry.

Mum has to get to work and I need my first beauty nap of the day...because really, it is all about me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Really is All About Moi!

I had Mum add pictures of me because apparently the Daily Journal of Commerce forgot to put me in their paper. Still, being on the front page outweighs their forgetfulness. More later.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's All About Dozer

Dozer and his hose adventure which includes his purple turtle wading pool, with a guest appearance by Cooper.

Not a really Sleepy Sunday here

It is a warm and sunny Sunday in Oregon and consequently some of us are napping more than others. Dozer has been running all over the yard and is totally soaked from playing in the hose water and his pool. This is a picture of him before he got all wet. I chose to nap gently on my chair in the living room. I am not sure I like this hot weather so much.
Dottie likes the cool linoleum of the kitchen.
But then she decided that the grass and sunshine were calling to her. There's a whole lot of Cardigan Corgi rolling going on here!
Check out her form and her tootheses.
I think she wore herself out with all the rolling.
Here she is! Looking pretty from all her rolling!

Mum took a really, really long video of Dozer playing with the hose and pool because he got all upset that he only had one picture in this post. Mum says she will get that up in a bit because she has laundry and more important things to do. Dozer got really mad when she said that because he said he should be the most important thing and he was going to move to British Columbia and live with Gerald and Janice if this keeps up. Mum got this funny smile on her face and said she would check the bus schedule.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tibby Bingo Winner - Dozer

I know none of you are going to believe this but I did not cheat (ask Tibby) and this game was not rigged. All I ask for are bragging rights! You may ask "How can I become a winner like Dozer?" (many do ask that on a regular basis). My answer, go see Tibby at Tibby Tales.

Tibby has bingo games and you can play and get a really nifty bingo board for your blog or website. Because Tibby runs the games you know they are fair. Again, to you naysayers (and you know who you are, Cooper), I did not cheat and this is a legitimate win.

Apparently Tibby thought I should share the honor with Cooper and Dottie but at least I got top billing, as well I should. Cooper keeps rolling his eyes and farting at me which I believe carries a hidden message. Anyway, this is how my day started out, how is yours faring?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sleepy Sunday - Notes from Cooper Edwards

Unfortunately no one (thanks a lot Casbah Kitten) told us today was Mother's Day. Consequently, I did not have anything to give Mum except my undying love and a short haiku I wrote in her honor. As long as Mum doesn't go to Jane and Alice's blog we should be okay. (They went and got candle holders that will hang over the bed. My haiku pales in comparison but Mum said it meant the world to her.)

As this is Sunday it is our day of rest, although it also involved a 10am date at the All Natural Doggie Day Spa which meant baths and a haircut for me. Dozer got "furminated" because he is blowing fluff everywhere and he also rolled in something that made him smell like an old wino that pee'd on himself. (Sometimes I wonder how Mum determines these things because Dozer can't leave the house and that backyard isn't that big so I don't know how he can smell like an old wino. But Mom is more knowledgeable about these things than I am...still...).
This is my famous curve position. Note the position of my tail as it is the follow-through of the design.
This is the finale of the curve design, again note the tail position as we complete the design.

Oh Mum! What a kidder! This was me pre-grooming date. Looking a little bit like Little Lord Fauntleroy aren't I?

Goodness! This is a bit risque of Dozer. When he flakes out, he flakes out. I told Mum we should pose him and put glasses on him but she said that would not be nice...funny, but not nice.

This is Dozer passed out in Dad's arms. I don't know how he sleeps like this, but he does.

Snoring Zzzz's from the Dozer Dog.

Check out the fur between Dozer's pads! I told him he must be related to a troll to have that much hair. Dottie just snorted when I said that! LOL! Okay, time to get back to our naps.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring in Oregon - Notes from Cooper

The rumors are true! The sun finally came out! We ran around the yard and then Mum and Dad packed up the van and went for a hike. Unfortunately, because someone who we won't mention (Dozer) misbehaved during the last field trip, we had to stay home. But Mum and Dad took lots of pictures and videos and it was almost like being there. They went to McDowell Forest and it had all that dappled sunlight Mum likes so much. There were lots and lots of waterfalls. Mum said after the first 40 or so pictures of waterfalls she realized that no one really likes to look at that many waterfall pictures. Good thing she uses a digital camera.

Dad took this picture of Mum as she sat on a bridge. I always worry she will fall off but Mum has assured me she has some semblance of balance. Look at that drop of the waterfall! That looks refreshing...which means cold!
Doesn't get much better than this.
The woodpeckers kept busy this year and made Swiss cheese out of this tree.
Mum by the biggest waterfall.
A little fairy waterfall tucked away in the forest.
There's Dad by the waterfall.
This tree has a coat of moss on it because it lives in Oregon. We get a lot of rain, a lot.
The road down from the forest.
Dozer told Dad that he was starving and almost died while he was gone. No one believes Dozer but he did get some one-on-one time.

The rain is supposed to return tomorrow. (sigh).