Monday, September 29, 2008

Again I Hit the Tabloids

It had to be a proud moment when Mum was informed that I was once again on for the destruction of my former stuffed Christmas Candy Cane. I was bored, it was a hot September night and I felt a "frap and yap" coming on. Into the toy bin I went, out came the Candy Cane and destruction followed like a cloud of locusts. Sadly within five minutes the whole event was over and Mum was picking up the remains of said de-stuffed Candy Cane.
As an artist, is so nice to be recognized for my work by the world famous It inspires me to go onto bigger items to de-stuff. And right now, the living room couch is looking mighty good...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ever Wonder?

I thought it would be interesting this evening to see what sort of pictures Mum has on her phone. She seems to snap them occasionally and I was curious to see what she has. Since Mum is watching the Oregon State University v. USC football game on television, I corraled Dottie to help me download the pictures.
Hmm, why would Mum waste digital digits on Cooper? He's giving Mum his googly eyes. Mum is a real softy for Coop's soft muzzle and eyes. Little does she know...

This is how I spend my evenings before Dad comes to bed. I lie with Mummy and get an evening back rub and then I stretch out and watch PBS.
Ah, here are my googly eyes. I seem to have lost my right ear but it usually snaps right back up.
Cover the children's' eyes! Mum really needs to filter her pictures. I think she was trying to capture the really long hair between my pads on my feet. Who knew she would show how big my hips are? It's the camera, it always adds 10 pounds!

Ahh, nothing like a little sleep on one's back to get the trip to Sand Land off to a good start!

Note the nice turn of the head. Not all dogs can be this stylish, it takes a professional.

Ah, my winsome look that just says "This dog needs a scratch behind the ears and a good tummy rub!"

Cooper again? This is Coop tucked in for the night. He was shivering so Mum got a towel and tucked him up in it. What a wooose!

Apparently Coop warmed up sufficiently that he got on top of his towel. He is so fickle!

More pictures of Cooper? Mum loves it when Cooper splays out on the floor. He looks like a rug for Pete's sake!

Ah, this was a great car Mum saw on a Saturday antique foray. The owner had glued small plastic soldiers and dinosaurs and animals all over the hood and roof. Sort of a mobile art feast.
Oh give me a break! Mum says this one is different because Cooper has his head between his paws. Yeah right. He's a rug Mum!

This is from 2007 - Mum needs to clear out the files a bit. This is the Women of Faith Conference in Portland, Oregon that Mummy goes to every year with Aunt Margaret. We are not allowed to go because it is 45,000 singing Christian women waving their arms and bouncing off the ceiling. Mum loves it because it is at the Rose Quarter and they make all the men's' bathrooms accessible to women so there is almost no waiting in line. I guess it is the simple pleasures in life. Me, the whole world is my toilet so you can put a sign up on the door but it doesn't stop me! BOL!

And this would be Aunt Margaret - isn't she a cutie? She loves me best of all, pretty much because she has never met Cooper or Dottie. Hey, she thinks of me as her little Dozer-Man and that suits me fine.

Mum took this picture of the ceiling at the restaurant where she and Aunt Margaret had dinner last year after the conference was over. She tried taking a picture of the menu because it has ostrich filets on it, which she found odd and strangely upsetting. Yeech, who would eat an ostrich? They have long, skinny legs and all those feathers...

And here we end up with me asleep in Dad's lap, which I do each evening. I am very possessive of Dad's lap and go slightly insane when Cooper gets up in my spot. Mum says Cooper plans all this because I immediately get off Mum's lap and jump up on Dad's lap and then Cooper moves over to Mum's lap and settles in for some lovin'. I don't understand this psychology stuff and I sincerely doubt that Cooper has any idea of what he is doing, but if it makes Mummy happy to analyze dogs, more power to her.

Well, that pretty winds up the photo-logue for this evening. I think we have all learned a valuable lesson - leave Mum's pictures on her phone, these are incredibly boring - except for the pictures of me of course.

Coop in Print!

Check out Cooper's button from his page. He made the newsletter and he isn't going to let any of us forget it! Nice goin' Coop, keep us in the news!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This One is For You Moco!

Hey Moco Man! If you have your hooman whipped into shape and are back on the blog circuit, then you can put this up on your side bar. We love your pictures, you have a way with wally-melon! Glad to have met you and will be checking in on you!

Die Little Candy Cane, Die!

Things have been pretty quiet here at the Edwards' Corgi Rest and Relaxation Ranch so I thought it was time to mix it up a little(!) I checked out Licked Toys and lo and behold, they need submissions. You don't have to ask me twice. I went into our toy bin and found an old Christmas Candy Cane from last year that definitely seemed like it wanted to contribute to the well being of Licked Toys. I could not get Cooper or Dottie interested in helping me. Which shows you why I am in charge of the blog and not them. If they had their way we would be napping 24/7. But I digress.
I removed the Candy Cane from its haven in the toy bin and gave it the quick once over to check for openings and found a rather nice one.

I pulled out some of the red flannel whilst holding down the Cane in case it tried to make a run for it.

Again using paw action I continued to "de-stuff" the Cane until it cried "Uncle"

I found biting it i the middle worked exceptionally well in keeping the Cane in a submissive pose.

Mum held the Cane while I took one last lunge at it. Note that Mummy very nicely made my eyes red for this photo. I call it my "Devil Dog" pose. Strikes fear into your heart doesn't it? It apparently has no effect on Coop and Dots, they slept through the whole adventure.

Mum has emailed my pictures to and hopefully they will see fit to publish me. It's almost embarrassing how photogenic and winsome I am on the Net. If I play my cards right I might be able to write a book on de-stuffing, de-fluffing and de-light...then maybe a book tour, interview with Katie Couric, article in Vanity Fair,...maybe even the "face" of Covergirl make-up (hey check out my eyes, they have black eyeliner on all the time, came with the suit).
Time for bed so I will head to my dog-cave under the bed where I keep all my treasures - Kleenex, socks, balls, Nylabone, pillow and shoelaces.

Monday, September 22, 2008

We Can't Wait!

Tomorrow and the next day there is a great benefit sale for one of the blogs we read every morning. Well, actually Mum reads it out loud to us. The first one we read is about Stephanie and Christian who were in a terrible airplane crash and fire (click to read). Steph's sister, Courtney, has a blog that she keeps everyone updated on. She also has a son who she refers to as "The Chief" which we find hilarious. Anywhooo, Courtney writes a nifty blog and even though she is in the land of You-Tah (Utah), we feel like she is a good friend. We keep Miz Steph and Mister Christian in our prayers for healing from their terrible burns. And of course we keep Miz C in our prayer 'cause she is taking care of Steph and Christian's children. And let's not forget the in-laws, out-laws and the rest of the family who have stepped. Soooo, there is this benefit sale and one of the items is a doll of Stephanie and it looks just like her!

I ask the jury to compare the two pictures and tell me if I am not right. I am a Corgi after all and we are always right. We are making Mum attend the sale (click to visit) because we are sure there is something we don't even know we need and will have to purchase. Of course Mum can just send money right in but this is kind of fun too.

The other blog we read every morning is Scott and Carol Decker's blog (click to read). Again, another testimony to resilience of people in the face of incredible adversity. Carol was just going into the hospital have her second daughter and everything went south (as Mum would say). Carol is now blind and has had to have her left hand and both legs amputated due to incredible complications for pneumonia that went out of control. Now that all sounds terrible but as Mum pointed out to us, never in any entry (not a one) do you hear "Why me" or "Why us?". Nary a note of downheartedness, not a sliver of "this is not fair". We aren't sure what Scott does for a job but he has a big source of energy and faith. And Mrs. Decker (his Mum) is right there in the trenches too and we suspect she is a big source of strength.

Anyway, Mum reads these blogs to us every morning to remind us that it is "not all about us" (I think not!) and to remember to keep Carol, Stephanie, Courtney and Christian and all their families in our morning prayers. And of course this is distressing because I have had to move my treat requests down the list and I am not sure God will see them. Mum says God doesn't need to be wastin' His time on my treat requests. (I think He might be interested). Be sure to check out both blogs and the benefit sale (click below).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally, We Can Catch Up!

It seems like forever since Mum let us on the computer so there is a lot to tell but I will keep it short so as not to bore my audience.

Mum took Cooper to Portland last weekend to see Aunt Delight and Uncle Dick. Our cousin Tori, who is 15 years old was there and once again proved that power napping is not for the weak of heart. She is full of vim and vigor and still does a one mile walk each day. Of course she still hates other dogs but she tolerates Cooper. Me? She really cannot stand me so I rarely visit if only to live a long and healthy life!

Cooper said the food was good and there were plenty of treats. He wasn't sure what bowls he was supposed to eat out of, so he ate out of all of them. Smart boy.

Cooper quickly realized that Aunt Delight was a highway to the food and he kept her company in the kitchen a lot. Unfortunately Aunt Delight is not easily prodded into releasing treats so Cooper had to turn on the cute and ratch it up quite a bit.

When Coop got home he gave us all the details and it sounded like a good trip. He was tired though because he said Mum hogged most of the bed and he had to keep fighting for covers.
On Tuesday, September 16th, Mum and Cousin Anthony took Dad out for his 67th birthday - hard to believe he is that old when he still acts like a second grader. And I cannot believe they did not take us along - what kind of family outing is it without the children? Not much of one if you ask me.

This is the really cool oven at the restaurant that they bake pizzas and other things in. See the face? I thought you probably had. Anyway, everyone had a nice dinner and came home and gave us treats for being left out. Well, ya!
More later...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Someone save us from our Mum!

Mum promises to update our blog tonight and include pictures. She keeps ranting about needing to work to pay for kibble and supposedly that is cutting into our computer access and time. Yeah right!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy Week for Mum

Mum has been really busy this week and fallen completely down on the job of keeping our blog current. We are not sure where her priorities are but wherever they are, they're in the wrong place!

Mum did set September 20th as our dog party at the house. Aunty Elaine and Aunty Joan are coming with their canines in the afternoon and we will all play in the yard. Dad isn't all that enamored of the idea but it will grow on him.

Mum found this nifty video mentioned on another blog and it shows how dogs really drink water in slow motion. The Food Bowl looks like a cool website too.

I told Mum she had to at least put one photo up with this entry so folks remember how good looking I am. I have to keep my fans satisfied!

I love to sunbathe in the afternoons, it keeps my color up!

Monday, September 8, 2008

We got a new friend

Mum was reading the comments on our blog out loud 'cause I can't read very well, and there was a new one from a dog named Dakota who lives in Maryland. Mum says that is on the East Coast of the United States so Dakota is as far away as Howie. Anyway, Dakota gave us this nifty gift (see right) which made us very happy. We dogs are just shallow enough to appreciate tokens of esteem and presents - of course treats are nice too! So we added Dakota to our list of blogs we have to visit daily. I like Dakota's eyes, they are very soulful and a really neat color. I went and looked in the mirror for a long time but I don't think my eyes are quite that interesting. I will have to find out how Dakota got those eyes.
Coop and I discussed awarding Dakota our coveted and home-made blog award and it was a unanimous vote that Dakota receive the award. Dottie couldn't vote as she was indisposed because she is still fartin' carrots all over the yard and house. Mum keeps gasping and rolling her eyes - who knew Dottie could hold that much gas? Not me. Anyway, Dakota is a very good writer and we think she should get the award. We have had a long day so Mum says it is time to get our woobie toys and go to bed. So good-night Dakota, and Howie, River, Wally, Mango and Peanut, and the Corgi Girls in the Lounge and Preppy Pugs and anyone else I forgot.

Dottie's Visit to Her Former Home

Mum took Dottie to Vancouver, Washington to see Betty, who was Dottie's Mummy before the changeover. Betty was waiting for Mum and Dottie when they arrived. Dottie recognized her old home and had to check out everything - she said she went around the backyard and even found some cat poo to munch on. (I am really mad Mummy didn't take me too! Betty had a Pembroke Corgi once, I could have reminded her of Kidd!) Anyway. Mum and Betty had coffee and pecan rolls and talked and talked and talked. Pecan rolls! Warm pecan rolls! I should have gotten to go! I love pecan rolls! Especially ones warmed up in the microwave.

This is the back of the yard at Betty's house. It is where
Dottie found the cat poo. Lucky dog!
Dottie checking out the bushes for pee mail.

Checking out the side of the shed. It's where the best
cat poo is. It ages well back there.

Here is Dottie checking out the flora and fauna.

Dottie had her nose into everything.

This where Dottie used to lie when she lived with Betty.
Dottie could watch Betty in the kitchen
and see everything
that was going on.

This is Betty! Isn't she pretty? Yeah, I think so too.
She looks like the perfect grandmother, which apparently
she is! She fed Dots lots and lots of baby carrots as treats. But she
didn't send even one home to me.
This is Dottie looking back at Betty's house as they left to come back
to us. Dottie really remembered Betty and she had a great time. Mum
thought it was very sweet that Dots looked back at Betty when they
left. It made Mum realize how lucky she and Dottie are to be
able to call Betty a "friend", except Betty is really more
like family now. She's that kind of lady - classy and cute!
Dottie loves this picture best. It is
Dottie and her first Mum, Betty.
Aren't they a cute couple? Yeah we think so too.

Anyway. Mum came home and was really, really tired. So we had her lay down on the bed and we snuggled with her for an hour. Dottie sacked out on the floor and started snoring. She also had a lot of carrot farts - fragrant but organic! BOL! Mum has to print off pictures for Betty tomorrow and send them off. Mum is just happy to finally have a picture of Betty. Now Betty is hanging over Mum's desk at work and in her craft room. And that is okay, she just has to have an equal or greater number of pictures of me. "Cause, it's all about me...right?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our blog

Mum can't get Blogger to let her upload pictures which is the pits. She took Dottie north to visit her previous owner and Mum took great pictures but Blogger keeps saying it has an internal problem. Internal problem? I'll give it internal problems! BOL!

Anyway, Mummy says she will update the blog tomorrow at lunch time. She is taking the pictures on a flash drive, whatever that is.

Willow, Howie, River and Mango: Thanks for asking if I needed to be sprung from jail. Mum makes me sit behind the fence in the car when she is driving for safety reasons. (Apparently the time I climbed in her lap and tried to kiss her face while she was negotiating a turn was not as appreciated as I thought it might be. Go figure.).

Mum has been quite giving lately. She has let Coop and me sleep on the bed with her while Dad has been gone. It has been lovely. Nothing like going beddy-bye with Mum giving me a neck massage. My Mum, I think I'll keep her.

Pictures tomorrow! Promise! (Unless Blogger let's us down).

Love, Dozer

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, September 1, 2008

Corgis Galore

We had a great Labor Day weekend. Mum and Dad stayed home the entire weekend and we all loafed around, watched bad movies and mindless television. Treats were pretty plentiful and the weather was cool and nice.
On Saturday we had the annual Corgi Picnic at Aunt Elaine's house. There were about 20 corgis and one Cocker Spaniel (guess who had to come along because Mum thought he would be sad to be left out?)

First rule to be broken was "no dogs in the house" BOL!

This is Sonny, he is 10 months old and a pistol!

Marty barked over everything but she was game for the pool.

Dots checked out the rest tent where we went when we had enough
of running around and wanted some peace and quiet.

Pippin and I checked each other out. We're actually good friends.

This was one of our mixers :)

This pretty much sums it up - it's Shorty, all smiles!