Monday, September 8, 2008

Dottie's Visit to Her Former Home

Mum took Dottie to Vancouver, Washington to see Betty, who was Dottie's Mummy before the changeover. Betty was waiting for Mum and Dottie when they arrived. Dottie recognized her old home and had to check out everything - she said she went around the backyard and even found some cat poo to munch on. (I am really mad Mummy didn't take me too! Betty had a Pembroke Corgi once, I could have reminded her of Kidd!) Anyway. Mum and Betty had coffee and pecan rolls and talked and talked and talked. Pecan rolls! Warm pecan rolls! I should have gotten to go! I love pecan rolls! Especially ones warmed up in the microwave.

This is the back of the yard at Betty's house. It is where
Dottie found the cat poo. Lucky dog!
Dottie checking out the bushes for pee mail.

Checking out the side of the shed. It's where the best
cat poo is. It ages well back there.

Here is Dottie checking out the flora and fauna.

Dottie had her nose into everything.

This where Dottie used to lie when she lived with Betty.
Dottie could watch Betty in the kitchen
and see everything
that was going on.

This is Betty! Isn't she pretty? Yeah, I think so too.
She looks like the perfect grandmother, which apparently
she is! She fed Dots lots and lots of baby carrots as treats. But she
didn't send even one home to me.
This is Dottie looking back at Betty's house as they left to come back
to us. Dottie really remembered Betty and she had a great time. Mum
thought it was very sweet that Dots looked back at Betty when they
left. It made Mum realize how lucky she and Dottie are to be
able to call Betty a "friend", except Betty is really more
like family now. She's that kind of lady - classy and cute!
Dottie loves this picture best. It is
Dottie and her first Mum, Betty.
Aren't they a cute couple? Yeah we think so too.

Anyway. Mum came home and was really, really tired. So we had her lay down on the bed and we snuggled with her for an hour. Dottie sacked out on the floor and started snoring. She also had a lot of carrot farts - fragrant but organic! BOL! Mum has to print off pictures for Betty tomorrow and send them off. Mum is just happy to finally have a picture of Betty. Now Betty is hanging over Mum's desk at work and in her craft room. And that is okay, she just has to have an equal or greater number of pictures of me. "Cause, it's all about me...right?


Peanut said...

Betty is bootiful. I'm glad Dottie got to go back and visit. BOL on the carrot farts.

the Corgi Girls said...

We LOVE Dotts! Looks like she had a great time catching up with Betty! What a great trip!

M & I

ClassyChassy said...

This was a very nice post!