Monday, January 21, 2008

Got My Teeth Cleaned

Cooper here:

That's me over there, feeling a little woozy.

This morning Mummy did not feed me breakfast. I knew something was up. Dozer was going ballistic for his kibble.

Mum put my leash on and put me in the car and then ran back in to feed Dozer before he gave himself a fit for lack of food.

Mummy took me to Ark Animal Hospital where they love me. I tried to show them how much I loved them by peeing on the floor. Sharon the receptionist cleaned it up and was very nice about the whole incident.

I was a very good dog. I was nice enough to let them take x-rays of my teeth without even being under anesthetic. Everyone was very impressed that I laid on my back and stayed there while they took the magical pictures.

I don't remember much about the day except that I slept a lot. I did mange to poo in my kennel and got it all over my butt, so the staff got out the water and cleaned me up. When Mum picked me up I was a bit wobbly and feeling very stressed. She carried me out to the car and got me home where I kept walking around and giving Mummy strange looks - like I didn't know where I was or who she was.

I am slowly waking up but Mummy is putting me to bed early and I get to sleep in the big bed with Dozer and Mummy! We just have to wait until 8pm for dinner and I only get half of my usual fare. I don't care, I just want Mummy to hold me and tell me how nice I am.

My teeth are all clean and I didn't have any extractions or anything like that. They did clip my nails which aren't easy to find with all my fur. For a whole lot of dollars Mummy said I should be in tip top shape! But Mum said I am worth a million bucks, so a couple of hundred is just a drop in the bucket!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look What We Grew!

Mum planted a lot of veggies this last summer and she dug up the last of the potatoes this afternoon. There were 11 pounds of potatoes in the raised bed (and we are not entirely sure she got them all) and she found two that look like Mr. Potato (in his younger days we think). She added some eyes and voila(!) Mr. Potato Head and his brother, Teddy Tuber are alive and living in our kitchen. Cooper started licking them and I think was going to make a snack but Mum nipped that in the bud (or eye). BOL!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


We love snow and it doesn't often come to visit us. This morning after Mum took her early morning walk it began to snow. She went to work to get the work she needs to do today so she can stay home with us. Unfortunately the snow has stopped and now it is just mush, but while it came down, we were stoked!

Cooper likes to eat the snow off the deck but I like to check it out in the yard. It made it hard to find my Kong Wubee but eventually I found it and Mum threw it.

Then it was time for naps by the fire!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

So we are camping out by the fireplace and napping until the rain and cold passes by our part of the country!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Home Again!

Mum bought this atrocious fence-thing for the car which made Coop and moi sit in the back and gave us no access to the front of the car. This was incredibly rude of Mum and I found it quite depressing. Unfortunately, Coop was not able to stand with me on this one. Just as I was showing him how to give Mummy the stink-eye, he completely lost interest and fell asleep. How worthless is that? It made my job must more difficult but fortunately our cousin, Benny, did his best to make up for the lack of energy on Cooper's part.

Mummy drove most of the way home and we hit a sandstorm in Arizona before we crossed over to California. It has probably made Mum's air filter one gummy mess, but it kept the car going and none of us opened a window or anything silly like that. It made the sky pretty dirty but before we knew it, the storm was gone.
We drove a long, long way and made it all the way to Yreka, California before we stopped for the night. The pass was a mess with snow and ice and Mummy and Uncle Anthony said we needed to sleep and make a start in the morning. The Best Western Hotel only had one room left and we had to all sleep in one bed, two people and three dogs. I slept between Mum and Uncle Anthony, Cooper slept just above me so he could have his head on the pillow and Cousin Benny slept under the covers next to Uncle Anthony. It was a zoo.
It is good to be home but we miss Dad a lot. Mum has been cleaning the kitchen and a lot of the house like a maniac which is troubling. It means a lot of our best toys are going into the dishwasher to be cleaned which means all the good smells go away. To retaliate, Coop and I took two rolls of toilet paper out of the bathroom last night and destroyed them. Unfortunately, Mum has a sinus infection so her reactions wasn't worth the effort. Tomorrow is another day.