Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

I like to sleep on my side.
But the best position is on my back.

Someone is sticking out their tongue when he sleeps.

Here's a close-up in case you missed it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Horror of it All

So's Mum leaves us at our favorite place in the whole world, Inavale Farm. We had a ball and came home tired. Inavale always puts a scarf around your neck when you leave, usually prints and bright colors. But something went very wrong yesterday. Cooper and I got PINK scarves! We're BOY dogs we don't wear no PINK! It is so embarressing!
I had sort of hot pink on - that scarf is now history.
Cooper had a light pink. This is him with his chewy which looks
alot like a cigar because of the way he chews'em.
And this is the merry Dotster who stayed at the vet and
didn't have to wear a scarf. She's laughing at us. Alot.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off-Line for a day or so

Mum's friend Alice died last week from pancreatic cancer and her memorial service is tomorrow at 1pm in Lake Oswego, Oregon. So Mum is going up to Portland and we are all going "into storage" at our favorite haunts. Me and Coop are going out to Inavale Farm and Dottie is going to stay at the vet's boarding house. (Mum thinks Dottie is better at the vet's because of her blindness/deafness and the fact that all Dottie does is sleep most of the time).

We will be off until Friday or Saturday when Mum will let me back on the computer.

We will miss Alice because she was such a sweet and gentle soul. The good news is that no one loved the Lord like Alice and Mum rests in the assurance of Alice being in Heaven and reaping the rewards of her faithful walk and stewardship to the Lord. Mum says while she is saddened by the loss of Alice, we were all priviledged to have Alice in our life.

The bad news is that Mum says I haven't got a prayer of even making it to the Rainbow Bridge if I chew up one more Cricut cartridge in the craft room. Pray for me...I think I may have chewed more than one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get out of the Water! Now! RUN!!

Please listen to us!
Get the children out of the water now!
Don't look behind you, whatever you do
do not look behind you!

Get out of the water now!

(scroll down)

It's a SHARK!
And he's hungry! AAAAAaaaaaaaaa!
(Loud screaming is heard fading away with large
splashing sound and chomping noises)

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am a King (in my own mind)

Mum says this is so embarressing she is not
going to even acknowledge this entry
and I am not allowed to post my
own entries for at least 48 hours.


Sleepy Sunday - Rainy Day Edition

Why Hello there! It's another rainy day in Oregon and it is also
Sleepy Sunday where we take napping to a whole new level.
This is me smiling at you!

This is me, waving at you!

This is me showing you my pearly whites!

This is me taking my first nap of the day!

And this is lard butt, my brother, also known as Cooper.

Dottie fell asleep in her laundry room with the lights out and Mum doesn't want to wake her for a picture because Dots did not sleep well last night. So, just pretend you see Dottie asleep - just imagine a big lump of black and white snoring up a storm.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free to a Good Home, A Very Naughty Corgi

Naughty dog waits until minutes before his mother leaves for work, then grabs paper towels and creates snow in the living room much to the delight of his sibling, Cooper.

More Family!

Sheesh, Dottie has family falling out the woodwork! My entire blog is being taken over by Dottie and my name is on the top! Mum says to put a cork in it and get on with today's entry.
This is Dylan when he was a puppy. He is Dottie's son.
Mum says Dottie probably looked much the same when she was his age.

Now this is where you see the family resemblance. Crikey mate, he looks just like Dottie! Same pink marks on his front paws too, must be a licker. BOL!

Okay, here is a nice one that Mum says is very pretty. I can't believe Dottie had a puppy this good looking. I mean let's be honest, Pembroke Corgis, like moi, are really very handsome, it is hard to compare us to Cardigans. (Mum says it isn't a stretch at all and I should mind my P's and Q's).

I want my blog back. And I want it now!

Dozer Edwards
Sheesh! If dottie

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Incredible News!

Mum got this note on Facebook this morning. Dottie has gone...well dottie over it! We also got a note on Facebook from a lovely lady who has Dottie's daughter JoJo! Isn't this incredible? (That's JoJo below). Cooper says it is wonderful that Dottie won best puppy in Canada and she was the first Cardigan to do it. Mum is going to organize a meet and greet so Dottie can see her family again which would be a good thing since Mum has gone all misty eyed about this.

Hello Dottie,

I was showing Emily Rose a photo of you today. I just found out that when you won Best Puppy In Show up in Canada in 1997, you were the first Cardigan Welsh Corgi to ever do that! When Emily saw your photo of you at 6 months old, she recognized you and told me where you are. I'm so happy that you have a loving home and two little brothers. I have thought of you often and wondered where you are. I live in Jefferson now. Maybe I could come and see you if your mommy will let me. I love you Dottie.

Your other mother,

Dana Wellock

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleepy Sunday (As Usual)

This is us sleeping with Mum on the bed last night in preparation for Sleepy Sunday.
Mum says we are better than an electric blanket.

This is Mum's new pink keyboard and mouse. She gave Dad hers to take to Arizona and then realized she didn't have another one. (Honestly the woman continues to amaze us with her lack of common sense!)
Let's hope Mum uses the new keyboard to get our blog rolling along at a quicker clip!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(Cooper thinks to self: "There should be a law against Wordless Wednesday and the flashy box. They are not a good combination and I find these photo shoots intrusive and boring. Now, can I go take my morning nap?")

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Favorite Place to Visit

We got to go to one of our most favorite places on Saturday - Ark Animal Hospital. We love it there - they have cheese-in-a-can! Anyway, Mum had this misguided notion that all three of us could go in for our kennel cough vaccination at once. It turned into a three ring circus but we had a good time!

Note that they put us in the largest room. Mum took our leashes off and then it was run and bark time.

This is Cooper showing off - he likes to show how he can flare out his fur. Personally I think he is praying that they don't put the thermometer up his bootie, but they did anyway.

This Dottie having her heart checked. They had to hold her mouth close because she makes a lot of noise when she breathes.

Another view of Dottie. Her ears look like a windmill! BOL!

Mum says we are all healthy and it was a good visit. We love the vet (Melody) and all the folks at Ark. They always get down on the floor with us which we appreciate. And they have giganormous treats!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're Still Shameless in 2010

Our pal, Nottie Scottie, has a lovely Christmas post that you should stop by and see. Why look! There's our Christmas card! Imagine that...Mum says we are shameless, we think we are just into self-promotion. Thanks Scottie the Cutie!

Unexpected Surprises from Wild Dingo and Aunt Linda!

We were incredibly surprised and delighted when a package arrived from the Country Corgi crew. Mum asked me if I had sent them a Christmas card but I could not remember, besides wasn't that Dottie's job this year? Cooper said it had to be food because it smelled like food. Dottie just wanted to eat the padded envelope. Mum carefully opened the package and what do you think Aunt Linda had sent us? Nothing, she sent it all to me! Okay, she sent it to all of us, I was just checking to see if you were really reading this.

Aunt Linda (Grammy) drew this picture of me. Can you believe it? Mum was stunned to say the least. She kept looking at it and simply was amazed at Aunt Linda's talent. Well really folks, look at the subject matter - how could she not draw a little piece of perfection when it is a picture of me? Mum put the picture on our old fold-down desk by the lamp, so its light falls on the picture just so. Aunty Linda, I have Mum making you a thank you card but we wanted everyone to see your talent. (There were some chicken chewies too but unfortunately we tackled Mum and ate them all before she could take a picture.)

Those fun folks at Wild Dingo sent us this consolation prize for their contest which was one of the funniest experiences we have had on the Net. The answer to the contest was that those guys are moving to Switzerland - we guessed they were selling women's lingerie with the Swiss Miss lady as the model - so the fact that we even were close to being remotely correct by any stretch of anyone's imagination was a miracle. We also won a pair of Wild Dingo pantaloons but we have to find an appropriate picture to get our panties. Cooper says my butt is big enough for two pairs but we won't go there.

Thank you for our gifts, especially the edible ones! But more importantly, thanks for being our pals.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finally We Post Our Christmas Pictures!

We won't go into the graphic description of Mum's stomach flu, but suffice to say, it was not pretty. Dad was in Seattle so it was up to Coop and me to take care of Mum. We got the big Coke bottle out and poured that down her and it helped settle her tummy. Then we spent about three days of napping, watching telly and napping some more.

Before Mum's demise we did have a nice Christmas and I have the pictures to prove it.

The Christmas mantle. We aren't allowed to have a tree since a rather bad incident when I was a pup. (There were no witnesses so it is their word against mine).

I bought Mum a humungous, giganormous box of dog cookies. She was delighted with my gift. As was I.

Mum and Dad opening presents while Coop and I circle them.

Coop is such a lap hog..

Dad inspecting his gifts. He got a bunch of DVD's of old shows that are no longer on television. (big sigh) So boring if you ask me.

Oh look, who's the lap hog again?

The heck with this Christmas business, let's tear up some cardboard!

Whooo hooo! I got the box, I got the box!

Die box, die, die, die!

Just have to get a purchase on this box and it is history!

Hope you had a nice Christmas and we send our best wishes for the New Year!