Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

Sparky sent us fish and chips all the way from British Columbia! We were so excited when they arrived that we chewed up the container! Thanks Sparky! Finally a meal I can sink my teeth into...definitely need to visit Canada in the future.

Mum and Dad are taking us camping this weekend and we are going to be by the McKenzie River. It is about 3 hours from our house and we will leave once Mummy gets home from work. There are lots of waterfalls, whitewater rafting and fish! There is also a neat covered bridge that was built in 1938. I am pretty sure we are not whitewater rafting but I am hoping that we will be fishing for salmon or whatever swims in the river.

This will be the first time all five us have gone camping in our 17 foot trailer. We will take the minivan and Mum says that is where we dogs are going to have a slumber party. We are not supposed to bark or Mummy will get cranky. Coop and I will be quiet but Dottie "talks" whenever she feels like it. We may end up sleeping in the trailer with Mum and Dad. Last time Coop and I slept with Mom on her bed. Mum did not get much sleep but we had a ball! BOL!

We will report back to you on Sunday when we return. We will have cell phones and our computer so if we can get wi-fi, Mum will upload videos of us.

Get the leashes! We're ready to roll!

Cooper Rocks

Cooper's da man! He is inside the Mutts Comics website as one of their shelter stories! I think Mum got this picture before Coop figured out the camera business and decided to opt out of his portrait sessions. He's lookin' pretty regal there. Of course Coop is so shy and retiring he won't say anything about it, but I think he should get to be the star occasionally (just not all the time, 'cause I am a Corgi and we always have to be the center of attention!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saints Alive!

Arrrooo! How cool are these "doggles"? I want a pair! Mum says I don't need them but who cares? I want them (he says stamping his short little legs on the floor!)!

Recognize those two saints? I do 'cause they are some of my favorite buds. You can find out about their lives at It's the Dogs Life and the competitions they are enrolled in. I just thought Saints lived on mountains and rescued skiers but apparently there is a lot more to them. The other thing that I have come to learn is that if I were standing next to a St. Bernard I would barely come up to their shoulder. That is a little bit intimidating but I could always run under them and nip their tummies. Not that I would of course! But I need to have a good defence in line just in case. (I had a bad experience with some big dogs at daycare who bit my little Corgi butt and I still get a case of the jitters around big dogs until I know them).

All that aside, the Saints would like the Dozer Web Award and we certainly think anyone who will wear doggles should get whatever they want. 'Sides, Mummy thinks they are so cute that she wants to scoop them up and give them both a big Oregon hug. (Yeah, "scoop up" two St. Bernards - with what Mum? A backhoe? A snow plow? These two are bigger than our couch! Mothers can be so out of it at times)!

We hope you guys and the rest of your family do great in your upcoming exhibitions/contests and just know we're rootin' and tootin' for you in far off Oregon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Canada We Raise Our Paw To You

As the Olympics begin in far off China, I am reminded of the value of our foreign friends throughout the history of the United States of America.

Across the width and breadth of the United States there is a country that hugs our border like gravy on kibble. And who is that nation? It is Canada! And within the wild and numerous territories of the frigid North is a bright shining star who barks out the national anthem like no other. Yes, we speak of Sparky Barky of British Columbia (BC hangs off the left hand side of Canada on the map, Mum showed me). There, amid the wild and savage beasts of BC, he remains a lone sentinel for freedom, honesty and the pursuit of dog toys. While other dogs have become domesticated pansies, Sparky remains true to his gene pool (which is somewhat mixed but colorful) and makes sure his pawrents are well protected at all times. He has managed to bury more toys in the backyard than most pet stores have in inventory and he has trained his pawrents to dig them up for him! How cool is that?

With neighbors likes Sparky we can all sleep better at night knowing our northern border is protected and under the watchful gaze of this small, yet amazing, canine extraordinaire! So pick up your webby award Sparky and accept our patriotic thanks to you and all the other folks who call British Columbia home. (Please send us some fish and chips please by overnight delivery and I can guarantee you more awards once I figure out how to get make boxes on the puter and color them in with my paws!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

I made my own award

Mum said since I have been such a bad Corgi that I need to spend more time reading blogs of nice dogs and perhaps some of their goodness will rub off on me. (yeah right!)

So, to make this palatable, I got on the computer and made a blog award of my very own to give out to the blogs which have made me see the errors of my Corgi ways (yeah right!)

The first blog to win this coveted award is...(drum roll please)...Willow the Black Dale! (big surprise yes?!)

Why has Willow won this much sought after award? Because he is blogging even while his family is two-timing him at Grandmas! BOL! That is incredible devotion to blogging even as his heart is breaking (sob!). We honor you Willow for your perserverence and courage in the face of such heartbreak! Wear your award proudly! We love ya!

Thank Goodness for Pup Pals

Even in the midst of my misery, my true friends come through for me.

"Say it isn't so! A Corgi a liar. Can't be, I just don't believe it. I won't believe it. I cover my eyes to the words she made you write. Note the MADE you write. Moms get all puffed up when it comes to our chow. Don't feel to bad.... I don't get fed to much either. Not to mention Pilar steals all my treats. That is why she is so chubby. Oh crap here she comes gotta go.Paw fives."


Posted by Willow the Black Dale on
July 28, 2008 2:21 PM

With hunger gnawing at me, I have
chosen to start eating my toys
hoping to hold the famine at bay.
(Mum says I may be overdoing
it a bit on the adjectives).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uh Oh, Buffet Blunder

So Mum read River's comment on my last blog and she put me against the wall and asked me what the *&%!# I have been writing in my blog. I suddenly felt sweat break out of my snout and had the distinct feeling I would see my life running past my eyes in short order.

"What writings?" I squeaked.

"How about the entries about you getting no food to eat other than what you can scavenge out of the compost bucket, or maybe how you are too weak to tap out another blog entry!?" (her voice got really loud and just a teeny bit strident).

To cut to the chase here, I have been asked, nay ordered to confess the following:

- I get half a cup of kibble each morning
- After my kibble I get half an apple
- After my half an apple I get my allergy pill in a slice of cheese
- I get half a cup of kibble each evening
- I get salmon oil (1/4 cup) with my dinner kibble for my heart health
- I get a large, unpeeled carrot with my dinner
- I get 1 beef treat with vitamins
- I get undeserved treats through the day and/or evening
- I eat apples that fall off our tree in the backyard whenever I want and no one stops me, even when I have apple farts afterwards

Mum says I am a pathological liar with serious psychopathic tendencies that will no longer be tolerated.

I tend to think I am just colorful. Mum does not find that the least bit amusing. And she wants to make sure all my friends know that I am not starving and I am not abused in any sense of the word. She says I am a spoiled little corgi who preys on the good nature of people. And the problem with this is......?

Star Photos

Now that we have won an award (okay maybe we didn't win an award, Peanut gave it to us, but we could have won an award - so let's not get stuck on the symantics), I was thinking we need photo shoots so I have glam shots to sign and send to would-be fans. I thought this shot was sort of okay, it shows my general disdain for my brother but I am peeking to see who is looking at me. And Coop looks totally out of it. What is it with him and the camera? Well, never no mind about Coop because the good news is that Mum got us both in the same frame which is nigh on a miracle.

Dottie cannot get on the couch because of her age and short legs, so Mummy took a special picture of her so she would not feel left out. Truth is the linoleum is the coolest place for Dots to rest on hot days like today. Mum found where Dottie has been lying next to the wall and now she is cleaning the wall now - getting the corgi hair off and other dog stuff off, like Dottie's paw prints from when she lies on her back and pushes off the wall.

Dottie lies right against the front door so she knows when someone is coming in or leaving. I think it must be some sort of separation issue. She's gotten passed around enough in her life, so this would make sense. Mum is rolling her eyes, she thinks I "over think" issues. Mummy says Dottie sleeps against the door because there is a draft that comes through and is cooling. We may never know.

Our first award!

Peanut gave us the award to the right. Well, to say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement!

As many of you are aware, I have been depressed over the lack of food in my life and having to share my pawrents. I don't know why I let this all creep up on me. I have a relatively happy life compared to other dogs. I truly believe if I had more food I would feel better emotionally. Therapy with a food counselor would not be out of the question, a nutritionist would be acceptable as well. I think a trip to Petco would get me over the hump and certainly a new bed from Eddie Bauer would perk up this Corgi Boy. In the meantime, Peanut has made me feel very special. Thanks big guy, you made my day!

According to Mr. Peanut, I need to keep this award moving and give it to some of my new pals (I believe it is 7) on the Blog Planet. As you may know, I am relatively new to this world of blogging, so I will rely on the folks who have welcomed me. Here goes:

Preppy Pugs ( - Gotta love these ladies and gents. Their Mum is a nurse and she is the Florence Nightengale of pug rescue and keeping these little guys well and happy. ******************************************************************
The Corgi Lounge ( - Izzie and Moxie are too cool for words and their pawrents are always taking them on adventures. (Apparently they get fed enough to have energy for adventures). That is Izzie over there on the left.
Lenny @ WireWise ( - This dog is just a cool dude and we are feeling pretty special 'cause he likes us.
It's the Dogs Life ( - Gotta love St. Bernards and their labrador friends. Their big, their furry and they slobber really well. ***************************************************************
Sparky Barky - ( - Sparky loves water just like me.
Wally the Corgador ( - Wally is one of our favorite buds. He is funny, he looks a lot like us and he got an attitude.
The Republic of Gooberstand ( Stanley is our hero, he makes us laugh so hard we pee!
Thank you Peanut, you made my day. Half a turkey would make it a great day...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happier Days...(sigh)

(sigh) I remember when I was an "only" dog, the light of my pawrents' eyes, the smile on their lips and the only concern they ever had. I made their lives so happy and joyous - we played on the bed, threw tennis balls and took lovely little weekend trips around the country exploring nature's wonderous bounty.

And then...then they went on and rescued Cooper. So there were two of us. I tried to like him but he was so overly friendly and spent almost all of his time being a snuggling, wriggling mass of love that my pawrents had their hands and laps full. I tried to show him who was boss but he wouldn't even fight with me.

Then Dottie moved in this spring and of course she is old so I cannot pick on her. Now she is so happy to be in the family that she demands tummy rubs and ear scritches each evening and Cooper lies down with her! It is one big pile of old dogs getting tummy rubs and cooing in their ears!

I would throw up but I don't get fed enough as it is and I cannot afford to lose any more calories. My pawrents could make this up to me by shipping Cooper and Dottie off to summer camp and importing a large bag of bully sticks with my name on it. Until then, I am going to sit in a huff and ignore them all!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

I feel faint

I need to go lie down, I am too
weak to stand.

Before there was us, there was them

Way back in history, a long time ago, in another state, (and probably another galaxy), Mum had other dogs in her life. She found this picture in her photo box. The picture dates from June 1970 - that's almost 40 years ago! (Mum must be getting old - need to keep an eye on this).

The bloodhound was Jennifer (Mummy's dog), to the left was Amanda (Uncle Andy's dog) and to the right was Snoopy (Uncle Bryan's dog). They had this metal bed and they would all pack into it together which might have worked except that Jennifer the Bloodhound was really big, even as a puppy.

These were really good dogs in Mum's life and they went to the Rainbow Bridge many years ago. They are remembered with fondness and love.

There were no digital cameras back in the dark ages of Mum's youth (check out her plaid jumper in the picture, BOL!) and no video at all. So this picture is very precious. Good thing Mummy has her digital camera now, she can take lots of pictures of me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You are getting sleepy, very sleepy

My Uncle Alex said this video is enough
to make you want to take nap. Cooper
loves his morning nap after he has had breakfast
and a break outside. After Mum shot this, Coop
went right back to sleep. Mum loves it
because you can almost feel how soft Cooper is.

Personally, I think Mum is getting just a tad
soft in the head. Next video better be of me.

A Fairy Tail from Dozer

I am Little Red Riding Hood, why don't you let
me carry that picnic basket for you? It looks
very heavy and I don't want you to strain yourself.
You can trust me, I won't touch a thing inside.
(And if you believe this, you don't know corgis!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look We're French!

Hey look at us! We're french! Well, not really. Mum went to Google Canada and got our page and translated it into French. I like that I am "enfant sauvage", it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

And Cooper is a grand "Softie", BOL! I like being a Sauvage much better than being a Softie.

The French, theirs is the language of love, mais oui? C'est bon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Too hot to run around

I ran after the ball but it was too hot.
I ended up drinking water out of my pool and then
falling down and panting for all I was worth.
We need some cool weather or I need a shave!

Is my tongue getting longer or it is just me?
Okay, all done with that, time for some kibble.

Dozer here: I ran after the ball the other night but it was too hot. I ended up drinking water out of my pool and then falling down and panting for all I was worth. We need some cool weather or I need a shave! How do dogs in Arizona survive this and when can I have my own air conditioner?

Cooper: Bison Stuffie Dies

Mum got this great stuffie from the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) that looks like a bison

I licked it and then started a slow chew on its horns. I haven't got a lot of sharp teeth so I decided to gum it to death, so it was very, very wet by the time I was done. My chewing on the buffalo drove Dozer nuts, he thinks all the toys are his. We have two whole toy boxes filled with things he has ripped apart and he always wants what I have between my paws. Mum took these pictures because she thought I looked exceedingly soft and fluffy. What she doesn't know is that I have burrs all over and in my fur. She spends a lot of time de-burring me and going tsk, tsk, tsk. What is a dog to do? My favorite places are in the bushes and under the deck. Can I help it if both places seem to be full of burrs? Of course not!

Dottie Roaches for Mango

Mum has been trying to get a picture of any of us roaching to send to Mango and the Corgi Girls at the Corgi Lounge to show them that these corgis and cocker roach with the best of them. Finally last night Dottie did some great roaching on the living room carpeting which shows some great twisting action with the open mouth and feet flailing to give you the whole feeling of rolling around. We're pretty proud of Miss Dottie for pulling this all together for our blog. It earned her some extra treats and our eternal thanks.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot, hot, hot!

Mum took this little snap of Cooper on his chair. Mum has it covered
in a comfy little velour-type blanket. She has pretty much
given up ever using the chair herself. C'est la vie!
It is really hot today. Dad took Cooper and me for a walk to the park and Mum took Dottie for an abbreviated (think short) walk to the bridge and back. The Dotmeister was really tired and hot when she got home. Mum turned on the sprinkler to water the flower garden in the front yard and Dottie walked around in the mist and checked out the grass while she waited for us. Coop and I got home around 20 minutes later and we were puffin' and huffin'. Too hot for corgis and cockers! We are taking siestas this afternoon but not before we visit all our favorite blogs to see how our friends are doing. We think poor Mango is really suffering with PeeWee being hurt and not being able to play bitey face. These are desperate times for canines!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fierce Bitey Face by Dozer

Alot of people do not realize the savage nature of corgis.
We are a wild breed that often hunts in the wild of the back yard,
disemboweling toys and challenging the hanging tires
to bouts of fights, always winning in the end.
It is important to show the hanging tire who is boss.
Caught it on its side and ready to swing!
This is what I call my "savage leap attack".
The tire cannot possibly win now.
I go for the "throat" and bitey face the tire toy!
Die tire, die!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mum seems a little camera crazy these days. This morning she made Cooper pose on the couch while she took a portrait. Cooper hates having his picture taken, I think it is the flash. He sits there fine, he just won't look at Mum which drives her insane! BOL! Anyway, you can see Cooper gets more and more disenchanted with our biped when she goes off like this.

If only Mum had been satisfied with just one picture. This one was fine, why not stop here?

Now Coop is getting bored and cranky.

Now he wants to call the ASPCA.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scored a New Stuffie!

Mum went shopping for a birthday present for the UPS lady at work who really doesn't like to celebrate her birthday. So Mum bought some dog toys for Jody's dog, Anvil, a Jack Russell Terrier. And there in the 50% off bin was this honkin' great duck/partridge. It is the best! I ripped one wing free and then Cooper licked it all over and Dottie just looked.

We haven't had a new stuffie in ages so I didn't even let Mum take the tag off its chest where it says "Press Here to Hear it Squeak!". Haven't figured out why Cooper licks all the toys but he seems to like it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scored More Chewies

Apparently Mum's sense of humor does not extend to dogs grabbing an entire loaf of bread (in the bag) and whisking it off the counter. Boy did she lose her sense of humor on that one! Anyway, I circled around the kitchen this morning, looking for prey and Mum stood there with her arms crossed. She obviously has become slightly psychic and was waiting for me to make my move. It became a war of wills and unfortunately a dental chewie was my undoing.

Cooper and Dottie took their chewies outside and then Coop came back in and parked behind a chair and chewed. I ate mine on the couch and then got a second one to keep me occupied while everyone else ate theirs. Would have preferred the loaf of bread but you know Mothers...they have these food budgets and they don't like to share. How fun is that?

Mum emailed the Canidae folks to see if they hand out coupons for their kibble. We are racing through a bag a month and it would be nice to have some help if the company has such things. Not that Mum would change brands - Cooper and Dottie like it and it is easy for them to eat. And I am partial to it as well. Actually, I am partial to any fud, alive or dead.

Look! I can eat my chewie with no paws involved!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Pig in a Blanket"

I patiently keep an "eye" my adversary, keeping my paws on the blanket

I hide quickly so as to confuse the enemy!
I peek to keep an eye on my adversary!
Suddenly the battle is on! I twist and turn, grabbing and biting!
But the tide turns against me and suddenly
everything goes dark and I have lost the battle.
Is it dark in here or is it just me?

Home from the Kennel

Dad came and got us from lock-up yesterday morning. At first we were really excited to go to the kennel at the vet's office because we love everyone there. But after a day we were tired of all the barking and we missed Mum and Dad. Then they trimmed our nails and I nipped one of the technicians because I really hate having my nails clipped. Dottie didn't like it much either. Cooper didn't have to have his done, lucky dog! They sent report cards home with us and we got A's for good behavior but you can tell we were not happy. We pee'd plenty but only Dottie did poopies. Coop and I decided to hold it until we got home.

We were so happy to see Dad we practically drove the car home! But we were tired too because we were off our schedule. Dottie got really depressed. I think she thought we were going to stay there forever. Mum came home at lunch time to say "hi!" and that helped a bit. When she got home last night she was all over us with love and hugs but Dottie still was depressed so Mum gave her extra pets and a rub down. I don't like Dottie but seeing her depressed is the pits. Mum said she will be better in a day or so. I hope so.

Mum changed the bed last night and since Cooper was under the bed catching z's, I thought I would help Mum in her endeavor. Next thing you know there were quilts flying and I was killing whatever it was inside the quilt (was that Mum's hand?) and rolling around like a little sausage. Mum said we were playing "pig in a blanket" which I am not so sure was a compliment.

It is good to be home!
Check out Cooper sleeping in his man-cave

Friday, July 11, 2008

Philomath Frolic and Rodeo

Mum and Dad left us at home at went to the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo last night. It was the "free" night where you could see the rodeo without having to pay $13.00. They said it was fun and they saw Mum's friend, Joan, there. I would love to chase cows if they would only give me the chance! How can I show them how talented I am if they don't put a cow in the backyard for me to herd? Cooper won't let me herd him and Dottie is completely dense when it comes to playing. We don't even have squirrels to herd. How bad is that? I guess a small pony would work and then it could eat the grass in the yard and we wouldn't even need to feed it. Mummy just rolls her eyes at me. Mum took these pictures last night. She thought the little girl was adorable with her cowboy boots with spurs, fringed shirt and hat. There was lots of ropin', ridin' and general cowboy type stuff. They also had a fiddler's show but Mum stayed with Joan at the arena and didn't hear them. It will be really busy tonight because it is the official start of the Frolic and there will be a parade tomorrow which Mum will walk over to watch. She said she will take me to see but I don't get to walk in it.
Alot of the cowboys at the Frolic said with gas as expensive as it is, they are barely breaking even (if at all) coming to the rodeo. Mum says these are "challenging times" and will show our mettle and what we are made of. I am encouraging Mummy to lay in a stock of kibble before the price skyrockets. Good thing everything we need is close at hand.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scored Some Chewies

My plan to increase my food intake is working and I have the wheels in motion of my diabolical dynamics to guilt my bipeds into feeding us more, particularly me. Dad gave me extra kibble last night but the minute Mum came home I let her know I was starving. I kept jumping around like a two year old on amphetamines and being obnoxious, which I excel at.

Finally in total desperation, Mum gave us our dental chewies and I was in the living room have a chew party like no one's business! Dottie finished hers first and got a second one because her first chewie was small. Cooper took forever to get his done because he likes to savor and lick them until they are soft and pliable. I just go at it full bore and just get it to the point where it will go down the gullet without screwing up my anatomy.

It was really, really hot yesterday (not as hot as Arizona, but hot for Oregon). We kept wanting to go outside but then when we got there, it was too hot to play. Mum and Dad were going to grill burgers and veggies for dinner but decided it was too hot to do that. They went off to a baseball game for a couple of hours (Ritchey's Market versus Post 9 - American Legion Baseball - great small town entertainment!). We hung out at home and enjoyed the air conditioning. We are really hoping that Mum and Dad don't have to cut back on the air conditioning with the gas prices. Seems like the prices for everything are going through the roof, fortunately kibble is holding strong at $38 for 20lbs of Canidae. Not sure what Mum plans to do if that goes higher.

Mummy gets up at 5:30am every morning and we go outside and play ball QUIETLY so we don't bark and wake the neighbors. It is cooler then and we don't get overheated. Dottie cruises the backyard looking for poo to eat (yeech!) and Coop cruises the yard eating grass. Then we have breakfast, our pills and half a carrot or apple each. Mum says we need to think of the animals in shelters who don't get what we get. Cooper told us about his time in the slammer - it wasn't fun. He said they have cold concrete floors and no beds and only get fed once a day. I told Mum we should get some toys to take to Heartland (no kill shelter) and we are going to do that this weekend.

Time for my morning nap, (yawn).