Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fine Art Graces Our Life

Mum's picture from Howie PeePants' Mum, Nancy Medina, arrived at work today! Isn't the oil painting gorgeous? Mum has hung it in her cubicle so when she twirls around to get up she looks at it and it reminds her of gardens, flowers and wonderful old doors. Our Aunt Nancy PeePants is a wonderful artist and has her own website at We don't go there (Mum does) because we go see our cousin Howie at his blog at The Pugpant Chronicles. Truth be known, we believe Howie does most of the painting and that his mother is taking the credit. We have no proof but there are rumors.

Mum got another painting of a sunflower and she has that on her desk at work. It too is beautiful but Mum isn't sure how she can get a photo of it without bringing unwanted attention during work hours. You can understand her dilemma! BOL!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grant Me Patience....

I apologize for our last entry on eating toilet paper. Mum finds these little idiosyncrasies entertaining. I find them mind numbing. Please send help, I am trapped in a home that is completely governed by a post-menopausal woman who is easily amused by the antics of a senile Cocker Spaniel. This cannot be normal.

Monday, June 20, 2011

How to eat toilet paper

First, steal a big wad of toilet paper from
the roll in the bathroom.
 Find a comfortable place to consume your treat.
The bed is always a nice place.
Tear the toilet paper into small, edible
bits. Don't worry about what falls off
the bed.

Stuff as much as you can into your mouth.

It will become sticky once you get
your drool all over it. It may stick
to your teeth, use your tongue to
move it around.

Use an up and down motion consistently
to insure you make a nice paste of the
toilet paper.

Once your face resembles Elvis Presley,
you have acquired the grace and
style needed to consume toilet paper
at any social function.

Bon Appetit!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a Reminder

Summer is here and no dog should ever be left in a car - even with the windows down. Our Mum only lets us sit in the car with her. She says it is because she does not want us to overheat but I think it is because she doesn't want us to take the car out for a spin without her. For pete's sake, I would keep both paws on the wheel, it isn't as though I wouldn't pay attention. Maybe it is Cooper she is worried about.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hide and Seek - Cooper Style

"If I can't see you, then you cannot see me." - Cooper

Monday, June 13, 2011

Old Dogs and Old Shoes

Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable.
They might be a bit out of shape
and a little worn around the edges,
but they fit well."

- Bonnie Wilcox 'Old Dogs, Old Friends'

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Eat a Chewie - Lesson 1

Grasp the chewie firmly between your jaws.
Be confident, show the chewie you are in charge.

Determine which side of your mouth is your chewing side.
Move the chewie to that side of your mouth.
Clench down with an assertive snap.
Careful not to chew too deliberately so that the chewie
slips down your food hatch. This can provide an
opportunity for choking and tends to upset the parents.

Chew until the said chewie is completely soft and small in size.
Only swallow when the chewie has been determined to be
of small enough size to be consumed.

There is nothing quite so indelicate as throwing up one's chewie
on the living room rug. Chewies with rug bits are not on the menu.

Check the floor for any extra bits which may have fallen
away during the food exercise. Use your tongue to gather
any stray consumables which may have gone wandering.

Finish by having a water chaser to clean your palate.

Note to new chewier consumers: One chewie per day is appropriate. More than one per day may promote flatulence (gas) and bring tears to your parents' eyes, for all the wrong reason.

Let's Play Pig in a Blanket!

I'll be the "pig" and you roll me up in the blanket!

I'll just roll myself inside this quilt and then you won't be able to see me.

 Can you see me?

 Can you see even a little bit of me?

I see you!

(big yawn) But now I neeeddzz to sleeeeepzzz...

Cooper, do you want to play?

Hmmm, I guess not.

Monday, June 6, 2011

We're Baaaaccckk!

Mum left us for THREE WEEKS and went on a LOOONNG trip to England and France. And us? We got to go stay at the vet's kennel for THREE WEEKS. Mum wouldn't let us go to our usual haunt because I was limping and she thought enforced rest would help (it did). And Cooper came home so tired from our last play date at The Farm that Mum thought a quiet vacation would do him good (it did).

Mum took 1,200+ pictures and fortunately she is not going to make you look at all of them. But she did get some interesting shots (she is even doing a slide show of "Dogs and Doors" of all the dogs and doorways she took pictures of - what the...?)

This is a French dog pee'ing in the street. See, they pee just like girl dogs do here in the USA.

Yes, we know. Our mother is different.

And this is Mum at Monet's garden and house. (He did not invite her because he is actually dead.)

Not that anyone cares but Cooper and I are fine. I lost my voice (bark) because I barked so much at the vet's place. I am a bit hoarse but I will work my way back up to my usual decibels shortly.

Before Mum came home, she stayed with our grandparents in North Carolina. They got us a new cousin, "Sam". She is a bloodhound and Mum says she will get giganormous some day. She's got paws like large size waffles.

Sam is 10 weeks old and growing about an inch a day. Mum says Sam has the softest puppy fur this side of the Rockies. (But Mum says I have the softest Corgi fur anywhere).

So we are back and will have photos up shortly. Thanks for not breaking into the house while she was gone and taking all our toys and treats. Dad appreciates that too because he has his cowboy toys and no one gets to play with them except Dad.

Love, Dozer

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big Ahhhh Please

Gotta love corgis, just gotta!

~ Dozer