Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleepy Sunday - Diva Style

Saturday, January 29, 2011

That was a close one!

Dozer was visiting a friend with me and found some rat poison hidden under a staircase (who has rat poison for Norwegian wharf rats in Oregon?). By the time we got to him, Dozer had consumed it all. I threw him (not literally of course) into the car and we were down to the emergency vet in under five minutes. He was whisked into the back, given an injection to induce vomiting and he produced the poison pellets. I brought a packet of the rat poison with me so the vets knew exactly what he had ingested.

He is home now sleeping due to the medication they gave him. He will be on Vitamin K for two weeks to help with his blood clotting. This is all precautionary, the vet felt they had gotten most of the poison out of his system.

Trip to emergency vet: $189.00
Grey hair on Mum: More than this morning
Taking baby boy dog home: Ecstasy
Peace of mind: Priceless

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Won An Award! with Diva Picture

Our pal Kirby gave us an award! We are just shallow enough to think we actually deserve this award and we're tickled pink to put it up for all to see!

Apparently one must share 7 things about yourself as part and parcel of accepting this award, so here goes..

(1) Cooper bed surfs if you rub his butt. He scoots all over the bed and makes moaning noises.

(2) Dozer can hold his pee for up to 23 hours (although his Mum will not let him do this) - his previous owners shared this with his forever Mum when she picked him up.

(3) Cooper does not like to poop when he is on a walk on a leash. He's kind of shy about that but he has gotten better after 4.5 years with the family.

(4) Dozer pretends to yawn and makes a small growling noise when he feels he is being ignored or Cooper is getting too much attention.

(5) Cooper plays psychological tricks on Dozer which Dozer falls for every time, hence the reason we play "Musical Laps" in the evenings.

(6) Both boys eat Canidae dog food because it keeps their weight just where it should be.

(7) Cooper sits right in front of the gas fireplace in the family room so that he becomes almost thermal nuclear in temperature and the room remains freezing cold. He sees no problem with this.

We would like to pass this award onto some friends of ours

The Casbah Kittens (click here to visit)
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Country Corgis (click here to visit)
Emmitt the Pug (click here to visit)
Martha and Bailey (click here to visit)

We know we were supposed to give it to 15 friends but Mum got tired and if we left you off, go ahead and take the award with our blessings. We would just love to read the 7 things about you - I bet there are secrets you can tell! BOL!

 Some Diva huh? Someone should tell Cooper that Diva's don't let their tongues hang ten like that!
Yeah, the girls go crazy for me in the pool. See Mum on the right? She is holding those crazy girls back, they just want to kiss me forever. Really.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MangoMinster Entries Checking In

Mum has been very busy at work and then she took a trip to Seattle to see Dad to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She apparently is not quite so diligent in seeing to our entries in MangoMinster and we will need to remedy this toot suite!

I am committed (figuratively, not literally) to being the top Crackers Dog in the show. I have worked all my short life to be the epitome of what a crackers dog should be.

Cooper, on the other hand, continues to be the diva of the house - I mean really people, who demands to be wrapped in a blanket on top of the bed before retiring? Cooper does.

Cooper's constant posing is really getting old. What about me? Moi?

Look at those eyes people - nothing says crazy and crackers like big, melt-your-heart eyes.

Look, who else but a Crackers Dog would eat a tomato? Hmm, I ask you that!

Mum says it is past our bedtime so we will regroup tomorrow night and I will talk about our bribes to the judges. We have come up with some rather unique items which we feel may sway votes in our direction. Oh who cares, skip Cooper and just let me win!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is it time to start? ~ Dozer

Is it time to bribe the judges of Mangominster? Because we are ready here!
 I am going through all our toys to see what would be appropriate to send to the judges.
Apparently some of them are worse for the wear..but they are still delicious!

Cooper is going through our bone collection to see what we can spare.

Except that I had to wake "the diva" up to help me in this endeavor.

Oh heck, this is going to take forever...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For Your Consideration - CRACKER Entry/Dozer

Crackers? What exactly does that mean? A little wild? A little out of control? Well if that scares you, then I am your dog. I am Dozer and I define CRACKERS!
 Santa, I told you not to cross my path. I just had to teach the jolly old fellow a lesson but now he knows what CRACKERS means!

 I can hang onto this toy until you agree to another hour of "fetch". You'll never get out of this alive kid until you agree.
 Being CRACKERS means being able to fool the parents into thinking you are adorable when you are really formulating new and wonderful ways to destroy the house.
 The stories of my drug abuse are totally exaggerated. I went to Passages in Malibu, California only to support my friend Brittany Spears. Apparently they mistook me for a patient and the next thing I knew I was in a detox unit and flying on methadone.
 But my time with Brit was good for my work on impersonations. I've got my Elvis act down perfectly now.
 Being CRACKERS means being ready for any party, any time, any where. Time for the Spring Frolic? I'll bee there!
 Christmas? Is there an egg nog bowl? Show me to it!
 How about we play pirates? I have a wading pool and we can play "walk the plank"!
 See, I can look normal...

 ...but eventually the crazies surface again and the next thing you know...
 I'm attacking the hose and tipping over the pool!
CRACKERS? Yeah, maybe. But who else plays fetch as good as I do?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

For Your Consideration - DIVA Entry/Cooper

What is it to be a DIVA? It is a life of work, modeling shoots, meeting one's fans, more photograph dates and of course managing one's image in print and on products. Is it an easy life? No but when one lives in the public arena, one must dedicate themselves to the beautiful life. Let me share my DIVA life with you.
 Yes, I am a male model. To keep myself in the spotlight, I visit my personal groomer monthly for a shampoo, cut and dry session. I use a variety of products depending on my photo shoots for the next week or so.
 Occasionally I will have a little wine to loosen up during a modeling session, but I find it can make my tongue somewhat loopy, so I try and it keep it to a minimum.
 I am not wild about the seasonal modeling jobs but I will wear what the fashion houses dictate. Thank goodness I didn't have to walk the runway in this monstrosity!
 When I first started out I did have some centerfolds taken for a magazine. I have since started litigation to get them back. It was a mistake, let's leave it at that.
 Portrait studies are always intense but I look straight into the lens and let my soul shine through.
 I try and do some public service photos when I am approached. I also try and visit the troops when the USO does their fun shows.
 It is exhausting being on the road, so one grabs shut-eye when one can.
 I always take time to meet with my fans, after all they have made me the DIVA I am today.
 I really enjoy the on-site photo shoots, particularly the beach.
 Note the nice angle to my head - I have a strong profile.
 Of course wearing a blue vest only accentuates my powerful chest, which the ladies love.
 Oh dear, another seasonal picture..
 ..they are so tiresome, it is hard to make some holiday fashions pop. Orange has never really been my color.
 I do, do some paw modeling. My fur can be high maintenance but it is worth it.
 I am politically active and try be on the cutting edge of what is coming out of Washington.
 I do endorse some products, mainly footstuffs and the contracts always stipulate an unlimited supply of the product. For that reason I focus mainly on biscuits.
 After consuming enough of the product I have to take a short nap to digest my endorsements.
Most people think of a DIVA as a bad thing and we can only blame Martha Stewart on that. No, a DIVA is not a bad thing. We are just different. We are beautiful and that makes us special.

Sleepy Sunday - 2011 Edition - Dozer

Shhh, Mum has a runny nose and is tired, so we uploaded our own photos today.

I get the bigger picture 'cause I am the most important and cause Cooper can't figure out how to use the photo editing program (hee hee)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The People Who Feed Us

I thought perhaps you might be interested in meeting the people we depend on, our parents. Let's start with Dad.

As a young man, Dad always had an affinity for being a "fly boy". His aviator days started when he was a wee lad and even today he dreams of soaring. While he does not actually have a pilot license, he does have a radio controlled airplane that he has successfully flown with our boy.

This here is a picture of Dad and his brother (that's their Mum in the middle). You can see he already had his aviator hat on and he was ready to take off. The saddle shoes just show how trendy he was back in the day.

And this is Dad now

Aviator hat? Yup. Goggles? Yup. White scarf? Yup.

We love Dad for a variety of reasons but the biggest is that he thinks eating the same thing twice a day has to be boring, so he gives us bites of things like pizza, bread, tomatoes, carrots, apple and other items not necessarily on our dietary list of things to consume. (Sadly no wine).

So, hats off to Dad for his dashing good looks and sharing attitude when it comes to consumables!