Friday, February 27, 2009

BINGO! I GOT BINGO! - Dozer's Notes

Look! I got Bingo on Tibby's bingo game! Whooo hooo! BINGO! BINGO! Don't you just love yelling it? Mum says I have to calm down a bit and send Tibby a note before I break something.

Now Cooper is running around the house yelling "LOSER! LOSER!" because you have to have a "T" not just a regular Bingo. He thinks he is so smart...well, apparently Tibby agrees but at least I got to yell BINGO! and I am not a loser Cooper!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 Dog Night - Cooper's Notes

It's been a long day so we are all heading to our beds on Mum's side of the room. I try to sleep in the first bed by Mum so she can drop her hand down and pet my head. Dozer tends to go under the bed and play there before he finally comes out and climbs into the middle bed. Dottie always sleeps at the end of the bed because she gets up and stretches during the night. We'll see all our pup pals tomorrow (yawn). I am going to make sure Mum takes some cold medicene because she has the start of a cold and we can't afford for her to be sick. She has to cart us around on Saturday errands and I have my appointment at the grooming palace for a bath and a cut. (Dozer keeps saying I look like Aunt Martha's raccoon coat with mange. First off, we do not have an Aunt Martha and second, I do not have mange. His need for attention can be so wearing.)

Good night friends, Love, Cooper

Bella and Terra - notes from Cooper

This is a wonderful story about Bella the dog and Terra the elephant at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. It only takes 2:40 minutes and the last minute is the part that will really surprise you! I love elephants but Mum says they are too big for the backyard. Mum says if I am good that I can send a donation to the elephants but I cannot have a real one in the backyard. (sigh)

No Blogging Today - Cooper's Notes

Mum is covering her desk and the front desk at work because the receptionist is home with her son who has Influenza B. This strain of the flu is highly contagious and no vaccine was made for it this season. The doctor put the child under quarantine and our receptionist may be coming down with it as well. Mum is popping Vitamin C like they were Skittles and drinking a lot of water. We will be back blogging once the week ends and Mum can catch her breath.

Dozer is sulking in the corner because he is afraid he will lose his audience - who am I to tell him he never had one to begin with?

Love, CooperThis picture has nothing to do with this blog entry but we thought it might make Dozer feel better since he has this need for attention.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Birthday Card - notes from Dozer

Mum was tickled pink with this birthday card today (she is really, really old over 50 and sliding towards 55 and honestly, I think she is picking up speed, but I digress). She says she is pretty sure it is Howie Fart Pants and Annie in Texas. I like Howie’s hat. I bet Emmit likes it too. I just didn’t think Howie was into designer drinks. Well, that’s okay. As long as it is a manly designer drink!

Mum says I should not be talking about drinking because I am underage and it is inappropriate for my blog. Again with the appearances! Sheesh, corgis come from Wales..of course we drink, it’s in our blood! After a busy day of herding cattle we always stop off at the pub for a couple of belts of Scotch with a pint of bitters to cleanse the palate.

Mum says no more posts today if I am going to continue this line of talk. Fine! I am going to fridge and find me a Bud.

We're Famous...Not! - from Dozer

Mum did a search on Google for "dozerandcoop" and found that our blog was rated 4th on Networked Blogs (which we have never heard of before). Being the self-centered, but highly lovable corgi that I am, I would like to thank all the little people who voted for my blog. Apparently we only got one vote so that should be proof to one and all that your vote does count! Mum says I am so off the wall this morning that she doesn't even want to try and rein me in. Go figure!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dottie - Dead or Alive? Good Guess! BOL!

Dad took this picture of Dottie. He had to check to make sure she was alive. He thought maybe this was what a dead dog looked like.

Dottie doesn't move much when she sleeps and she looked dead to him. I'm not sure, but I think Dad was a little disappointed that Dottie was still with us. She's tipped over the recycling one time too many for Dad. Mum, not so much.

Anyway, as I have said before and I will say again, doesn't Dottie look like a pig? Come on, you know she does, you just don't want to say it out loud. Look at those front legs..tell me they don't look like little pig legs. Come on, you know they do!

Mum is giving me that "look" again. So much for total honesty in my blog. Let's all pretend we're the normal nuclear family why don't we? Okay, now Mum is really giving me the "look" and pointing the "finger" towards bed. (whispers) Dottie is a piggy, Dottie is a piggy!

Night, Dozer Dog

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gotta Visit This Site - notes from Cooper

Mum and I discovered a delightful website and I said to Mum, Mum I sez "Why not share this with our bloggy friends?" And Mum sez "Why Cooper, how thoughtful of you!" So here is my new favorite website which is called I Has a Hotdog and I had Mum link the title of this entry and also if you click here you can go visit. Just be prepared to spend a bunch of time scrolling through the gigazillion pictures they have.

Mum cracked up over this one..probably reminds her of the toilet paper incident.

Been there, done that.

Take note Dozer...enough said!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peemail Explained - by Dozer

There seems to be some confusion about peemail, so I am here to explain it as part of my Community Service for peeing on Dad's coat. This in no way means that I did the deed, only that I am abiding by the court's ruling, strange as it is. First, Cooper and I leave the house and check our mailbox. I usually have a few notes and then
I leave some replies, as well as sending off letters of my own (I have a lot of girl friends).

Once we have taken care of our mailbox, we head down to the post office to check for packages and notes on the boards.
Hmmm, Ruby left a nice note about the weather. Said she went camping this weekend but is glad to be back.

Here we are at the post office checking for packages and more mail. Cooper usually gets one or two notes but he doesn't share who they are from. I don't think they are from girlfriends, he is a member of the Pee of the Month Club and I think these are his samples in case he wants to order more.

Now we go to the main counter and leave our mail that we have done at home for our friends. We check for anything new and then move along so others can make their way to the counter.

Cooper always likes to check out the bullentin board for news items. Not much today with the recent rain but sounds like there is a pug down the street looking for some party animals this weekend.

Always like to check our old mailbox in case of mail from folks who are using the old address. Nothing today.
Cooper never believes me when I say I have checked the mail. He always has to check for himself.
Here's Cooper leaving some notes on the Community Mailbox. Again, he never tells me what it is about. I think he just likes to be mysterious.

Because Dottie is blind she goes out for her mail with just Mum. That way she can take her time and dawdle if she likes. She has many famous friends from her days in the show ring and gets all sort of invites to shows and meetings of retired show dogs.
Check out Dottie's tail. She uses it to check for mail. Says she can tell by the wind if there is new mail or if she has already read it.

Here's a good one of Dottie reading her newsletter from Cardigans Crossword of the Day. I have no idea why she likes doing the puzzles but she does.

So there you are! See peemail isn't that hard to understand. If you need to leave peemail just make sure you load up on the liquids before hand. There is nothing worse than having something to say and running out of ink. Plan ahead, that is all I am saying.

Tiger Woods' Dogs - from Dozer

Mum says any man that includes his dogs in the family portrait is someone we should all like. Well, I have always liked Tiger and his dogs look pretty good too. There's an awful lot of kissing going on in the picture but maybe he is giving them treats. I only kiss for treats...well, sometimes I just kiss and lick Mum's face because I can.
Mum said she will dig out my pictures that were taken by the professional photographer so you can see how handsome I am on camera. The flash did not even bother me. I am a natural born model. Mum says I am a natural born ham, but we all know Dottie is the piggie in the family.

I am digging my way out of solitary confinement and should hit daylight any time now.

Inmate 234, Dozer Edwards

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost Dog - Maybe You Can Help

Dear Pup Pals,

Our friend Max the Golden Retriever has this on his website and since we never really know who reads our blogs, I asked Max if it would help if I put this in my blog and he said it might. So here is the picture and Max's request. Max said that where they found the dog is a place where people dump dogs which besides being against the law, is particularly cruel. (We know this because Coop was abandoned). So if you know someone who lives in South Carolina and can help, pass the word! Thanks Pup Pals, I knew I could count on you! Love, Dozer (P.S. I am still in solitary, could someone send me a hacksaw please?)

"Hey fellow dog lovers I’m hoping to get your help… We found this little doggie wandering around on the golf course behind our house, obviously lost, and we’re trying to find his home.

Do you know me? He had no collar, of course, and we took him to Max’s vet who confirmed that he has no ID chip either… Based on his smell and filthy fur we believe he has been outside for a least a couple days.

He was found in the area of Pawleys Island/Litchfield, SC area just about noon today (2.17.09)

He has short curly blond fur that’s been cut very short, and weighs about 10lbs. We’re guessing he’s part Shih Tzu and part Poodle and maybe some other “stuff” too. He seems to be a pretty gentle/healthy/happy dog but does appear to suffer from separation anxiety.

We’ve checked with our area vets and rescue/animal control organizations and no one recognizes him or has been contacted looking for him. There are also no ‘lost dog’ signs that we could find in the area.

Please pass this one to anyone you may know in the area who might be able to help locate his home.

Have them contact me at"

Doin' Hard Time on the Rock(er) - Dozer

Dear Emmit and Howie PeePants:

Dozer will be unable to travel to Texas because he is currently under 'lock down' and is forbidden to do anything fun for at least a day. After extensive questioning he admitted it was he who had walked into the kitchen and pee'd on his father's coat. Although Dozer tried to blame his siblings, it was obvious that the guilty party was the only one in the house without a tail. As we pointed out to him, Dottie is a girl dog so unless she was incredibly gymnastic she could not pee on a coat hanging off a chair. And Cooper had just come in from a 'walk-about' in the yard where he had marked anything not moving. Therefore, only one dog could be guilty on all counts of pee'ing in the house...Dozer.

There have been claims of undue torture in the questioning of Dozer however the pictures below are evidence that all Geneva Guidelines were followed to the letter of the law. Let this be a lesson to any other naughty canines who pee on their father's coat in kitchen!

Under questioning Dozer looked into the bright overhead light, sweating slightly.
Conferring with his attorney during the questioning.
Providing alibis, none of which were believed.
Dozing off during questioning.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Sprung..A Little

This is my first movie and I believe I may have found a talent not yet mined to its fullest. Nay, it may be that Oscar night my name will be called for Best Canine Film. Of course I will not forget the little people (Dottie, Cooper, Mum).

The premise for this film is a moment of spring in an otherwise damp, grey Oregon winter. I play the hero so I get the most shots, Dottie is the heroine so she got the opening, and Cooper is the comic relief so he gets plugged in wherever. (I noticed he was laughing during my big moment where I stand on the deck and look northwards, sheesh!)

I wanted to use the Hamster March for the soundtrack but it was a little bit too bouncy and it made me hungry for snackies.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is a card Mum made tonight. We think it kind of looks like her except her butt can't be that big otherwise she couldn't get through the doorways. Well, maybe she could but it would not be pretty.

'Night, Dozer

Valentine's Day - Notes from Cooper

It has come to my attention that most of our blog entries have focused on just one person lately and while I won't mention names (Dozer) I think it is obvious to everyone that being self-centered is not a particularly attractive trait. So, I have climbed up on the twirly chair and I am going to remind everyone that we have a very nice sister, Dottie, who should have her time in the limelight.

Although adopted by us late in life, Dottie has really become family in the last year. She is 14 years old now and still doing well. She roaches like a pro and makes great sounds when she sleeps. Can you see the stars in her eyes? I can.

Dozer wants to give you a Valentine's Day kiss. Put your face close to your monitor so he can give you a smooch. Once again, this need to be the center of attention.I need an appointment at the grooming palace. Mum let my hair grow this winter and now I look like a bear that just came out of hibernation. But it is soft hair if that counts. Mum says it does.Happy Valentine's Day to all our bloggy friends!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shameless Advertising - Because We Can!

Our Aunt Laura is going to be at the Linn County Fairgrounds (Albany, Oregon) tomorrow and Sunday for the AKC All Breed Dog Show, Obedience Trial and Rally Obedience. Unfortunately she is not showing her four chihuahuas (Sparky, Tucker, Molly and Katie) but she is going to have her own little booth/table for her nifty collars. I thought Mum should buy me a bunch of collars so I could change them every day to suit my mood and temprement for that day. Mum said something about something freezing over and we never got much further than that. These are some of the collars. Cooper wants the one with the eggs which seems a little strange to me but I think he is still in Easter mode. I saw one with a pirate motif but Mum nixed that one - she said I am not playing pirate and making Coop and Dottie walk the plank for my own amusement.

So this is my shameless advertising of Aunt Laura's handmade collars. The sad news is that they really only fit small dogs like chihuahuas so they aren't meant for relentlessly huge dogs like Mango. But if you want to stop by I had Mum hyperlink the pictures and the title (I told you I was shameless).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Watch Out for Timmy - A Dire Warning!

We got a neat note from our pal Totally Timmy. So we visited his blog and that was the beginning of all the trouble. See Timmy's mother wrote this post with all these neat colorful pictures of bunnies and sheep. And that wouldn't be do bad, but these were really cute sheep (from Timmy) and wabbits (from Maisey).

Then Cooper gets this idea that we will buy the sheep and the wabbits for Mum for Valentine's Day. I thought this was a bit extravagent but Coop said this was no time to pinch pennies since it is the one time of the year when we can show Mum how much we love her. (I thought licking her face when she was asleep was a pretty good show of it but Cooper says "no".)

Cooper went into Mum's office and got the key to her desk and took out her American Express card - the one she keeps for emergencies. Dottie pushed me onto the chair which was really neat because it went around in circles but I got dizzy and threw up on Dottie's head so Cooper said to stop.

We went to Timmy's site and ordered all the wabbits and all the sheep. I told Cooper that the wabbits looked like they were really stuffed and I could pull out their ears and chew on their tails. Cooper's eyes got really big and he said I could do nothing like that. Dottie said she was appalled and that if I did that she would call Timmy's mother and tell her what I did. Dottie is such a tattle tail!

Coop says we have to draw the sheep and the wabbits on a card for Mum's Valentine so she knows they are coming. Dottie got this picture of Timmy off his blog (and she did not even ask permission - so take that Miss Tattle Tail!) and said we could print it off and put it on the card
because he is dressed like a wabbit.

All this ordering of wabbits and sheep has been exhausting - I am just beat! So I am going to sleep.

Cooper is in the craft room getting knitting needles and wool so he can knit Timmy a sweater, 'cause Timmy's missing a lot of fur. Don't say anything to Timmy 'cause Coop says he might be sensitive about being bald. Dottie is going to read the directions to Coop on how to knit the sweater. Timmy, if I were you, I'd be on the Internet shopping for a sweater - 'cause Coop is not a good knitter. Last time he got tied up in the wool and we had to chew him out of his mess. (big yawn) I go to sleep now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cooper Cheats! - notes from Dozer

Cooper gave Mum this card today and it isn't Valentine's Day until Saturday! The inside says "you're my cup of tea!" (he never capitalizes). Coop is such doofus! Can't he read the calendar? Now the pressure is on me and Dottie to come up with our valentines. Dottie says she is going to make hers out of bones and do a mosaic picture. I think I am starting to sweat, my pads are all giggly and moist. I am going to call Howie PeePants and see what he suggests. Cooper isn't playing fair.

Visit to the Vet - Dozer's Notes

Yesterday it occurred to me that I have not spent much time or money at the vet so I made Mum take me down. I had a bump on my back that Mum and Dad did not like and I found painful. So I made sure I waited for a weekday, so Mum would lose time at work, and got an appointment to see my favorite vet, Dr. B. Turns out it was a puncture wound, someone nailed me, from my play time at Inavale Farm. Since it was healing nicely, we decided to just let it be. Dr. B checked my ears and cleaned out one of them - no yeasties, just wax. It seems to make Dr. B so happy to play with my ears I cannot refuse her. This is me with the ladies (they love me). Yup, it's cheese-in-a-can time while Dr. B checks out my knee. If I had opposable thumbs I could empty that can in a New York minute. So forty dollars later Mum has piece of mind and I have a tummy full of cheese. Mum says it is the most expensive cheese she has ever bought. I say I am worth it! BOL!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things that start with "T"

The Corgi Girls tagged us to come up with pictures with the letter "T". Mum said she spent way too much time going through pictures but we think she was having a ball. She kept going "awwww" and saying things like "just so cute!", so I have to think she was talking about me.

Here then is our ode to the letter "T"

T is for tube, which I love to trash and play with and leave little parts all over the floor

T is for Tori, our friend in Portland who is very old

T is for toys, which Cooper steals and does not share

T is for tongue which Cooper hangs out when he sleeps 'cause he doesn't have all his teeth

T is for tracks, which we made on the beach

T is for "top dog", that would be me!

T i s for tater heads which Mum made from our vegetable garden

T is for toilet paper, Coop's favorite snack!

T is for too cute, which I am

T is for tacky which these antlers are

And finally, T is for trips, which we get to take lots of!

We "tag" River to use the letter(s) U and V (because how many words do you know that start with the letter "U"?