Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach Pictures - Notes from Dozer

"Why yes, as a matter of fact I do own this beach, so move your towel now!"
"I's got sand up my snozzle, you got a Kleenex handy?"

Buzz Lightdog and his trusty sidekick Dottie!

We’ve been reading up about Texas and if we are to save HowiePeePants from his jail cell, we have to be prepared. Mum says we would pass out in the heat down south so we called the groomer and all three of us went in for buzz cuts.

This here is Cooper. He decided not to get a buzz cut because he has really, really skinny little legs. He figures he will take his chances with the heat.

This is Dottie, pre-buzz. Once again, notice the resemblance to a pig in a poke or a beached whale. Sheesh, does the woman have no sense of decorum? Apparently not!

Miss Dottie post-buzz cut. (Yes, I know she was taking a pee break but so what!) Check out her tail! Bottle brush, bottle brush tail! BOL!This me by my pool having a drink. I can finally feel the wind under my belly. And I am about 50 degrees cooler.
Buzz Lightdog to the rescue! But first, let's get this kibble container open and have a snack! We're comin' Howie!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Giganormous Emergency in Texas - Dozer

This here is Howie. Below is his sad tale. So Howie PeePants in Texas has gotten an email out that he is being held captive in a prison crate with a giganormous "cone of shame" all over his noggin. We looked up what the cone thingy might look like and this is what Google showed us! How can Howie PeePants sleep with such a thing on? Obviously this calls for action! Please let me know if you are available to go to Texas immediately to save Howie from from this torture and if you have enough kibble money to fly or if you are coming by bus. No need to ask your parents, we'll just run down to Texas (it is only on the second page of the Atlas so it cannot be that far from Oregon) and be back by dinner time. We would do it for you, so consider saving Howie today please.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Before and After - Cooper Revealed

Before a matted, smelly, poopy-butted cocker spaniel. After, a silky, sweet smelling, clipped love puppy.
For all the $$ it was worth every penny, although Cooper
was embarressed with the blue bow on his collar.
(And Dozer is extremely put out about the whole thing!)

Shhh Sleepy Sunday!

We had a terrific thunderstrom this morning at 3:15am. There are unsubstantiated rumors that I slept on top of Mum and Cooper slept under the bed during the lightening and thunder. (I was keeping Mum safe, nothing more) Cooper jumped ship and went under the bed where he was scared all by himself. I knew this because I heard him snoring. (Mum is rolling her eyes, whatever that means).

Dottie was zonked out in the laundry room and never heard or saw a thing. Consequently, today will be spent in catching up on lost sleep.This is me with my red dinosaur. Notice the juxtaposition of our legs? Yeah, I know, I do have an artsy fartsy side.This is Cooper napping because he never slept - scaredy cat! It's the snorgle monster! Cooper took over the comfy chair and is sawing z's.

Cooper has to go to the groomer at 10am because he has turned into a shaggy mess. Mum wouldn't tell you this but I will - Coop needs his bum trimmed up. He has been coming into the house with poo stuck to his bum and then he scoots on the floor and leaves racing tracks! BOL! Mum always cleans it up but she said we need to nip this. Well duh!

Friday, July 10, 2009

With Great Sadness

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Betty, Dottie's previous owner who placed her with Mum, passed away on Tuesday. She was a grand and loving lady that we were all privileged to know and love. Because of Dottie's age and health, Mum has decided not to tell her. Remember Betty in your prayers and thoughts and let her know that Dottie will meet her at the Rainbow Bridge, by the far left oak tree, near the Fairy Falls before she knows it. Rest well Betty, we will miss you. Cooper

Click here to see more of Betty and Dottie's former home in Vancouver, Washington

Shameless Product Placement - Cooper

We're thrilled Tibby Tales is making collars and we are thinking plaid ones for us might be just the ticket! We love the merry Tibster and heartily recommend these products! (Click the image to visit Scruffy Collars).

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lavage Express - I think not!

Those pesky French have come up with an automatic dog washing machine that they say dogs do not mind partaking of. I beg to differ! You can dress it up with a nice foreign accent but the bottom line is - it ain't happening in our home. This is wrong on so many levels that I can't even discuss it! ~ Dozer

Corgis on Cute Overload! Whooo Hooo!

Check it out! Corgi story on Cute Overload!
(Finally the attention we so richly deserve! - Dozer

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Giganormous Popsicle Adventure

A lot of you have asked "Where can I get such a cool giganormous popsicle maker?" and in reply we say at "Animal Crackers Pet Store in Corvallis, Oregon!" But since you probably don't live near Animal Crackers, you can get your own giganormous popsicle maker at and they have a whole bunch of "recipes" you can follow. We like the people at Kool Dogz even though we have never met them because they obviously love dogs - so what's not to like? BOL!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red, White and Blue to You! - Notes from Coop

So I came up with this brilliant idea for today's blog entry - let's have a red, white and blue picture! Mum and Dad went to the annual Car Show at the park (yes, the park we walk in!) and there were lots and lots of cars. The cars were wonderful, as were the hot dogs, chips and elephant ears (I really think it is very bad to eat the ears off of elephants, how will they hear us if they don't have ears. There must be a law against this sort of thing. I will call the ASPCA when I finish here.) So Mum took this picture of Dad in front of a wonderful red car, with white wall tires and then of course Dad is in a blue shirt, shorts and then...oh my. Well, uh..I cannot believe this. How could I have been adopted into a family where someone is wearing black socks with shorts? Isn't this a fashion violation? Oh, I am so embarrassed. Quit laughing Dozer! This is not funny! Okay, well, here's the picture and please don't tell anyone about my family, okay?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Time for Wally-Melon in the Yard

It is very, very hot here in Oregon. We told Mum we needed treats and they had to be cold ones! Mum got a nice round, seedless wally-melon out of the fridgerator and sliced it up for us. She did make us eat it in the yard - she said we were too messy to eat it inside (I beg to differ).

Dottie really took to the wally-melon

Apparently the rine is considered a delicacy

Anyone want to tell Dottie that a lady doesn't inhale her dessert?

The two pawed approach

Cooper found the wally-melon num num delicious!

This is me eating my slice of the wally-melon

It was a delicious experience!