Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Stuffie Tale - Notes from Coop

Mum says if you have a minute (or less if you are a fast reader) you must click on the picture so it gets big enough for you to read. She got this from Dad who got it from the mail. They both think that it looks like Dozer and I have to agree, there is a resemblance (and an attitude similarity if you ask me!) Anyway, Mum says it is really cute so I thought I would throw it up (not literally of course) on the blog for you to see. Love, Cooper

Monday, April 27, 2009

I spent how much on dog toys?

Video length: 60 seconds
Cost of toys to date: Thousands and thousands.

Having spent a fortune on dog toys, I come to find out that Dozer thinks a plastic flower pot is the best toy he has ever had. (Dozer's coat is wet because he came in from playing in his pool out on the deck.)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Sunday - From Dozer

Normally this is Sleepy Sunday and we nap but this was no ordinary Sunday. Nope, today was 'get out in the yard and plant the vegetable garden, play in the pool, eat the grass and roll around" Sunday. There are a lot of pictures so we best get started right away. This is me looking up at Uncle Anthony who sprayed me with the hose. I tried to bite the hose and then I tried to bite the water and then I was all wet. I love water so it was a good time.
The pool is out! The pool is out! Mr. Fire Hydrant went for a swim, as did my green ball and my stuffed ball - which isn't supposed to get wet.
This is Cooper eating the grape hyacinth. He started with grass and then decided the flowers didn't taste so bad either.
Here he is taking a big bite out of something. I bet Mum would like it if he ate the dandelions.
Coop was getting tired but he kept on munching. He is out of practice over the long winter. He should really work up to this sort of thing.
This is Coop's lie down approach. He gets at eye-level with the plants.
Uh oh, Coop is getting tired but he keeps on munching.
Well, that's it then. The Coop has fallen asleep mid-chew. Shhh, we'll just let him sleep for a bit.
Meanwhile Dottie was rolling around the yard enjoying the sunshine. She fell yesterday and scared herself, but Mum said she is okay, just a little hesitant. So we aren't supposed to run around and confuse her unless we are outside and Mum is there. Whatever!
This is me and Dad on the porch swing. I still am not allowed to play fetch but we play ball where I catch the green ball in my mouth. Not as fun as fetch but better than nothing.
This is our vegetable garden. There are two kinds of lettuce on the left and peas and beans on the right.
Mum spent most of her time yelling at Cooper and me to get out of the dirt and to stop digging. Then she put this fencing up and zip-tied it so we can't get in. Where's the fun in that?
Here's Coop, all fresh from his nap. He is looking fondly at the vegetable patch and wondering when the lettuce will be ready for harvesting.
Coop really needs a haircut so he is going back to the groomer this week. Let's hope it goes a bit better this time around.
And this is Dottie, wishing you a good-night from our little corner of Oregon. We had a lovely day and we hope you did too. (Cooper made me say that - I was going to ask you to send me treats but Coop said that is not appropriate. Where I come from it is part and parcel of corgi'ness. Whatever.)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its that time of year

When I shed, I shed ALOT! I think Mum should make me something with all the fur I am discharging. A sweater might be nice.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures of Me (Mostly) - Dozer

Thanks to my buddy, River, for suggesting that it might be nice to have a few more pictures of ME! Dottie may be starting her modeling career but if my plans work out, it will be derailed post haste. I would like to point out that this blog's domain reads Let's all try and remember that please! No, she's not dead, merely rolling around again. She does this whenever Mum pets her or gives her a neck rub. This is just embarressing on so many levels.
Mum got artsy again. I pointed out that Dottie looks like she only has one rear leg and folks will think she is strange. Cooper says I am wrong and Mum just rolled her eyes. What do they know?

This here is Cooper. He is doing his Elvis imitation - note the lip curl on the right. Mum thought this was a special picture because Cooper actually looked at the camera, a first.

Mum oooo'ed and ahhhh'ed over this picture. "What a handsome boy!" she kept saying. What? He's okay I guess.

Now onto ME! This is the terrible plastic noise-making ball which Mum fished out from under a living room chair. When it rolls or moves it sounds like a cow moo'ing. I got it in my teeth and started the dance of death.

Full frontal attack!

Action shot - note the movement!

I took the ball all over the living room, it refused to die!

This was getting harder. Who made this monstrosity?
Why won't it die?

Excuse me while I chew on this..

Funnies for You - From Cooper

Mum found all these pictures at I Has A Hotdog. (Mum is funny but not so funny that she could think these up!)

Dottie's First Modeling Session - Cooper's Notes

As you may know, Dottie has decided to begin a career in modeling. I thought she and I should start with a practice session in front of the camera while Dozer was playing in his wading pool. I got out the camera which luckily has an automatic focus because it is heavy and I can barely balance it in my paws. Dottie started out a bit bossy telling me where to stand and which was her good side (I thought they were all good).
I asked Dottie to look winsome (just because I like the word) and doesn't she look inviting? Yes indeed.
This is Dottie's 'over the shoulder Hollywood pose', kind of reminds you of Mae West.

Dottie pooped out on me after about 4 minutes. She said it is hard work being the Heidi Klum of the dog world. After she finishes her nap we will see if she can do some more shots.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potpourri in the Evening - from Dozer

Mum got her camera battery charged and all sort of mayhem started. First she got a hold of Dottie, poor thing. Dottie is used to having her picture taken so she did some posing (in anticipation of her new collar arriving from LindenDesigns. Dottie wants to send Joan some pictures to see if she can be a spokesdog or model for her).
This was Mum's attempt at being slightly artsy - note the black and white tones. Honestly, if I had enough money I would send Mum to school to learn how to take pictures.
This is Coop, who hates to have his picture taken pleading to be left alone. Note that Mum did trim his topknot so he does not look so much like a camel.
I call this one "JAWS". Scary, isn't it? We were playing 'Pig in a Blanket" (I had the starring role) and Mum rolled me with one hand and snapped with the other.
I call this last picture "FEED ME BEFORE I STARVE TO DEATH!". I wish Mum had cropped Cooper's butt out of my picture. How rude.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is Finally Spring! - Whooo Hoooo! - Dozer

Can you believe it? Spring finally came to Oregon! We have been running around the backyard and having a great time. It got so hot today ("How hot was it Dozer?") we were even...panting! Yes, panting! Of course it was Sleepy Sunday when we try and nap as much as possible but Dottie kept breaking the nap routine and roaching (see fuzzy picture of her below roaching between the bed and the wall). She looks like a walrus waving its flippers.

I, on the other hand, crossed my paws and went sound to sleep.
This is Dottie in Mum's art room when she finally decided to get serious about napping.

And Cooper worked with Mum on websites.

"Green is always nice for a background, it reminds me of grass"

So our Sunday has been quiet (except for the washing machine), as is customary and expected. Yawn, time for bed so I have lots of energy to bark tomorrow!

Goodnight bloggy friends, Dozer

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Secret Picture of Mummy - Dozer

This what Mum looks like when she is floating in the water, only without the body guards. I had no idea there were more people with Mum's particular body configuration. What? Oh Mum is coming? Have to go!

Dottie's Not Mad, Just Naughty!

Mum has gotten a bunch of notes asking why Dottie is so mad at us. Mum even asked the vet about this and the general concensus is that Dottie is finally feeling better than she has in years and is kicking up her paws and enjoying life. There is a wee bit of the devil in our little canine sister and now she has the energy and joy of life to act on her naughty ideas!

So Miss Dots is not mad, just bad! BOL! Actually right now she is resting on the grass and not feeling too well. Apparently the kibble is making its "exit" from her intestines and Dottie is feeling kind of poopie, literally.

M'lady needs her privacy at this time as she is indisposed.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dottie is out of control - Cooper's Notes

Problem: How to stop Dottie from pulling things off the kitchen table.
Solution: Put chairs on table.
Dottie checked out the "solution" and everyone went to work.

Dottie pulled off chairs, snacked on one and then proceeded to destroy kitchen.

Dottie even pooped by the chair after she destroyed it. I think that is called "adding insult to injury".

After she finished with the kitchen Dottie turned over the kibble container and ate about 1/5 of the bag. This necessitated a trip to the vet at 5:30pm after Mum got home from work for x-rays because Dottie was walking funny. Why? Because she had gained 3 pounds and most of it was kibble in her tummy! The vet said no food for at least 8 hours. Dottie didn't care, she just wanted water and a nap.

Cost of solution? $191.00 for vet visit and x-rays. No total yet on destroyed chairs.

Possibility of unloading Dottie on some unsuspecting family? None, Mum thinks she is cute and forgives her. (sigh).