Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday is Bone Day!

We got bones from Mum today.

Dottie had hers in the kitchen.

But she fell asleep mid-chew.

Cooper decided to mull over where to chew his.

He spent a lot of time thinking.

Meanwhile, I decided to eat my bone in pieces.

Hey look at me! I got a bone and you don't!

Cooper decided to bury his bone. Not a very good job if you ask me.

Great! Now he can't remember where he buried it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dog Park Pictures

Mum and Aunt Joan took us to the dog park last Sunday and
here are just a few of the pictures Mum shot with her phone.

This is me checking out the garbage can.
You never know if someone has thrown
something edible in there.

This is our cousin Pearl. She is a black lab.
She sat in a mud puddle.

And then she laid down on the concrete.
I'm thinking there's a bath in her future.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do you have a cookie?

Do you have a cookie?
In bed, do you have a cookie with you?
Would you get up and get me a cookie?
I won't change the channel but
I need a cookie.
This isn't really a question.
This is a command.
Go get me a cookie.
Do it now.
Otherwise you will never see your
teddy bear again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brrrrr! It's Cold Here

Snuggled into Mum's sweatshirt
In my dreams I fly..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Semi-Sleepy Sunday

So Mum took Cooper and me on a walk past the llama farm at Oregon State University on Saturday and Cooper got burrs all over himself. It required an expensive trip to the doggie spa and the loss of an enormous amount of fur to return him to a semi-acceptable state of canine-ness. Check out his skinny legs! BOL!
Oh look at my nice furry pants! Eat your heart out Coop.

Dottie seemed a bit bored by the whole thing.

So Mr. Nekkid started shivering last night in bed.
Mum put my, yes MY coat on Cooper to keep him warm.

Then Mr. Sunshine came to visit and Cooper took a giganormous nap.
He got really hot and started panting.

Dottie slept with Elvis.

And Mum made me a frittata with Swiss Chard,
asparagus, onion, fresh basil, eggs and grated
Parmesan cheese. It was just 136 calories per
quarter slice, 2 grams of fiber and delicious.

And that was pretty much our Sunday. Except we went to the dog park but that is for another blog entry.

Night all, Love, Dozer

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it spring, is it, is it?

Well it felt like spring today. The sun was out and the daffodils have bloomed, the pussy willow bush is all fuzzy and the birds are eating out of the feeder. When Mum got home, we said "Let's go for a walk after our dinner!" Mum put us in our vests - you will remember I wear the blue one and Cooper wears the red one and we have matching leashes.

So off we went to the park and we had a great time. We walked all around and then Mum let us go check out the bushes.

This is me eating the new grass. It's like salad, only better.

This is Coop checking out a bush.
That's his butt.
I wrote on the picture just so you know
he doesn't have a strange face.
It's his big, fat BUTT!

Dottie stayed home but she felt us come in the house.
And she demanded treats for being left behind.

The Mum weeded almost all of the front garden.
I advised from the couch.
You can see my legs in the window.
Can you see me?

Then Mum opened the mail.
She got a package from Aunt Cheryl.
It was a box of files.
Okay it wasn't a box of files.
She put the present in the box.

It's a scrapbook Aunt Cheryl made for Mum!
Mum got all teary over it (sheesh!)
But you know what the best part is?
It's all about ME!

There are pages and pages of me.
And (big sigh) Cooper.
Aunt Cheryl did a great job.
She has a great sense of humor and cracks Mum up.

Isn't Aunt Cheryl pretty? We think so too.

Mum says she needs to get her box to Aunt Cheryl off now. She found this really neat old clock for Aunt Cheryl. She says Aunt Cheryl like old things like she does. If I were Aunt Cheryl I would want a new clock but I don't understand women so go figure.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hangin' with Ma Peeps

Yeah, I'm just hangin' in my crib today with my home boys
and ma home girl * Dottie

* bear with us as we learn the lingo, we live in a small town in Oregon

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dottie is a loose woman...a trollop

We got this message from Kristine Gunter, who is a professional dog photographer in Portland, Oregon (which is right up the road from us):

Kristine has left a new comment on your post "Dottie's Mum Came for a Visit": Wow--your Dottie and my Rugby are related! Dottie's dad is Rugby's grandpa! Rugby turns 13 next month--hard to believe!

Now if you look up at the that picture, you might think it was Miss Dottie, but you would be WRONG! We borrowed it from Kristine's website - which Mum is furious at us for doing, she said you do not purloin other people's pictures without permission. We have no idea what purloin means but it doesn't sound good.

Anyway, to make up to Kristine (especially since Mum wants her to take pictures of us some day) we thought we would plug her blog and site. Ready?

And these are her dogs, Rugby, Riley and Zoey

Personally I do not see any resemblance between Rugby and Miss Dots, but then I am not really up on the genetics of life. Mum says this is a good thing. Whatever.

Thank you for letting us borrow your pictures Kristine and if you get mad, you should direct it at Mum. She's the one who decided to do the laundry and if she hadn't left the computer on, then I would not have gotten on it to update our blog. So, it is really her fault. But let's blame it on Dottie because she has been getting way too much time on the blog lately.

Your pal, Dozer Edwards, Esq.

Good-night Sweet Prince

a memory lasts forever..never does it die
true friends stay together and never say goodbye

let's all remember wally by making a
contribution to our local humane or rescue society
of our time, our money or animal supplies
in his name, wally the corgador

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dottie's Mum Came for a Visit

As many of our readers know, Dottie in her former life, was an AKC Champion show dog. Yes, our Dottie! And Dottie's very first Mum found our Mum on Facebook and she emailed that she would come for a visit (how cool is that?).

Dottie's previous owner, Betty, told us that Dottie didn't have a very happy life as a show dog (Mum even pulled out the letter and read it to me) and that Dottie had too many litters. Dottie never said anything otherwise, so we figured it had to be true. Who knew Dottie just isn't much of a conversationalist?

I told Dottie to get up and get ready for the visit but she took a nap
and her tongue snuck out. She gets more like Cooper every day. Seriously.
Anyway, this is Dottie's very first Mum, Dana Wellock. She has been showing dogs since 1978. This is a picture of Dana with Dottie, when the Dot'ster was just a pup!

This is Dottie's certificate showing she was an AKC champion. Yeah, yeah...send in enough box tops and you can get one too. (Mum says that is not true and I am not to say such things.).

Okay, one more shot of Dottie in her show days. Okay enough with that. Let's move on.

So here is Dana! And she brought treats! Houseguests with treats are always welcome in my neighborhood.

Check out my tongue action. Bring on those Treats!!

Dana has her own website at 

So we listened as Dana talked to Mum and it became really apparent that there was something seriously wrong with what Dottie's last owner had told us. We are not sure Betty really understood who Dana was or how she treats her dogs. Dottie started piping up too (she started hogging the conversation, it was embarressing).

First off, Dottie did not spend her entire life in kennels and crates and she did not have too many litters. Dottie got to visit lots and lots of places, that's what she got to do! She went to shows but she got to play and got loved on by Dana all the time. And she only had two litters - okay one litter had 11 puppies but who knew Dottie could hide so many inside her enormous petite tummy?

Dana brought another friend..can you guess who? Yes, it was Emily from Dreameyce Studios! Can you believe it? Well I couldn't and I visit her blog every day!

Mum loves Emily's photography (Oregon Pet Photography) - if you visit, check out the dog galleries and see the dog sitting on the top of the fence post. I tried to get Cooper to do that but Mum stopped us because she said the vet bills would go through the roof if he fell. (And the problem with that would be.....?)

This is Emily giving me a rub down. I asked her to leave her family and run away with me, but she said she couldn't do that. So I asked her if she would at least take Cooper home with her and she said I would miss him. (She is soooo wrong but I didn't want to point that out on our first date).

Before you knew it, Dana and Emily had to leave. Mum said they will come for another visit or we will go see them. Mum is going to go to the Linn County Fairgrounds tomorrow to watch Dana show a dog in the AKC Dog show - she'll be in Cardigan Corgi class.

And no, I do not get to go...(big sigh)...I never get to go anywhere.

Dottie didn't do her usual pacing tonight and was really calm. She just laid down by Mum's chair and went to sleep. I think Dottie was really glad to see her first Mum, Dana, today. I know I was.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monkey Love without Much Narrative

"And they called it Monkey Looooooove......"

Real love means I take your brains out your ear.

The after glow of Monkey Love (snort. gurgle, zzzzz, sigh)

Hey you, want some Monkey Love?

For the love of pete, would someone get me into another blog?