Friday, October 30, 2009

I am Home but I am not Happy - Dozer

So's Mum picked me up yesterday and spent a bunch of time with my doctor, Jennifer. I have to do those stupid exercises again. And I have to wear this stupid donut around my neck too.

I am not supposed to put any weight on my leg for 8 weeks while it heals because I could break the bone. And I have to be in my cage.

When I am allowed out I have to have a sling around my mid-section so Mum can hold my leg off the ground.

Every 3-4 hours Mum is going to run home from work and put frozen peas (in the bag) on my knee to reduce the swelling and do some of those stupid exercises.

This sucks. And I am not happy. Hence the reason I tried to bite Mum's hand this morning when she started those stupid exercises.

Someone send me a file so I can saw my way through these bars and escape.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dozer Asleep, We're Partying! - Cooper

So the Oregon State Veterinary School Hospital called and Dozer's surgery went just fine and he was asleep with an IV for his pain meds. He gets to come home tomorrow sometime and Mum has gotten the blue donut from our vet so Dozer cannot lick  his wound.

Since things had gone so well, I said to Mum "Let's have a drink!" And Mum said, "Are you out of your mind or have you been nipping at the cooking sherry again?" (I have a fondness for good wine, beer or anything alcoholic). Obviously Mum was not going to let me have a drink but she said I could have a vegetable instead, so I chose celery because it chews nice.

This here is Dottie trying to grab some celery off the floor with limited success.

She got some paw action going and managed to get a piece.

I swear the celery hit me in the eye!

Chomp, chomp, num, num - very good

Takes a bit of jaw action to get everything moving.

Mum says to tell you she will update everyone on Dozer tomorrow after he gets home from the hospital. But all your prayers and good wishes did the job - he is on the mend.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dozer Loves the Ladies at OSU Veterinary School Hospital -Dozer

I had my appointment at the Oregon State University Veterinary School Hospital and these are the lovely receptionists who thought I was the cutest bean in the pot. Who am I to argue?

This is one of my vet doctors. She is a 4th year vet student and she was very nice and loose with the treats.

Mum and Dad left me here at the hospital for x-rays and tests. I have my surgery tomorrow and I have to spend the night afterwards. But I get to come home on Thursday! It costs boatloads of money but I think we all know I am worth it! Mum got a tad pale writing the initial check, there were a lot of zeros involved.

The nice vet said I will recover faster from this surgery but I still have to be quiet and no running for quite a while. Mum says I can use this time for inner introspection, whatever that is.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Martha and Bailey - We're With You!

Mum put the Halloween decorations up but we knew this was just her attempt to catch us off our guard and snap a picture. Nice try Mum but it won't work with us savvy dogs!

Martha and Bailey have had a call to arms for all dogs and cats who are subjected to flashy boxes, day in and out! No more posing, no more smiles, no more looking cute. (The specific instructions can be found at Martha's blog in Scotland, click here to view and take notes).

Coop made sure the flash did not work and that he was not looking at the camera. Mum was totally foiled! BOL!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Abandonment - Not for the faint of heart - Cooper

I am not sure how it happened exactly, but Dad departed to drive his school bus in the afternoon and I got left in the myself. Alone. Bereft of companionship. When I find myself in these situations I find barking my head off helps immensely. The only bad part is that there was no one to hear me and I started getting hoarse. Luckily Mum came home early because I was getting a little panicky. I almost fell off the deck when Mum came around the corner. I danced around and barked a whole bunch. But then Mum told me that she did not have a key to the front door or the back door because Dad had gotten the house rekeyed that day. I wasn't sure if this made our situation better or worse but I was leaning towards total panic. I took Mum out to the front of the house and we kept an eye out for Dad. Fortunately the weather was delightful and we enjoyed the fall sun and played in the leaves.
I looked left. I looked right. No Dad.

I looked straight ahead into the garden and Dad wasn't there. I did make a foray into the garden and looked for kitty "roca" without any luck.

I found sitting patiently was best and let Mum pet me endlessly.

The only bad part was that Dozer kept staring at us through the front window and making rude noises. Mum said he was jealous. I think he is psychotic but that's just me.

Dad came home and we went into the house and had dinner (pumpkin with kibble with a shot of fish oil). And all we heard all night was Dozer whining about how he didn't get to sit outside in the sun with Mum and he is always left out of the fun. Whatever.

Mum's in Love with a New Blog

Mum has always had a thing for otters and now she has stumbled upon an otter blog with the most amazing drawings. (Not like Mum will sit down and draw us..oh no, too busy for that!) We looked at the blog and it is "cute" but no dog in their right mind would get in a car seat, even for a mountain of dog cookies. Okay, maybe for a mountain of dog cookies but they would have to be really, really good cookies. Anywho, Mum says to check it out by clicking here and see more pictures. If we had an otter we could chase it around the house and it could swim in my pool. Mum says otters cannot live inside because they would destroy our house. And the problem with that is...?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Got Some Change?

Travis needs our help. Even us corgis know when it is time to pull together and help our less fortunate canine brothers and sisters! Can you spare a dollar or two? We sent our toy money for November and we're hoping you have a big heart too! Click here to learn more.

Monday morning shots - unrehearsed!

We had a quiet weekend and are hanging out with Mum in her office. Dottie is off to find a comfy place to nap. She cut her face this weekend running into something. Mum says it is a miracle she did not put her eye out but she didn't. It must be hard to blind and deaf. Mum is guiding Dots a bit more these days so she doesn't fall or run into things.
I am sleeping at Mum's feet because I am really ticked off at Cooper. Cooper stole my bone and is chewing it on the other side of Mum. We don't know how he does this but he always steals bones.

I need to find a new brother...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Truth - Finally!

Well, here is the evidence! No one believed me when I said that Cooper was having paper treats under the bed but I got Mum's cellphone and here is the evidence. Cooper loves paper goods for snackies. Mum says it is probably because he survived on eating paper in his former abusive home - I think it is Cooper being strange. Check out the evidence for yourself. Hmmm, Coop is definitely chowing down on the paper towel.

Nice action shot, eh? Coop like to tear, chew and swallow.

That's right just put your snout into it Spaniel Boy!

And of course after an evening snack of paper, Cooper goes to bed with an innocent look on his visage (that French for face, I looked it up). What the parents don't know is that Cooper has a paperback book under the bed he is snacking on. He's already through Chapter One.

This is my sad look. No one will play ball or fetch with me because of my leg. The pain medication helps but I am still bored.

What do you mean I am not supposed to be at this end of the bed? You get to sleep at this end of the bed, shouldn't I get the same opportunity? Sheesh!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gives Me Hope

Mum says if this doesn't make you believe in the wonderful-ness of people and animals then you need a reality check. She says you may need Kleenex and you should allow a lot of time because one page just won't be enough. (Excuse me! What about my blog? I think a lot of people can't stop reading about me. Why? Because I am the most fascinating corgi on my block...okay, I am the only corgi on my block but I am still interesting!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We need to clarify that we were not left totally alone when Mum went to Portland last weekend. We were cared for by Dad and fed regularly. Occasionally he fell asleep on the job but he took care of our basic needs. He was a bit short on the cookie allocations and my evening back massage before bed was forgotten, but we survived. Mum said she could never leave us alone because we would destroy the house. Wherever did she get that idea from?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween Contest

Well Mum is finally home from her Women of Faith conference which she abandoned us for - sure fine, go sing Amazing Grace with 15,000 women in Portland and leave us to fend for ourselves. The emotional agony is more than we could bear. However, she is back and even though the only thing she brought back was a kidney infection, we are happy to have her in residence again.

As many of you know, there are Halloween contests going on all over the doggie blogosphere and even in my tenuous health state, I agreed to pose because I think we all know my that my audience is important to moi. Cooper and Dottie, whatever.

Cooper is going as an Oregon State fan and he let Mum put this ridiculous shirt on him from Animal Crackers. If you knew Cooper you would realize he hates Halloween and dressing up so this was a big step for the boy. Don't tell him but I think he is looking pretty good.
Nice post huh? Kind of dramatic with him looking off to the football field.
Logo in place? Oh yeah.

Here's Miss Dottie in all her regalia. She does well in the collar costumes.
This is moi. Because of my injured leg I couldn't put my new orange prison outfit on so I decided to wear the tres chic collar as well. Hold yourself back ladies, I know...I take your breath away - and it's not because I only bathe four times a year. Autographed photos are still only $1.00 plus postage.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It was a privilege to have you in our life

We don't know the details, only that our dear friend, Frankie, had to go to the Rainbow Bridge last weekend. He wasn't even a year old and he was so loved. It must have been something very wrong for him to leave early. His Mum took the best pictures of Frankie. The kind of pictures that make your feel all warm and soft inside.Frankie was the epitome of a corgi, he knew all the looks and just how to wiggle into your heart.
Rest well our friend, you have done your job on earth, now wait patiently for your mistress.

Know that you were loved totally and shared openly. We are so sorry to lose you, but it has been a privilege to have you in our life.

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

P.S. Please see Frankie's blog at and perhaps leave a love note for his Mum.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sleepy Sunday, Shhhhh!

Grrmph, grmmph...snorkle, thwwwp, zzzzz

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Naughty Dottie, Naughty, Naughty!

After Mum and Da left for work, Dottie grabbed the tablecloth and pulled on it on the off chance that perhaps there was some food left on the table (there wasn't). Dottie was not the least remorseful. She says she is 16 years old and she can do what she wants. She broke an antique syrup pourer but the red vase managed to make it out alive. Dottie is very naughty.

On Dozer news, he is going to have surgery at the Oregon State University Veterinary School hospital, we're just waiting to get on the schedule. In the meantime the Doze is on pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds, so he is happy.

Me? Well, I am getting some bids on Facebook in my efforts to sell Dozer but none worth real consideration. Moxie and Izzie offered me a dollar which is so low I cannot even dignify acknowledging their offer. (And besides, they need to spend their time updating their blog with more pictures and adventures, we miss hearing from them!) In case you are looking for me on Facebook, you can find me here.

I'll update more later, right now I feel a nap coming on!