Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free At Last, Thank Kibble I'm Free At Last!

Finally at 10:30am I got to go to the vet and get rid of the big blue inner tube. When I went in Chrissy was there - my beloved handmaiden of healing. I have missed her gentle touch and her generous nature when it comes to treats.

I met Stephanie, a very nice vet tech, with red hair. Like Chrissy, she is exceedingly generous in nature, specifically cheese-in-a-can. I like Stephanie who is going to Oregon State University and will some day be a vet.

Hey, look at me! Last picture with the blue inner tube! BOL!

Check it out! Me and my ladies, Stephanie (on the left) and Dr. Williams. I have my stitches out and start rehab tomorrow with Dr. Williams. I told Mum she could just drop me off for my rehab and Dr. W and I would spend an hour together but apparently that won't fly. Mum says I will just roll around and beg for treats and not do any sort of therapy if she doesn't come along.

I never get to have fun! Oh well, if I play my cards right I might get more cheese-in-a-can. It's good to feel good again!

Bad Dottie, Bad, Bad, Bad

Dottie must have a death wish! Mum forgot to put her in the laundry room when she left for work and Dottie went right to work on the recycling bin. Dozer just laughs because he knows he can't be blamed because he is in lock-up and Mum knows I nap most mornings. I really have to sit down with Dottie and explain what "discreet" means! BOL! ~ Cooper

Mum would like to point out that the cigarette carton in the recycling is not hers, she does not smoke. And it is not mine because I only smoke cigars on New Year's it must be Dad's!

The Legacy

Mum has had this on her computer forever and I thought it would be nice to share. ~ Cooper

The Legacy
Author Unknown

When humans die, they make a will
To leave their homes and all they have to those they love.
I, too, would make a will if I could write.
To some poor wistful, lonely stray I leave my happy home,
My dish, my cosy bed, my cushioned chair, my toy.
The well loved lap, the gentle stroking hand, the loving voice,
The place I made in someone's heart,
The love that at the last could help me to a peaceful painless end Held in loving arms.
If I should die, Oh do not say, "No more a pet I'll have, to grieve me by it's loss"
Seek out some lonely, unloved dog
And give my place to him.
This is the legacy I leave behind - 'tis all I have to give.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yeah, I'm on the Bed

Not sure how long I will get to play on the bed in the morning with Mum so I am taking full advantage of every opportunity. Dozer is still in lock-up but is supposed to get his inner tube off today. But he still goes back to lock-up afterwards. This being top dog business rocks!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Holidays Are Coming

It's time for us all the get together and support the Iams Homes 4 the Holidays Campaign. Our friend Victoria at put us onto this and we think it is a great idea - especially since two of our family are rescues (Dozer doesn't count, he was in the paper and Mum had to pay for him - probably too much in my book BOL!)

So go pick up your logo, spread the word and let's have everyone home for the holidays!

Sleepy Monday

It is too cold to play outside and it is nice and warm here on the couch, so I am going to take a morning nap. You wake me if there is something interesting to eat.

To cute for words

Sercretly Mum has always wanted an otter, although what she would do with it is beyond me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are you a Herding Dog?

Mum did so badly at this that I won't allow her to even publicize her score. Cows of the world, you are safe tonight. (Mum can be so embarressing some days).


Walkin' with Mum

Mum took Dozer for a walk around the block because that is all he is allowed. Then she came home and got me for a walk to the park. Mum says I have gained a few pounds that are not healthy from all the apples I have been eating this fall and now we have to start an exercise program. I like programs. I watch them on television.

We walked down to Philomath Park and I checked out the piles of leaves, left pee mail for friends, laid in the sun until I was panting, and then we walked home. It was very nice!
I had a bath at the groomer yesterday (I got to go in the car) and they did a "touch-up" trim because I get cold in the autumn. Mum says I look like her little bear and I don't think that is necessarily a good thing. She said with my hair trimmed she can see my tummy which is a bit larger than she would like. But she said my fur is very soft and I smell really good. Then she saw all the burrs I got on our walk - honestly, that woman gets unraveled over the least little thing. What is the big deal? So she spent a ton of money at the groomers and now my hair is all matted again - and the problem is? I guess I have a date on Mum's lap to get de-tangled so I have to go.

Now the Platypus is Mine!

Mine, all mine! I remove its eggs with squeakers
and then lick it to death.
Dozer does not even know it is not in his cage! BOL!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stealin' Dozer's Bone

Dozer went outside and I (Coop)
dashed into his cage,
grabbed his bison bone
and carried it all the way
to the family room and gave it a good chew.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dress Up Cooper

Cooper here: I went through out photo box and found these lame attempts of Mum to dress me up last year and the year before. As you can see, it is one bad dream after another. What possesses this woman to inflict this kind of damage to my psych every year? If I could dial the ASPCA I would. The bottom line is that I am an American Cocker Spaniel with auburn hair - orange is not my color Mum! Get a grip here!

This was such a stupid idea,
a velvet collar in orange and black.
Mum thought this would be cute for
Halloween 2007. I pretended to sleep
through the entire photo shoot.

There has to be a law against this costume.
Do I look happy? Noooooo I do not.
I look like I just escaped from a
kindergarten play on vegetables.
This outfit goes into the Goodwill bag now.

Oh Joy Joy!

I got to get on the bed last night with Mum! Dad put me up there (because I am not allowed to jump) and Mum took off the blue donut so I could lie flat. Then Mum gave me a neck rub and then moved onto a shoulder rub, neck scritching and scratching, ear massage (with lots of kisses), tummy rub and foot rub. It was glorious and I fell asleep on my back for a little bit. I wanted to stay with Mum for the night but the blue donut went back on and I had to go back to my "man cave". Hmmm, I bet I could bite that blue donut and it would be toast!
Makin' googly eyes at Mummy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's Play Dress-Up!

I stick my tongue out at you for making me dress up for Halloween, thhhhp!

I am available to be a road flagger when you need me.

Perhaps the young lady would like to take a twirl on the dance
floor with Senor Puppy Pants? Si?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Packing, Bed Rest Sucks!

Moco said he would join Howie in saving me from prison. I will try and figure out to thank them later. For now, I am packing and looking for file to break out of my prison. Could someone bake me cake with a saw inside please?

Moco wrote:

Tell Howie to bring that rolling trailer house by here and we will come help him rescue you. Your mom will quiver when we come as a pack of 2 or 3 or 4 to break you out of the "big house." Of course I will make you rest and do physical therapy to get that leg back into action. That Coop is a great sib. I know from experience though that their (cockers) attention span is short. You can't fault him for trying though.

Update 3:41pm: Emmit the Pug said he is coming for me too. (Click his picture to visit his blog. I had no idea pugs could draw so well, must be because they have small paws.)

"emmitt says he will also be in wagon to help break you out. he has a cardigan corgi cousin named moe who is the brains of his gang and help is on the way.xom & e "

All About Me, In a WordWindow

Look at what Mum made. The Corgi Girls suggested it. It is a WordWindow all about me!

You can make one at Thank you ladies!

Please release me, let me go.....

I thought I would share my exquisite pee wee from yesterday. I saved it until 11:30am and then decided our recycling bin deserved to have a little shower. I can't really lift my leg so I am using the half-squat position.
Mum took me to the vet yesterday and I got to trade my ridiculous collar thing for an inflatable collar (which can double as a flotation device in case the house crashes over water). This is much more comfortable and I can actually eat grass and sniff the ground. Thank you Dr. Williams for trusting me. Mum did duct tape the Velcro to make sure I could not undo the contraption but I am so happy to have that plastic cone off, I will be a good boy.

Howie is on his way from Texas in a Winnebago to rescue me. (See note below). I don't know when he will arrive but Mum said I can't go. She is such a party pooper!

*wind whistles by Howie's ears as he sticks his tongue out at the other drivers* I'm coming to rescue yew DozerPants. There's room in this here Winnebago fur your frigerator, so be sure to tell Cooper and Dottie to have that out front with your kibble, k?Moco and pals, there's room fur yew too, bring extra food.Travelin Pee

Mum had way too much time on her hands yesterday and she decided to make sure Dottie cannot tip over the garbage, recycling and kibble bins in the kitchen (again, what a party pooper!) So Mum used cup hooks and bungee cords and now Dottie can't get into anything - not that she is not trying though! Unfortunately Dots cannot jump on her hind legs like I can (or did) so it really makes it difficult for her to get a purchase on the kibble can.
Go Dots Go! Bring me the kibble!

I am feeling much more energetic today and I am having a hard time not running on my leash. Mum took me next door to see my girlfriend, Dot, a nice lady with a great garden. I am garnering a lot of sympathy but absolutely no cookies which mystifies me. I mean people in the hospital get boxes of candy...shouldn't I get boxes of dog treats?
Mum just gave me my Tramadol and Rimadyl so I am going to take my morning nap.

Love, Dozer

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Friend In Need....

What can I say, Howie is my hero.

Dear Dozer, I read with shock and horror (as opposed to shock and awe) about yew not getting long walks and bein in prison. If yer mommy really loved yew, she would let that cute vet tech come and visit and hand feed yew and let yew hobble around the yard and stare at the birds (medication makes you do stuff like that). We sure hope you are feelin better soon so Coop can get back to his bed and stop guardin yer cage. Sheesh everything grinds to a halt when Dozer is not in charge!with lubb and sympathee,Fartin Pee *starting up the Winnebago to come rescue Dozer*

Thanks Howee and other Fatties

Thanks to my pals in Texas who put me on their blog. Howee, I feel bad I never came and rescued you when you were locked up for fartin'. Can you rent a Winnebago and come rescue me from prison? I've been sentenced to 6-8 weeks and won't get out until Christmas at this rate!

Coop is such a woose

Cooper is such a woose, he spent the whole night on the couch or by my cage. I was fine, I didn't need company. But he seemed compelled to stay by me - it's not like we have ghosts in the house or anything. The least he could have done is to try and get the doors open on this prison and get me out of here! But no, he was keeping watch and the next thing you know, he's pulling z's and laid out like a rug again. Sheesh, what's a corgi to do? I did figure out that once I pee or poop, my walks outside end. To that end, as it were, I am holding everything as long as I can and turning a deaf ear to Mum as she pleads for me to do my business. I bet Chrissy, the vet tech, would take me for long walks. I do miss her feeding me by hand. Mum looked over the top of her glasses this morning and said "Not on my watch young man". Now I know what it is like to be sentenced to prison, the big house, up the river. I need a lawyer and I need one fast!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Again!

I am finally home again! It seemed like forever for Mum to get to the hospital today to pick me up. Of course my favorite tech, Chrissy, made sure I was taken well care of and after yesterday I should hope so! I don't remember much but I feel like someone hit me with a ball peen hammer. Reminds me of my obedience school days when we would kick back have some drinks after school - too many Shirley Temples and I would be out like a light and wake up with a sugar headache.

I was not feeling very well this morning - a lot of pain and this plastic collar really do not go together well. But dear Chrissy sat down with me and hand fed me my breakfast and then gave me some pain medication. What can I say? That woman will always be on a pedestal in my view - and my view got fuzzy after the pain medication and I took a morning nap.

Mum and Dad came and got me at 5pm. I was so glad to see them. I can't jump because of my leg but Mum knew I was happy. I don't need that sling-thing to walk, I have that all figured out and I practically pulled her out of the building. Dad put me in the back of the dogmobile and I was home in about 6 minutes. On the way Dad fed me a McDonald's hamburger and I was in heaven. He kept telling me to chew, but I like inhaling them.

Cooper and Dottie met me at the door and then I went into my new "man cave" in the living room. It's okay but not exactly cozy - I had Mum bring in some toys, bones and another bed so I have things to play with and I can stretch out comfortably. Mum filled my Kong with peanut butter and she filled the inside of a bone too. Then she came with my special water bowl and I emptied that in no time. I had to wait for my second bowl but Mum was happy to see me drinking.

I had a nice walk with Mum tonight and decided to make her day and did a nice poop and an extremely long pee - yeah, I know, I spoil her. She was so complimentary about my poop - what can I say, I am an artist - Mum said it was an exquisite little gift and she wrapped it up in those scented bags and tossed it in the repository.

I have been whining which Mummy finds a little disconcerting but only because I want to be on her lap and I don't like being in the living room by myself. I know, I know, I'll adjust but I really think I should get some lap time. Mum said she will give me a big good-night hug and kiss when she gives me my pain medication in a few minutes.

It is good to be home - hi Howee, River, Mango, Sparky, Willow, the Corgi Lounge Ladies, Peanut, and all my many friends. I missed you all and I am so glad you didn't for get me!

Good-night, Dozer

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on our patient

Dozer's surgery took quite a while but he came through with flying colors. He had a bit more damage than anticipated, but his wonderful surgeon put all the pieces together and he was put to bed by his favorite tech, Chrissy. I stopped by at 5:00pm to say good-night because he needed to stay overnight where he could be monitored and have his pain medication. Just before I arrived he had been in pain and they gave him some morphine so he was dozing and not really aware of who was with him. He was trying to get his collar out of the way but then gave up and closed his eyes.
The vet and techs had Dozer on a nice blanket pad with a warm, white blanket covering him - so he was all tucked in for the night. When I got down to give him a kiss good-bye his little pink tongue was just peeking out from his lips, which he does when he is having good dreams. I know he will have a good night's rest and he can come home tomorrow night after I get off work.

I went to Petco tonight and spent the Christmas money on a large cage which has the dimensions the vet said he needed - 4 feet - to turn around. And of course if you get the cage, you have to get a nice pad, wee wee pads, and assorted other items. Did buy Cooper a Halloween costume (pictures to come) which my boss feels does not help Coop's self-esteem (really?).

I have been overwhelmed by the concern of others for Dozer and it touches my heart. Howee in Texas sent such a nice note via his Mother, and folks I have never heard from before and who I did not know before, have sent their warmest wishes. Thank you all. Dozer's surgery will pretty much empty the coffers but he will have 85%-90% use of the leg and that means he will have a great life. And really, how can I put a price on the warm muzzle of a sleepy Pembroke Welsh Corgi who runs in his sleep and likes nothing better than sitting in my lap and leaning against me as he falls to sleep? Yes, you're right, it's priceless!

Good-night all!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad News On Dozer

Dozer's Mum here:

I am sorry to tell you that little Dozer Dog is having surgery tomorrow to repair his left rear knee. He was playing fetch and tore his ACL and did damage to the knee itself. I could have let it heal on its own but within 2-3 years Dozer would have had severe osteoarthritis and pain and by his golden years the leg would no longer have been able to bend and he would have been hobbling and in great pain. When this happens to a person, surgery is the only option. Dozer deserves the same.

I took him to the emergency vet on Sunday morning and they gave me all the options and got Dozer on pain and anti-inflammatory meds. The strange part of this has been that Doze has not expressed any pain at all. His left hind leg just hangs and he doesn't put weight on it. I took him to his own vet yesterday and again, he never yelped, growled or showed any indication of pain. They didn't even have to sedate him for x-rays - he laid on his back, on his side and let the technician manipulate his leg without a whimper or any movement. (That said, he does know that the techs have access to cheese-in-a-can and he loves the ladies!) And yes, they did check to see if he had feeling in the leg. Apparently he is a stoic soldier.

I took Dozer down tonight and he will spend the night in the kennel at the hospital and then have the 3 hour surgery tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, it is a painful surgery so he will need to be on strong pain meds and in his kennel at home until a few days have past. The surgery is going to be very expensive (think thousands of dollars) and he will need physical therapy once the knee stabilizes. Again, no one is holding a gun to my head and making me go this route, but it is the only option I will consider. Dozer will be 4 years old in December and he deserves to have a full life with full mobility. I don't like credit cards but fortunately I have one with a zero balance and a low APR, so Dozer can have his surgery right away which means he can begin the healing process. How many people can look at their credit card statement and then look over a sweet corgi sleeping by a fireplace and know that every monthly payment has bought such continuous pleasure and delight? Much better than new shoes any day! LOL!

I have incredible confidence in our vets at Ark Veterinary Hospital and the staff is wonderful. Dozer could not be in better hands. I will keep you posted.

Love, N

Monday, October 6, 2008

Checking In

Mum will be away from the computer for a couple of days due to a death in her work "family". She will get back on line later in the week, once we have all pulled ourselves together. Until then, we will take good care of her.

Dozer, Dottie and Coop

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I am Beautiful

The rainy season has begun in Oregon. This signals the time to begin napping on warm laps in front of fire places. I have begun intensive training each evening in preparation for bed. Yawn..
More back, down lower

Hmmm, scratch a little bit more to the right

You keep pulling my fur like that and you will
be pulling your hand out of my throat in a second
after I bite your fingers off!