Monday, October 29, 2007

Who We Are and Where We Come From

My name is Dozer Edwards. I was born in December 2004 to a breeder in Oregon. Beyond that I do not know much more of my life. I was adopted by a nice family in Corvallis and lived with them and their cat for the first ten months of my life. I thought things were going well except for when I tried to play with the cat who found me annoying. At any rate, somewhere around the 10 month anniversary of life my parents placed an ad in the paper and offered me for sale. I didn't realize at the time what this really meant, other than more baths than normal on my part. But I guess I had worn out my welcome and my energy, shedding and general joy of life (chewing, chasing and frapping) had made my parents decide I was not going to be a long-term guest in their lives.

Fortunately, my new Mum saw the ad, called and left a message and waited to see if there was any chance she would be able to meet me. The good news is that the first couple who came to see me didn't pass muster and my parents decided not to sell me to them. My Mum came over one morning, took one look and said I was exactly what she wanted. She came back that night with cash in hand and my parents gave her my leash, my one toy (plastic hot dog), and my bed and I was off to my new home.

It didn't seem strange to be leaving my old home to a new one. Just sort of a big adventure really. I climbed into Mum's car and in ten minutes I was in this 1970's ranch style home in a small logging town next door to Corvallis. The amazing thing was that I was not put in a crate or cage. I got to run through the house and it was all right. The first night I got to jump on the couch and no one said "No". I ran around the back yard and my new Mum threw a ball for a long, long time. Finally she said it was time to go to bed. I was quiet the first night because I did not know where everything was. She picked me up and put me on the bed! On the bed! Can you imagine? I got to sleep on the bed all night. I snuggled up to my new Mum and she whispered how wonderful I was and how much she loved me. I fell asleep on my back - my favorite position - with my feet in the air and my new Mum's hand on my head. It felt wonderful to be in my new home and somehow I knew I would never live anywhere else again in my life. I would always be my Mum's first Welsh Pembroke Corgi and have a special place in her heart. Unfortunately Mum has a really big heart and she made room for my brother, Cooper. Sheesh! Everything was going so well until he parked his bum in our house. But I will let him tell you his story.