Monday, August 30, 2010

What Happened to Us? by Dozer

It has been almost two weeks since Mum has let us post and based on the number of emails from friends and admirers (of me), it would seem some of you have a rather morbid sense of gloom when posting desists. To clear the air, as it were, we would like to confirm that

~ No has died, been hurt or maimed
~ Mum has not lost her job and we are not living out of our car
~ Dad did not forget to come home and he is once again in residence after his trip to Seattle
~ I was not kicked out of Obedience School and I am not in jail
~ Cooper is fine and did not explode from eating all the apples in backyard
~ Our neighbors still like us, we are current on our bills and we do not have any contagious diseases

I think that covers most everything. Mum is going to try and be better about letting me post and apologizes profusely for this total lack of attention to our blog. (Honestly, good secretarial help is so difficult to find these days).

Love, Dozer

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cooler (Cloud) Heads Have Prevailed

The ocean air has made it over the Cascade mountain range and we have lots of clouds and wind and cooler temperatures. It was getting to be too hot - even for me!

This is me and Cooper checking out the pee mail situation.

Mum took us for a walk to the park tonight and it was really windy. Cooper's ear were a flappin' away BOL!

This here are the thistles and their "cotton" stuff. It was
everywhere and it did not taste as good as it looked.

We saw the thistle bushes making little drifts of white cotton all over the place and it was flying though the air too.

When we got home, the wind had knocked more apples off the tree! Mum picked up most of the apples and threw them into the composter - she says they have a blight or something nasty. We don't care, why should she?

This here is Cooper chowing down on his apple.
He eats outside like an animal.

This here is moi. I eat inside like a civilized canine.

Mum is really tired for some reason so we are going to bed early tonight. I told her that if she had, had chocolate for dinner she would be much more energetic but she didn't listen. She had a bunch of different salads and a big glass of water - how boring is that? But she did give each of us a Trisket and a piece of cheese. Cheese and crackers without wine? What are we? In prison?


Our friend, Kylie is having a contest at her blog for a new dog collar, and you get to pick the fabric and stuff. It is from Cody's Creations and there is a link to the Etsy shop Cody has. We never win anything but that is okay. Mum bought me a new treat bag from the  Etsy shop with a skull and cross bones - that'll scare the girls at obedience school! BOL!

Click here to get in on the contest.
This is what the Treat Bags look like.
Mine is orange and black with skulls.
It clips on your pant belt loop.
Pretty cool huh?
Click here to visit Cody's Creations

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dottie is still a Star (big sigh from Dozer)

Dottie is going to be the Dog of the Day at The Daily Corgi, Tuesday, 17 August 2010! Laurie, who is the webmaster and the brilliant mind behind this site, had Dottie down to be on the The Daily Corgi before Dots passed away. And even though Dots isn't with us anymore, Laurie said she could still be the Corgi of the Day. (I can think of another corgi who would have fit in just right and who has lots and lots of pictures of himself that he could have sent to Laurie, but noooo.....!)

Anyway, because Miss Dots is going to be the corgi tomorrow, Mum shot a picture of where Miss Dots is right now because she is about to go on a trip. (How many trips can Dottie take? She's gone to the Rainbow Bridge, where do you go from there? Europe? Disneyland?)

Mum says Dottie is in the little green canister with the flowers. I said, "Really?" Now if you knew Dottie, you will agree she was a full-figured girl so I am not seeing how they stuffed her into the little tin. But Mum said so, and even though it seems impossible, I guess Dottie is in there.

Mum says Dottie is going to Vancouver, Washington with some help from the United Parcel Service. She is going to be with Betty's son, Mark (Betty being Dottie's former owner/mother who died a bit ago). Mark said he would take Miss Dots to Betty's grave site and Dottie can be with Betty again. Mum said Mark will probably just spread Dottie's ashes or something to make sure Dots is always with her dear Betty. I am not sure I understand any of this and it sounds like a lot of science fiction to me, but it seems to make Mum happy, so who am I to argue?

Mum is going to keep Dottie's collar (which was mine before she came to live with us) and her tags as a reminder of sweet Dottie.

I would like to remind you that...

...Dottie ate one of the kitchen chairs so we no longer have 4 matching chairs any more
...Dottie tipped over the garbage can so many times Mum/Dad had to put it on a table
...Dottie pulled the table cloth and almost everything on the table off in search of food
...Dottie had the BIGGEST poopies of any dog on this planet (yeah go ahead and check)
...Dottie ate things ladies should not put in their mouth (let's leave it at that but it starts with "P" and ends in "ies" so you figure it out)
...Dottie farted and had bad breath (if you ate what she did, you would too)

...But Dots was a winner and I guess I loved her....okay, I did love her and Cooper did too.

So please visit The Daily Corgi and see Dots in action 'cause she's hitting the trail and going north after this last show!

Night, Love, Dozer

PS: Laurie, I am still available. Call my agent, we'll have lunch. ~ Dozer

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Obedience Class - by Dozer

I am in Level 1 Obedience at Wonder Dogs in Philomath, Oregon. Julie Flanery is my instructor and I am in love with Sharon who is her assistant. They both have unlimited treats and they think I am cute. Julie referred to me being "short" but I think she really meant "low slung" - sometimes my good looks can be blinding and people can be speechless.

This is where we have our class. It is a neat building with padded floors and lots of room for us to practice all our lessons. There is a wall with a mirror from top to bottom. I like to be across from it so I can look at myself. Mum says that it is distracting because I keep waving at myself.
This is Julie my instructor. She is writing down things I need to remember in order. I never forget the part where I get a treat for doing something right!
This is me looking at you. Isn't the floor nifty? It looks like a puzzle and goes squishy when you walk on it!
This is my bud, Toby. He is "low slung" like me. He is a dachsund. He is a little shy.
This is Julie. Isn't she pretty? Yeah, I think so too. She is really good, I will do anything she asks because her pockets are loaded with never-ending treats!
And this is Sharon. She has big pockets with lots of treats too. She never stops smiling. Probably because I am so good looking.

Julie said I can sign up for Level 2 Obedience which starts in September(!) Mum is very excited but she said it will be a lot of work so I will have to pay attention and study my workbook.

Once I finish Level 2, there are more classes I can take. I like going to school. Mum and I have time together and I get lots of treats. But I do get tired and Mum is going to give me a massage before bed tonight.

Night, Dozer Dog

Monday, August 9, 2010

I know you miss my face, so here it is :)

 This is not me. This is Cooper.
He went to the groomer today 'cause he had burrs
and mats 'cause he doesn't comb his hair.
He is a slob. But you knew that.
 This is still Coop. He fell asleep during the photo session.
 This is me laughing at Cooper 'cause he had to go to
the dog salon and have his hair done like a girl!
What a loser! Real guy dogs don't get fluffed like a girl.
Sheesh! (hee hee) He's asleep so he won't know about
this blog entry until tomorrow morning and by then half
the world will have read about what a girl he is! BOL!

(Editor's Note: Apparently Dozer does not realize that half the world is not reading his blog and I haven't got the heart to break it to him. Consequently, Cooper will not be at all upset because he too knows that there are only about 30 people who read this blog at any given time. Don't say anything to Dozer, lets let him keep his dreams...)

We are behind in our blogging but not our rules!

Things Dogs Must Try To Remember....

I will not play tug-of-war with Dad's underwear when he's on the toilet.

The garbage collector is NOT stealing our stuff

I do not need to suddenly stand straight up when I'm lying under the coffee table.

I will not roll my toys behind the fridge.

I must shake the rainwater out of my fur BEFORE entering the house.

I will not eat the cats' food, before or after they eat it.

I will stop trying to find the few remaining pieces of clean carpet in the house when I am about to throw up.

I will not throw up in the car.

I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc.

"Kitty box crunchies" are not food.

I will not eat any more socks and then redeposit them in the backyard after processing.

The diaper pail is not a cookie jar.

I will not wake Mommy up by sticking my cold, wet nose up her bottom end.

I will not chew my human's toothbrush and not tell them.

I will not chew crayons or pens, especially not the red ones, or my people will think I am hemorrhaging.

When in the car, I will not insist on having the window rolled down when it's raining outside.

We do not have a doorbell. I will not bark each time I hear one on TV.

I will not steal my Mom's underwear and dance all over the back yard with it.

The sofa is not a face towel. Neither are Mom & Dad's laps.

My head does not belong in the refrigerator.

I will not bite the officer's hand when he reaches in for Dad's driver's license and car registration.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rolling Towards the Harvest

It's haying season in Oregon which makes Mum happy. She loves the round hay bales. The rectangular ones are nice as well but Mum seems to think the round ones are the stuff of fairy tales. She swears that in the Land of Oz, they only have round hay bales. (She also thinks horses talk so weigh her opinions with care).

Mum and I went to Animal Crackers so I could get the proper fit of my new walking harness and on the way home Mum stopped by the side of the road to take pictures of these strange anomalies of nature. I am sure the people who had to go around us thought Mum was sliding off the scale of sanity.

I share this so you can understand the stress I live under. Many find it amazing that I am as wonderful as I am having to cover for my Mum and making her seem normal and ordinary. So shouldn't I get my picture back as the "profile picture" on the blog? I should, shouldn't I?

Corgi Picnic 2010

We had our annual Corgi picnic with 20 corgis (and one Cocker Spaniel, guess who?) There was lots to do, swimming, rally, agility and running after tennis balls. It was great! Cooper and I came home and slept all afternoon and went to bed early last night which Mum says means we had an awesome time!

This is NOT a corgi!

Yeah, that's me.

Mum chatting up PJ the Corgi while I keep an eye on them.

That's Mum and that is NOT me on her lap!