Monday, November 30, 2009

400th Post! And a Giveaway!

It is hard to believe this is our 400th blog entry - where did the time go? Exactly what I said to Mum! I thought a party was in order and she said perhaps we could have a giveaway. I said "That's a grand idea! Let's give Cooper away!" I perceived from Mum's stare and silence that perhaps this is not the giveaway she has in mind.

We've seen a lot of fashion in 400 blog entries - what can I say, I wear clothes well.

Steal a couple of pairs of socks and you are on a wanted poster.
They say any publicity is good publicity so we'll assume this will work for me.

This here is another example of Cooper moving in on my territory.
He is a constant burr under my butt!

This here is Cooper sleeping on the job - need I say more?

Okay so here is the giveaway. Leave a comment and you are automatically in the running for a gift package from me. It doesn't matter if you are a dog or kit kat or even another species - we'll make your gifts germane to your kind. Mum will make sure that when she draws names out of a hat (or bowl) that I am not allowed to "stuff the ballot box" so everything will be fair and square. If you live across the pond (in another country) you are welcome to join in too. We'll draw the name on Wednesday night and inform the winner on Thursday with an email and an announcement on my blog...okay, Coop and my blog. (It really is all about me though).

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sleepy Sunday (As Usual)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun - Dozer

So Mum and Dad got a new bathtub/shower and had to empty out the bathroom. This seemed like a wonderful opportunity to grab the bath brush and take it apart. It had (notice the use of the past tense) this tulle crap rolled into a bun, which came apart like a stream of snot. I had Cooper sit by my masterpiece when I was done. (Made him look like the guilty party).
Unfortunately Mum was not so easily fooled. Apparently she had a surveillance camera going and she got this action shot. Whatever. I'll claim I was trying to save Cooper from choking or something.

Dottie is sleeping almost all the time now so she missed most of the fun. I put my chicken toy by her in case she woke up and was lonely. Most of the fluff had come out of him and was on the floor but Dottie didn't notice. Mum says we have to be extra nice to Dottie because she is slowing down and is in pain some days.

I hope this doesn't mean Dottie is leaving or anything. I don't like her. But I do love her.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strange Things the Pawrents Do

I won't even dignify this picture with a comment other than to say I was not a willing party. Someone call the Humane Society and give them my address. And while you are on the phone, order me a kibble pizza with a side of bread sticks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our First Ear-ectomy - by Dozer

We are pleased to announce that I have performed my first, successful ear-ectomy on Mr. Zebra Log. Unfortunately he is unable to answer your questions about the operation because he cannot hear you.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

WE NEED VOTES (and we are not too proud to ask for them!)

Our blog has been nominated at Dogs with Blogs for the Awesome Blog Award. We aren't sure how or why but we think it would be awesome to win. (Actually I think it would be better than awesome and would stuff the ballot box but Mum says that is not good manners. Manners schmammers! I want to win!)

Cooper says it is enough to be nominated. Is he out of his mind? No, winning is the best not coming in second.

So I am imploring you to go vote for moi and our blog. I am willing to use emotional blackmail. Are you ready?

1. Dottie is very old. She might not be alive the next we get nominated. (Mum says I might not be alive by the end of this entry if I keep this up.)

Look, Dottie is already in her "death roll" just like crocodiles do with their fud!

Cooper and I need to win so we can have air conditioning next summer. (Mum says this makes no sense and I have gone looney if I think people will vote for my blog with this sort of logic. Whatever.)

You can vote for our blog at
We are already losing...I am not sure what that means.

Fun People on the Street - from Cooper in Portland

Mum saw these people walking around downtown Portland. (I was guarding the house and having a nap). Look at these people! One is on stilts and the other is acting like a puppet! They walked all over the place and didn't ask for money or anything. They just did it to entertain people. Lots of children were mesmerized. (Mum was too).

Mum said she had a wonderful day but she is tired so we are going to read before dinner. Apparently I have to guard the house again while Mum goes out to the Vista Springs Restaurant for dinner. I am not sure what dog laws are but the Vista has one.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cooper in Portland with Mum

This is me, Cooper, in Portland with Mum. This is shortly after I pee'd all over the door in the office. It was just a little surprise I thought I would leave for Mum and my Aunt DeeDee.

These are some of the "flying saucer" squashes Aunt Dee Dee had in her garden.

Aren't these wonderful? Almost too good to eat!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giveaway Alert!

Hey Gibson the Corgi is having a giveaway at this blog at
You can win a new header for your blog or a custom picture. We're trying to stuff the ballot box but we're not sure how to get our paws around it. Go over and get your name in for this nifty giveaway.

Still Raining, I See No Reason to Change My Position

Like my death eye? Pretty cool, huh?

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Rain and Cold Coming - Let's Go Back To Bed

I've crossed my paws that the sun comes out again.

I keep listening for the sunshine to arrive.

But it is so tiring waiting...I'll just take a little nap and check later.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I can't talk right now. It is time for my nightly rub down.
I went to the vet school today and had my stitches out. But they discovered I had been licking part of my wound. So I have to keep my collar on for ANOTHER WEEK!  And they weighed me. I gained half a pound. I guess my diet is not working so well. Not my fault. I don't have opposable thumbs so I am not opening cans of fud.

So I am going to snuggle with Dad until I get over my pout.

And oh, by the way. I checked the mail today. There was no mini-meatloaf. (big sigh)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bassets Need Our Help: Notes from Cooper

No wonder bassets have such long ears - look at this picture! Apparently they wash them and then stretch them out so that they get longer and longer.

The Basset Rescue at Daphneyland needs help. They are behind on their bills and are taking care of bassets that have been surrendered, forgotten or discarded. Mum read about them in Yahoo News (you can read the story here) These are such tough economic times - I told Mum to take my November toy money and send it to the Rescue. Dozer said he wasn't saving anyone but himself but Dottie said she wanted to donate her treat money. Finally after Mum gave Dozer "the look" he caved in and donated his toy money too. Maybe you have a spare dollar or two that you can send along to these nice folks (click here)

Here are some more pictures

Look at this guy with his wheelchair - you go big guy!

How could we not send our toy and treat money to someone like this?

Come and get it!

Oh, this is the one that did it - basset love!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Messages De-Coded

Mango has left a new comment on your post "When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best - Dozer...":


Don't you worry. I can tell you are under stress. I know that "Cooper is not a poopy-head" is secret code for "Help! I am trapped with Cooper poopy-head and starving to death!" (Exactly! You are reading this correctly Mango!)

What is this sleeping on the bed only four nights? I think you have been in jail for totally 372 nights, right?  (Dad's been away on a trip to Seattle and that is the only time we get to have a pig pile on the bed. Otherwise we sleep on our own beds on Mum's side of the bed on the floor. I am sure the ASPCA would be interested in this!)

Slobbers, Mango

P.S. Momma says your mom is very silly and must love you a lot. Humph. Must be code for "keep that corgi skinny and behind bars" (I am pretty sure Mum is psycho and is using humor to deflect any inquiring minds from checking on me and my well being but yes, you de-coded the message about my incarceration and diet).
CARE packages may be sent to me in care of General Delivery, Philomath, Oregon. I will have Dottie walk down to the post office to pick up for me. Even though it is a one mile trip (round-trip) and she is deaf and blind, I cannot trust Cooper. I think he is a mole or a snitch, not sure which. If you send the mini-meatloafs, send extra ketchup please.

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best - Dozer

Mum let me open my package from Emmitt this morning and I got a magic button with my picture on it! We read the note and then Mum took a picture for my blog and now we are discussing whether to hang my magic button on my collar or pin it to my cage. Thank you Emmitt and Melissa - you are so thoughtful during my time of confinement.

In an effort for full disclosure and transparency (that sounds grown-up doesn't it?) and because so many of you suggested I was perhaps exaggerating my desperate situation, Mum is making me share the following:

1. I am not starving to death. I am 4 pounds overweight and I cannot exercise right now. I get baby carrots for snackies and dog cookies twice a day, plus meals.

2. I am not locked in the cage most of the time. Mum lets me sit in her chair in the family room or on the floor in the art room. I only get locked up when the vacuum cleaner is on the prowl.

3. Cooper is not poopy-head and has been very nice to me during my surgery time. He slept by my cage when I came home so I would not be lonely.

4. I have gotten to sleep on the bed with Mum and Cooper four 4 nights.

5. My imagination tends to run wild and Mum says this can be most unbecoming.

I would like to say the above was made under extreme duress and does not necessarily reflect the true feelings of the corgi in question.

Now where the he** are my mini-meatloafs?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sending Love to Juno the Dog

This is what I have been reduced to. Sitting under Mum's art table while she makes birthday cards for people at work. The most attention I can get is if her foot accidentally knocks against me and in my deep sadness I pretend she is petting me (big sigh) Well yes, I don't have my collar on but I have to wear it when Mum is out of the house and at night. And yes, I am not in my cage because Mum carried me into the art room. But that does not count. I am no longer the top dog, Cooper has muscled in again and jumps in Mum's lap on a moment's notice. (big sigh).

These were my happy days, when I was top dog and I got to sit on top of the old couch (may it rest in peace).  No, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. You just go ahead and run off and play in the dog park, or play tag in the living room. No one remembers the disabled and sick. Oh sure lots of nice comments right after my surgery and promises...but where are my mini-meatloafs? No where, that's where! Mum says I have package from Emmitt but I cannot open it until tomorrow morning because I have been such a whining mass of corgi tonight. Whatever.
Mum says that our new friend, Juno, is not well and makes me look like a goldbricker,whatever that is. Anyway, Mum read me Juno's blog and even though the old bat is usually wrong, this time she was right. Please go leave Juno a big bunch of love (you should have lots of it left over since you haven't sent any my way) and leave a note. Click here and leave a sloppy comment so he has something to read in his sick bed. I bet his Mum lets him eat in bed. Turn over your water bowl one time in Mum's bed and you're marked for life. But don't worry about me, you just go on and have fun. I'll just lie here under the art table.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

In the Dog House - Dozer

I was feeling quite a bit frisky t his morning  because Mum let me sleep on the bed with her and Cooper. It was heavenly. I laid right next to her all night and listened to Coop snore like a train. That boy needs some nose surgery or something. I am sure they heard him in the next county.

So while Mum was in the shower, I grabbed one of Dad's shoes and did the whirly dance with it. Apparently that is a big "No-No". I determined this by the high pitched whine eminating from Mum's vocal cords.

I was sent back to solitary for chewing on Dad's shoe. I didn't actually chew on it, just a lot of slobber. Did Mum ever pause long enough to think perhaps I was washing Dad's shoe? No...just assumes the worse. Sheesh!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Housekeeping Items

Mum says I need to clarify a couple of points, so let's begin shall we?

First, "someone" did not just come up with the muffin tin game. That "someone" is Moose who lives at so you should definitely stop by and say hi to the Moose-meister.

Second, I am not caged all the time and I do get to take my cone off. (See above photo for confirmation).

Third, I am not actually starving. I have gotten a deer hoof, rawhide chewies, carrots and celery to stave off my hunger pangs in addition to my regular meals.

I hope this straightens out any misconceptions you may have from reading of my world-famous blog. And the only reason I am publishing this entry is because my Mother made me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored - Dozer

Bored? Oh surely you jest (I am sure you are catching my canine sarcasm). I may be dead by the weekend from sheer boredom. I cannot daydream any more and I know every inch of my cage.

Mum took someone's suggestion to make a game using a muffin pan and 12 tennis balls. She hid treats under some tennis balls and challenged me to find the treats. Oh really...Mum, I'm a corgi! I could play tennis if I wanted to.

This was the start of the game. Note the action shot - I tore through this challenge.

I sniffed out the treats.

Then I started removing said treats. Sorry Coop, this is my game!

I said 'move it' Coop, this is my game! I mean it.

Dang dammit! Leave my pink tennis ball alone!

Well that was 3 minutes of entertainment. Just 23 hours and 57 minutes more to go...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Finally Something Happy - Dozer & Cooper

Cooper won the Canine Halloween Contest at the Casbah Kitten (click here to visit). We almost wet our puppy pants when the box arrived over the weekend. Check out the kitty paw prints! BOL!

And more pawprints with the paper! AWESOME!

We got a stuffed pumpkin, organic cookies and Halloween Pez dispenser with candies.

This is Jane, the new CEO of The Casbah Kitten corporation.

We thing the kits over at The Casbah Kitten rock. They donate a portion of their sales each month to a good cause, which we think is the best. I got the pumpkin to play with (Dozer) and Coop gets it next to lick to death.

Thank you Casbah Kits! We love you!