Monday, August 25, 2008

Dots Sits Pretty

Mum took this picture of Dottie tonight. We think Dottie looks like she has pink nail polish on! BOL! But of course Mummy wouldn't allow that because it probably is not good for dogs. But Dottie does sit pretty, doesn't she?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Comin' Howie!

We heard from Howie in Texas. He has managed to circumvent his Mum's password on her computer and gotten a message out to us. Apparently his Mum has sent dire warnings out about Howie's wet farts. We're not so worried but our Mum did take a loving look at the living room couch, which is really our couch. If Mum only knew how many farts have been absorbed into the corduroy cushions, she would just cringe.

Willow and Wally are ready to make the trip to Texas with us to spring Howie. Of course we can't just run off without preparation. Heck no! I have started my regime by watching The Alamo which we believe is somewhere in the great state of Texas.
Being from the Northwest, Cooper and I do not really know that much about the land called Texas. We know that a lot of people and cattle live there and that they have blue bonnets (not the margarine, the flower).

I thought it best to begin training slowly. To that end I am practicing my attack skills on cowboy hats in case Howie's Mum lets loose with a posse or a herd of cowboys. I know she is a painter but they can have a wild side, let me tell you!

Willow and Wally will be conduting their own regime to ready for our response to Howie's incarceration. Be patient big guy! We're coming!

Take that cowboy hat! I'll show you!

They Didn't Take Us!

So Mum and Dad and cousin Anthony took the boat and went to Green Peter Dam* (actually we were on Foster Lake - big reservoir) which is just outside Sweet Home, Oregon. About an hour from our home. The last time they took me I wore my life vest and was very well behaved. But this time Mum didn't take me! She said there would be a lot of watercraft and she wasn't sure how well all the boating would go. She probably made a good decision on that one. There was engine trouble which took a bit to get resolved and it was sunny and a bit warm and I overheat easily.
Mum said there were interesting rocks that showed the evolution of the area. There is even on picture that shows the rocks bending! That was pretty neat to see. She took these pictures I could see the pretty trees and the lake and its "fingers" that go deep into the forest.

That's not wood, that's the rock "bending"! Mum says it takes a long, long time for that to happen. And it also involves "plates", heat and all sorts of things of that nature.

Looks like the rocks want to fall in! BOL!

Look, the rocks are slanting down into the water!

I would like to go next time. I thought I would be subtle and just wear my pirate hat and that it might jog Mum's memory. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) has nothing on me!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, I did! (Got to sleep on the bed with Mum last night!)

*Green Peter - peter is used to describe a rocky summit, which Green Peter has a lot of. GP is the site of a forest lookout, some books and old maps refer to this area as Bald Peter but the Linn County Fire Patrol states that Bald Peter is actually about a mile north of Green Peter. We're assuming the green refers to all the pine trees around the lake, of which there were a lot.

*Sweet Home was originally named Buckhead but somewhere in time, actually around 1874 it was renamed to Sweet Home but no one knows why.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Difficult Days at Dozer's Den

In preparation for our mission to save Howie in Texas, we have begun intensive training (with treats) to make it through the devious traps that will be laid in our way as we make our way through the land called Texas. We are undergoing the highly coveted Marine/Navy/Army/Air Force Seal-Ranger-Canine program so we are in tip top shape.

Here we are undergoing adaptability testing for scampering through the tunnels we expect to encounter. Sadly, we do not seem to have the aptitude for anything except treats.

More tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is for you Sparky!

There are so many good dog cartoons by this artist,
but we think this one looks just like Sparky!

Roachin' Proud Moment!

Dottie finally make her entrance at the Paw-limpics
with an honorable mention in the "Roaching" competition.
We think her style and form pretty much says it all...
(pretty darn strange if you ask me, but I'm just a Corgi,
what would I know.)
And while Coop and I didn't get an award,
we were the only two who competed in the Team Roaching.
(Although if you look closely, you can see Cooper is
definitely slacking on his roaching in the picture.)
Thanks Lennie for keeping the Paw-limpics so fun and exciting!
Eat my dust Michael Phelps!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Message For Mango

Mango wrote:I want to know how they checked your wee without you noticing. I mean, come on little dude, that cheese whiz can't be that fascinating.Sorry you got the yeast. I get that too. Stinky. Plus lots of ear cleanings ugh.Hope you pass your exam. Slobbers,Mango

Mango, When I was at the vet, I went in the back and all the ladies wanted a piece of me. I mean, I may be short and shed a lot, but I know how to keep the ladies happy, if you get my drift. Anyway, the nice vet tech said "Let's take a walk" and I thought, "Why not?"

Well, let me tell you big guy, they got pee mail around that building that makes the United States Postal Service look like an amature operation! There were Poodle puddles, Mastiff meanderings, some Yorkie left a rant on having to wear pink and of course the usual "Call me" notes.

So, I'm out there checking the messages and had to leave a note of my own. Next I know, this vet tech whips out a ladle and catches my wee wee before it can hit the bush. I'm thinking this is one strange lady but hey, if it makes her happy, I can always make more. Right? I thought the vet tech wanted my wee as a remembrance of me, but apparently she had a plan to test it but failed to share that part with me. I figured it must be part of the "value added service" that the vet's office gives. I think the Cheese Whiz is more than enough service myself, but it seems to keep the pawrents happy spending lots of money to check my plumbing.

Mum isn't falling for the "I may be really, really sick" looks I keep throwing her way. She said crystals in the wee wee do not a sick Corgi make. Sounds like one of the stupid proverbs Mothers make up so they don't have to get out of their chair to get a treat for a starving dog!

Check out the soulful eyes, the gentle downturn of my mouth. If this doesn't elicit some extra treats then I am going to have to resort to more aggressive tactics.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Pathetic Day

I was all packed and ready to head to Texas with Willow to save Howie from his prison, but then Mum decided I needed to go to the vet. I didn't see it on the calendar, how could she just decide this on her own? Apparently there was some booster shot that over due by a week. (A week? Who cares about a week? Now 6 months, that is an overdue booster shot!). And Mom made this appointment Friday and never told me. I had no time to prepare myself, have a wash, check my breath or anything! Does that woman never consider my needs?

So, off we go in the dogmobile to see my lady friends at Ark Veterinary Hospital in Philomath. We checked in and immediately the love begins. Lots of pets, tons of "he's soooo cute!", and some definite winks at my good looks.

We went to my favorite exam room which has the exam table that goes up and down from the floor. Like a silver elevator! The nice veterinary assistant took me into the back for a blood draw and my vaccine shot. All Mum could hear was hysterical laughter. When they brought me back Dr. B said I was a starving Corgi because I tried to eat everything from the plastic sheath on the thermometer to jumping up to see what was on the counter. Well, duh! Unfortunately when they weighed me I came in at 33 pounds, which is my fighting weight. So feigning starvation didn't work.

Dr. B found some yeast in my right ear which is always a troublesome issue. With the hot weather and humidity, it is not a surprise. Normally I wouldn't want anyone messin' about my ear, but Dr. B is another matter. What a lovely and deeply sensitive woman she is. No doubt everyone else at the Ark looks to her as a piller of veterinary skill. And as long as she keeps making me Cheese Whiz sandwiches, I will continue to spread more complimentary comments around the Web and I will remain her devoted boy.

After having my ear cleaned, Mum made an appointment for my yearly teeth cleaning on September 2nd. As long as Dr. B is in my mouth, I have no issues.

After we got home the office called and said I have crystals in my wee wee. How did they get there? I demand a re-test! No one told me I was having a test on my wee wee, if I had known I would have studied! Mum has to get some of my wee first thing in the morning and get it to the vet within an hour and a half (good luck on that one) so they can check it again. I may see if I can negotiate for some Cheese Whiz - give me a can of cheese-in-can, I'll give you as much wee wee as you can carry.

Howie, sorry I can't come rescue you right now, I have to go study for my wee wee exams.

Friday, August 15, 2008

No Word From Howee

We have had no word from Texas. We can only assume that Howie is in solitary and cannot sneak farty messages out. Willow is ready to go, as are others. We wait to hear from our comrade-in-farts and then we will set off on our rescue mission.

Rescue Coordinator Dozer

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Howie! Write Your Congressman!

Howie is in jail, his Mother has him locked away in Texas. (See note below). She calls it "Time Out" but I think we all know what it really is. We are worried about Howie - he may be on a bread and water diet. How can he survive on that? Mum says I am becoming over dramatic - get real!

It is time to get a posse together and go save Howie. I tried to call the ASPCA but I haven't got thumbs either and I ended up dialing a 1-900 number and there was a very nice person at the end of the phone who promised all sorts of things until Mummy hung the phone up. I was just trying to help Howie, how could I know the lady named Bambi Delight wouldn't be able to help me? Mum can be so narrow sometimes.

Tonight if I had knees I would get on them and ask everyone at the Rainbow Bridge to help me get Howie out of lock up. But Corgis haven't got knees, we haven't even got much of legs. So get the word out and sign up (to the right) and let us know if we can count you in to save this poor pug in Texas.

Howee's message:

Hey, Willow, Dozer, can you call the double a ess pee cee aye??? I don't got no thumbs and I'm locked up here in The Time Outs Zone fur fartin. It ain't rite!!!!!!yer good pal awaiting extradition,Bad Pee

River is our BFF!

Look what our beagle bud River gave us! We were completely overwhelmed that he would give us the highly coveted BFF Gold Card! Cooper gets to carry it first and then I get to, and of course Dottie can put it in her purse and show it off as well. Thank you River, we are very, very touched!

When you receive the BFF Gold Card you have to pass it onto 5 (count'em 5) friends. And this is a little tough because we have a lot of bloggy friends but we have whittled the names down to our short list.

1. Howie and the Fatties in Texas. Howie is currently incarcerated and may be able to use the card as a "Get Out of Jail Card". We love Howie and his sibs - and their mother's artwork is incredible! Who knew Texas had so many colors? Click here to visit them.

2. Moxie and Izzie, the Corgi Lounge girls. These guys crack us up every day. We love their antics and pictures. They just make us smile. Click here to visit them.

3. The gang at Preppy Pugs! BOL! How can you not love a pug rescue family? Plus their Mum is a nurse so probably have really cool stuff that they take out of her purse like stethoscopes and tongue depressors. Click here to visit them.

4. Lenny @ Wire Wise is the most creative dog we have ever met. He and his Mum are doing the Paw-limpics and we are just in awe of their talent. We are lucky to have them as our friends! Click here to visit them.

5. PEANUTS! Who doesn't love Peanuts? We all love him and his brother, Flash! I am one with Peanuts - who needs a brother when there is so much of us to love! Click here to visit them.

6. Willow is also really special to us. We love his looks and his attitude on life. He plays dress-up too which makes him like family. And he farts...just like us! Whooo hoo! Willow rocks! Click here to visit him.

Thank you River! We've passed on the love!

Dogs Rule

Mum had never seen this video before and almost had an accident because it made her laugh so hard. I think it definitely highlights the power and presence of dogs. Once Howie and Willow and I get together we will make a video of choral farting. I wonder if there is still smell-o-vision?

I Fart Because I Can

Hey Howie,

Your Mother got Willow's ire up! Check out what he thinks. Me, I think we can go to Willow's house and have a great time! BOL! Thhhhrrrrppp!

Time outs for farting? What the crap is that about??? EVERYONE in our house would be in time out if we lived at Howies house. Howie.....dude....our door is open to you buddy. My mommy allows farting and we rate ours. Nope, no time outs here.

Fart away,Willow

Paw-Limpic Remarks

Apparently Howie's Mother does not have the right attitude when it comes to our Paw-limpic dreams, as Howie shares below. Thanks for standing with us on the podium Howie. Your Mother will be standing by herself in the Paw-limpic time out booth when we run the world.

Howie gives the rings a 9.0 *stands up and raises card up high from judge's booth* He said you should get DOUBLE TREATS for your hard work. Mommysnorts gets a 7.0 *Howie holds up card with 7.0 on it* and makes farting noise. Howie's mom puts Howie in times outs for that.

Finally Recognized as a Master

Check it out! I made it to Licked Toys! Thanks Chris and McKenzie! You guys make de-stuffing worth the effort. (And all Mum thought I did was make a mess - she missed the entire point of the exercise! BOL!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's all about...ME!

Mum won't buy me the soundtrack to Rocky but just imagine
it in the background. I think the Olympic rings were just
made for me, don't you think? It took forever to find just
the right pictures and Mum kept making these snorting noises
the whole time which I thought was a little rude. Well this Olympic
moment is pretty much past but I will always have my memories.

(Imagine the swelling music of the Rocky theme slowly rising in volume..
da da daaaa, da da da, da da daaaaaa, da da)

Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Won the Bronze! Wooooo Hooooo!

I can't believe it! I placed in the Paw-limpics at Wire Wise! I always hoped my training would bring great things but this is incredible! I won the bronze in Bitey-Face, not my best event but I had quite the opponent in my red dinosaur. I guess it was the fact that I was biting him in the butt that helped put me over the top!

My toilette on seaweed and kelp at the beach helped me win the bronze in the Pee-mail competition too. I'm sure it was my form that the judges saw and felt deserved recognition. I really lifted my leg using the best technique I had.

The competition in Paw-limpics is incredible. The gold and silver medal winners are what I hope to achieve as I continue to train for this prestigious competition. I can't believe my pal Sparky isn't here (what a time to go on vacation!) but I will make sure Mango, Izzie, Moxie, River, The Saints and the Fatties see my medal.

It is silly but this made Mum's day! She sent an email to everyone in the family with the link to the Paw-limpics. She said sometimes it is just the little things in life that make a day go from ordinary to simply extraordinary. But she says bribing the judges is completely out of the question. It was just a thought...

Bitey-Face with the red dinosaur brought me a bronze. This is when I had him on the ropes and he was about to cry "Uncle!"

I won the bronze in the Pee-Mail competition too. Check out the leg lift in this picture. I had to stand tippy-toe because I have short legs but sometimes you have to give it your all to achieve your dreams.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Waitin' for River's Mummy

What a friend we have in River, look what he wrote us:

Dozer,My mom says she'll come get you. She thinks you are a cutie-pie (her words). We have LOTS of food here, too. See you soon!love & wags from your new brother,River
Pee-ess--oh, well, we WISH but gas is too high to drive out there right now...<>

Well, I will just wait here by the window so I can spot them when they come for me, because they will come, eventually.

Cooper's Mother Here

Dozer has been a bad Corgi! He should not be picking
on little Cooper. Now that all the burrs are gone,
Cooper is enjoying being cool and smelling like a prince.
Dozer has a jealousy issue going on that he needs to curb.

Picking on Cooper

As Cooper's little brother, it is my job to to be a pain in the butt,
and make fun of him. Check out skinny Minny!
Somebody's hair got cut off! BOL!

OOOOOoooo, nice legs Coop! BOL!

I'd look sad too if I had to get shaved! BOL!

Go ahead and ignore me, I have hair and you don't BOL!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

You Saw It Here First

Double Dootie: Coop and me leaving pee-mail on Mum's pile
of garden waste. Sometimes a team effort is called for!

Burr Under My Butt

Cooper is such a dufus! He went outside this morning and got covered in burrs. I mean not just a couple, he was thick with them.

Mum took one look and called the groomer because this was bigger than she could handle. The groomer looked at Coop and said she would try and save as much hair as possible but Coop was a real mess. (Well, I could have told her that much!)

So Mum left Cooper at the "salon" for three hours. They did leave some fur on his legs but pretty much everything else got shaved off 'cause he had made such a mess.

While Coop was at the "salon" Mum and I went out in the backyard and pulled out all the Queen Anne's Lace and another bush that had burrs on it. It was a huge pile by the time we got done. (Honestly, if it weren't for me, I don't know how these things would get done at all.)

Cooper came home at 4pm and smelled like a cheap floozie. They put this green bow on him and he looked like a shaved peach with a bow tie. Mum says he is very soft but I am just embarressed. And if Cooper had any sense he would be too.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sweet Mother! We've Hit The Motherload!

Mum was totally out of carrots for our after-breakfast nosh,
so she gave us each a parsnip which looks like a carrot
but is really much chewier and very tasty.

Hmm, not sure how to get this whole thing in my mouth.

Just looking around to make sure Coop
isn't going to try to steal my parsnip.
Okay, let's go with the one paw approach.
Hmmm, parsnip chips, very nice indeed!
This really cleanses the palate nicely after kibble.
Perhaps a little more chewy here to open
Mr. Parsnip to my lethal jaws!
Definitely making some progress,
very good indeed!
Take that you parsnip!
Using my paws to my best advantage.
Ahh, parsnip burp - flavorful with a peppery after taste!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're on a Rampage!

The lack of food in our home has come to a head.
We have tried to subsist on the small bowls of kibble,
but we are starving...yes, literally starving to death.
So we took matters into our own paws...

Hmm, what have we here?

What's that? Keep my paws off the garbage?
I think not!
Let's take another look in here and see
what good stuff they are throwing out.
Hmm, something like gravy, lots of wax paper,
coffee cream wrappers!
Work with me here Cooper, we can tear this
baby apart in two shakes!

Cooper manages to clean-up some of the aftermath,
scooting the coffee grounds towards the door.

Dottie and Cooper finishing up
with the remains of the garbage.

Looks like we missed a spot here.
Nice teamwork on the floor detail.

And for dessert, let's take some breath freshner
out of Mum's purse and give it a chew as well!