Monday, June 30, 2008

Dottie's Portrait

Mum took this picture of Dottie tonight. Mum was grilling outside and while she waited on the veggies, she grabbed the camera which she seems to have in her hand all the time, and shot some action shots of the merry Dotster. I guess Dottie is okay. At least she doesn't sleep in my bed or try and sneak into the bathroom when Mum is taking her morning shower. That is my place and no one gets to shoulder in on that!

Hot, Hot, Hot

Okay, it wasn't really 139 degrees on Saturday but it could have been! Dad said the outside monitor for the thermometer was getting reflected heat. We just thought it was funny to see the gauge say 139 degrees! BOL!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dottie Lost in Action

I'm sorry but I think I have the dumbest biped in the world! Mum talked to Dottie's mother tonight and gave Betty a full update on her little furball. Betty is so cute, she always calls Mum when she gets one of Mummy's newsy little letters. So they talked for a half hour and Mum rubbed my ears most of that time. Mum likes Betty a whole bunch and loves writing her. I think Betty must be a saint or something. I mean, who else would give their dog to our Mum so she could be sure Dottie would never go to a shelter? Well, my original parents certainly didn't. They put an ad in the paper for pete's sake! How can you sell a little heartbeat like me? But I digress.

So after about an hour Mummy goes outside and calls for Dottie. No answer. She looks under the deck, around the shed, under the boat. She looks in the bathroom, under the bed, in the guestroom and in the laundry room. She checks everywhere but no Dottie. Mum starts to panic because Dottie still has her old tags on with Betty's name and address. What if Dottie is on the street? Well, we are in a small rural town, how bad could that be? By this time I am feeling really good - maybe Dottie has found a new home? Maybe the nightmare has ended and I can be king of the heap again.

Finally Mum checks the garage and there is Dottie, patiently waiting for her. Sheesh! How Dottie got through the laundry room and down the steep steps into the garage is beyond me but she got to go exploring without us! Mum immediately took Dottie's old collar off and put a new one on with her new tag with her name and Mum's cell phone number. There goes that chance of losing her!

Mummy got Grandmummy a copy of America at Home, a neat book about America and how people live. She made a custom cover on-line and put a neat picture of Grandmummy at HF Bar Ranch on the front. It is pretty cool and I hope Grandmummy's 85th birthday on the 4th of July is fun. We can't go but Uncle Alex will be there so we know it will be fun!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cow Hooves

Mum bought a new bag of cow hooves and we are in heaven. We never had hooves until last week when some of Mum's friends at Community Development told her about them. They are crunchy and nummy and take a lot of time to chew. I, personally, find myself needing some long draughts of water after an hour or so, but Cooper seems to take to the chew cycle for hours. Dottie, our new sister, just cruises around and scores a hoof when she feels like it.
Dottie is a Cardigan Corgi and is 12 years old. She is different from me, she has a tail. I am not sure what is so special about having a tail, her tail trails on the floor behind her most of the time. But she is wagging it more and more.
Dottie was an AKC show champion in her day and then she was bred and then she was sold. Not a very happy life in my book but then she lived with Betty for four years and was very happy. Betty adopted Dottie when she was 9 years old and gave her to Mummy about 4 months ago. Betty wanted to make sure Dottie had a good home in case anything happened to Betty (who is 87). So Dots came to live with us but eventually she may go to Arizona to live with our Uncle Bryan. But for the time being, she is our sister and we are learning to love her. She is just a barker! She talks, she moans in bed and she jumps like a bunny when she is happy. I think she's an idiot but she makes Mum happy and she can't climb the stairs and get on the bed so I guess she can stay.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good-Bye to Uncle Bob

We said good-bye to Uncle Bob today. He is heading home to Seattle and we will now have to coerce our bipeds into throwing the ball and generally spoiling us.

Last night we had a lot of ball throwing and sitting outside on the swing. It was one of those mild summer evenings you dream of. Dad filled up my wading pool which was handy for a drink and a quick foot wash between runs after the ball.

Cooper got a paper towel roll to chew on - I think that is his comfort fud. He likes to chew and then rolls the little pieces of cardboard on his tongue for a bit. But toilet paper remains his favorite munch food. Me? I am a kibble boy.

Mom used the new dehydrator last night and made sweet potato crisps for us. They came out very well and we had quite a few after breakfast. Now she has apple slices baking for us. I am loving this! Now if we could have some meat products that would be perfect!

Cooper and his paper towel snack.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Bidpeds, We'll Keep Them

Dad finally got around to staining the deck for us. He took everything off the deck and then had our Uncle Robert help him. Uncle Robert is visiting from Seattle and is really a joy to have around. He plays with us endlessly and is always ready for someone to sit on his lap. Last night he put his Rum & Coke on the ground while he used the laptop outside and I got a nice long drink out of it. Dad did the same thing and Cooper shot right in and got his drink. The bipeds get incredibly upset when we do this because alcohol is supposed to be really bad for animals. Oh contrare I say! I love Coca Cola and Rum, it is nice and sweet and gives me a buzz. Which may be why they won't let me drink. Mum says I am like a two-year old on amphetamines on a normal day and I don't need any more sugar to wire me like a soundstage.
Check out Dad and Uncle Robert. They put my webcam outside so Mum could watch them while she was at work. We were locked in the house because Dad said we would get sticky feet and be in the way outside. We have our cow hooves to chew on but it really is a bit boring on the whole. There had better be a walk to compensate is all I have to say!

Lazy, Dazy Summer Days

We're pretty sure Mum thinks we are tearing up the carpet when she leaves or that we're outside running rampant around the apple tree, but in reality, we pretty much nap while she is out. We have found the couch to be a perfect medium for napping - plenty of space to stretch out, two levels if you use the cushions right, and a good view of the front yard in case burglars come. Coop seems to be able to bend his neck into the most extraordinary positions, while I favor the "lie on your back, always ready for a tummy rub" stance myself.

We have our friend Robert visiting this weekend and he is always good for some ball throwing, extra treats and general misbehavior. Last night both Cooper and I got sips of Rum & Cokes when no one was looking. You cannot believe how upset our bipeds were with that! They stopped putting their beverages on the ground and wagged their finger at us - yeah, like that's going to stop us! BOL! Have to love those pawrents even if they work under misconceived ideas, bless their little hearts.