Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is my life

Mum had me incarcerated for one night at The Ark (my veterinary and boarding palace). There was a definite lacks of tummy rubs even though my favorite girlfriend, Jasmin, was working there when I came in.
And although I am now home, I was traumatized by having my nails clipped. Apparently I have stars by my name. I believe that the staff put those by my name to make sure everyone knows how important I am. (Mum says that is highly unlikely).

Let the new week begin!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Appalling Lack of Posts!

We are not sure how to get Mum arrested for her total lack of assistance in our posts to our blog, but we are investigating it.

This is me being totally pissed off at Mum.

I whine, I cry and generally stamp my paws but to no avail. Her list of excuses is simply pitiful and unbelievable. If I could trade her in on a newer model I would.

Of course Cooper is no help at all. What a loser! I need him on his toes, working with me and what does he do? Right, he falls asleep.

Yup, here is Mr. Energy doing what he does best.
So Mum and I have decided to get back on a schedule of posts and I shall make her sit down and write about my fascinating life, such as it is.