Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(It's dark, I'm tired and you need to go away!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's All About Dottie (big sigh)

We can tell you now that Dottie is going to be in an AKC Dog Show this coming Saturday! They are having a "Veteran's Class" and Dottie has been entered! Dots' orginal owner/breeder, Dana Wellock, is going to show her. Dana came over yesterday to do Dottie's nails which took forever (at least in my opinion since Dana couldn't pay attention to me if she was doing Dots' nails). Friday Dottie goes to the groomer to have a bath and get her hair done, whatever tha means.

Dana brought her own table and chairs and combed out Miss Dottie's hair.

Then Dana filed Dottie's nails until they were just right.

Check out the attention to detail.

Dana even cut the hair on Dottie's feet and between her pads.

Look at the paw-nicure! Lovely toes'es. The hair is cut so the feet's are the breed standard.

The back feet have their hair cut different.

This here is Dana and her Dottie girl after the paw-nicure!

And this Dottie right before her nap. The pawnicure was very tiring.

So Miss Dottie goes in the show ring Saturday morning at 8am! Mum and Dad will take her over at 6:45am so Dana can do some final grooming and then it is into the ring and hopefully the winner's circle. Keep your paws crossed!

I would just like everyone to take note that I let Dottie have this blog entry. This is, after all, MY BLOG!

 ~ Dozer Edwards

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Dozer, BAD, BAD!

I am in the dog house because
I stole Dottie's dinner.
She can't see so I walked over
and started eating her food out of
her bowl, while she was still
eating. Mum says this is
unacceptable behavior.

(big sigh)

(Editor's Note: We've had to add the "word recognition" to our comments because someone on the other side of the world is spamming our comments. Our apologies.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures Don't Lie - We Really Are This Cute

Emily from Dreameyce Studio came to our house a couple of weeks ago and took pictures of us. In celebration of National Puppy Day (that would be today, March 23rd), we thought we would share just a small portion of the 65 pictures she took. You can see what a professional photographer can do compared to our Mum. Emily is quite talented and her pictures were wonderful. Of course we are wonderful models - there were limited treats involved.

Doesn't Dottie look magnificent? (Did I say that?)

What's not to love with this face and tennis ball?

Mum loves this shot of Dottie.

Leave it to Cooper to nod off during our photoshoot.

Dottie did her tuck and roll, note the crossed legs in the rear.
Sort of a ballet move I think.

Can you spot the heart on my hind end?
The ladies love it!

Mum says this picture says a lot.
Dottie is blind but she still knows where the door is,
and still likes to do her circuit in the backyard.

If you live in Oregon, you can have Emily take pictures of your animals and peoples. (This is where we shamelessly promote Emily's work and website at If you don't live in Oregon but have boatloads of money you could bring Emily to your house. We'll come too, sort of an added bonus!

We's Got a Cousin

This here is Beau. Our Uncle B brought Beau home from the Arizona Basset Rescue people. He is somewhere between 2-4 years of age. He is an only dog so his every whim is catered to. He already has a girlfriend down the street and requires walkies to see her. (I think he likes her family's goldfish pond better than her but who am I to judge). Beau now lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not even close - at least a billion miles apart - really!

We are not touching.
I am on Mum's lap so Cooper cannot be on it.
He is inching his way close to the lap.
But the lap is mine.
Mine! Do you hear me?
The lap is mine and only mine!

(Maniacal laughter is heard echoing through the blog)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time to Put on Your Silly Hat!

So Emmitt wrote us a note and told us about an on-line class that would be just perfect for our Mum.
(We pointed out Mum is terribly untalented, unlike Emmitt's Mum
- just so we are on a level playing field).
This here's Emmitt lookin at'cha
This class is on The Art of Silliness. (Mum should excel at this).

This lady, Carla (on the right) is really talented
and is doing the on-line class. We don't know
about the horses except Mum likes'em

Every day, April 1-April 30, you get an Activity Sheet (just like when you were in grade school!) and you take 10 minutes a day and complete the assignment. What sort of assignments you ask? (We asked)

"Every day I will create an Activity Sheet just for you. Worksheets may include one or ten of the following: drawing exercises (can’t draw? YES YOU CAN!), journaling prompts, a poem to illustrate, writing exercises, more drawing games, collage prompts, arty puzzles, scribbling assignments… (just to name a few). FUN!"

How much fun is this? Well Mum wasn't sure. The cost is less than a $1 a day (yeah, try and find that much fun in a month and have something to show for it), but Mum still wasn't sure. So I really used my persuasive magic and mentioned she could use ME as her theme for all the activities! (Because, it is all about me right?) While she had a weak moment, Cooper and I took the magic money card and signed her up and we are counting the days to April 1st! Whoo hoo!

So where is this going? Well, Mum will do the daily assignments and post them here on my blog (the results not the activity sheets because that would be cheating I think), every day during April.  Remember, it is going to be all about me, Dozer, not Cooper or Dottie. Me. Because honestly, I really am the most interesting corgi on this blog.

Now I need a nap to get ready for our assignments....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cooper Captured by Giant Spider!

I told Cooper not to play in the raised vegetable bed because
there is a giganormous spider and it has a giganormous
spider web that would trap him!

But Cooper wouldn't listen to me and he went into the raised bed.

Then Dad heard Cooper crying because Coop was entangled in the
deadly spider web! (Why doesn't Cooper listen to me?)
I told Dad to just leave Cooper in the web.
Dad said that is naughty of me to say such things.
Long story short, Dad extricated one cocker spaniel
from the giganormous spider web.

How come in Harry Potter movies the giant spider
gets to catch things in its web and eat them?
Cooper would make an excellent a la carte dish.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Because you can never have too many...

Dozer here. This is part of my campaign to have Mum
forgive me for biting Cooper. I am trying to remind
Mum how cute I am and how she needs to keep me
in the family and not sell me to any passing pirates.

How do you think I am doing?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad Dozer, Bad, Bad, Bad!

I have been a very bad corgi.
I attacked Cooper this morning to get his bone.
Mum had to dive in and tear me loose from Coop.
I bit Cooper by his right eye.

Mum yelled at me.
Dad yelled at me.
Dottie gave me stinky eye looks.

Cooper forgave me on the spot.
He's just that way.

I will spend the day reflecting on my behavior.
I will try to be a better corgi.
Otherwise I will not be allowed to blog anymore.

I am a sad corgi today.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

Cooper had his first shot on Saturday.
This is for his torn ACL and knee injury.
 He cried. Mum cried. The tech cried. I did not cry.
Coop got pain medication and cheese-in-a-can.
I cried because I wasn't there.
And because I did not get cheese-in-a-can.

Mum noticed Cooper is using his leg again
on this Sleepy Sunday and he can fold it backwards (see above).
Whatever is in the shot definitely works on ACL injuries.

I think cheese-in-a-can is what did it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh the Grief, that Shock and the Wonder!

Mum and I were driving over to the Alternative Co-op where we get our organic noms and all of a sudden Mum put her hand over my eyes and screamed, "DON'T LOOK!". So of course I peeked and I saw this

I started crying and howling! They're making smoothies out of one of my bestest friends, Mango Dog! Arooooo! This is terrible and who knows how long it has been going on! Aroooo! If they keep this up there won't be anything left our Relentlessly Huge Mango!
Consider putting this badge on your blog to alert our pawrents not to buy a Mango smoothie.
They may sound nutritous but it only spells disaster!

(Editors Note: The smoothie in question did not cost $375.00 (see above) although a smoothie made out of Relentlessly Huge would be more than worth $375.00, not that the Editor would purchase said smoothie. This is all a hypothetical.)

Ohhhh Noooo! Not Again!

Dozer Dog here. Mum says to tell you that Cooper has blown his right rear knee like I did last year and the year before. They almost had to pick Mum up from the floor at the vet's office. She was incredulous (which is a big word which I do not understand). "How could this happen?" she squealed. The vet thinks either our family is cursed or it was just "one of those things". (Mum says that I can't say that because the vet never said we were cursed.)

That's the bad news. The good news is that Cooper is pretty much pain-free. He is probably too old for surgery but Mum says they'll keep that up their sleeve in case things go from bad to worse (like if he blows out his left knee). Coop is going to have shots twice a week of some drug into his knee (yeeech!) and Mum said the vet will be doing that because she draws the line at shootin' shots into knees. He'll do that for eight weeks and if it shows it is helping him, then he'll go to one to two shots every month.

Dad threw a fit and started doing research on ACL's in dogs. He thinks we're not eating right or something because Tinker, his Cocker Spaniel when the old geezer was a boy, ate table scraps and ran by Dad's bike just fine and never broke his knees. I'll go with the table scraps theory any day - bring'em on!

This is me being a pirate because this blog is supposed to be all about me and we have spent much too much time on Cooper. Focus on my picture, I am in need of comforting too.

Thank you all for your kind words, prayers and crossed paws on Cooper. This was, of course, not the news we wanted but at age 12 Cooper has many good years ahead. While we joke around on our blog, our dogs are an important part of our lives and I am truly touched by the many nice notes from people I have never met and yet feel are dear friends in my life. Thank you all! Love, Nancy

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coop Needs Your Good Thoughts

Mum came home last night and saw Cooper limping. He is not using his right leg very much. He isn't in pain but he is definitely not using his right rear leg. Mum tucked him into bed, put his Oregon State University sweatshirt around him and we all snuggled. (Yeah, that's Coop sleeping on Dad's pillow).

Anyway, if you could please cross your paws for Cooper it would be appreciated. Mum is going to call the vet after lunch (which is when she drives home to check on us) and make an appointment for Cooper if he is not better. She said something about x-rays and checking out his joints.

I think Cooper is faking it so he can go to the vet and have cheese-in-a-can without me.

Why is this blog not centering on me as much as it should? (big sigh)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Old Bat Has Been Out

Mum has been worthless these past five days.
She got an ear infection (go figure that one out).
Then she spent the whole weekend cleaning the kitchen'
painting the bathroom, vacuuming,
taking us for walks and doing web work.

So these are old photographs of us that Mum dug out.
Except that the house looks the same
so you really can't tell when Mum took these.
See? Coop is in the same position on the same chair.

Shutter your eyes ladies, its Mr. Handsome at his bestest!

And Miss Dottie looking particularly winsome.

Mum will get things caught up soon. Otherwise we're going to have to start shopping for a new Mum. You can apply via our comment section. Those who are generous with the treats will get extra points.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am deeply wounded

I received this from Kari

Kari in WeHo has left a new comment on your post "The Camera Lies!": I think you aren't being 100% truthful...
I think Kari lives in West Hollywood and is star struck. This is not a Martin Scorsese film - this my life. I do not lie, ask anyone. And if they say I do, then they are lying.
Don't forget what I did to Mr. Monkey missy!

You can visit Miss Kari at


Monday, March 1, 2010

The Camera Lies!

I am not sleeping next to my brother.

It may look like we are touching, but we are not!

The evidence shows that we are not touching body parts.

I do not like Cooper and I am not sleeping next to him!
End of story!