Thursday, June 28, 2012

Video Tips from our Aunt Nancy

Our beloved Aunt Nancy Medina who has Flower Mound Studios is making a "how to" video on painting (she is a wonderful artist). She has learned so much making her first video and we think she has come up with some novel tips, like...

• When filming a video in your studio, if you happen to own a dog who has never regurgitated in its life, it will choose a moment when you are filming to regurgitate loudly and with enthusiasm.

• When filming a video in your studio, be forewarned that at a crucial moment in the painting, your easel will most assuredly collapse, causing you to blurt out words on camera you wouldn't say in Sunday school.

• If your husband is doing the filming, even if he has never before seen a painting video, be assured he knows a lot more about what should go into your painting video than you do.

• If you happen to have four pugs in the studio with you during filming, be sure you do not begin filming one hour before the pugs' mealtime, since the elder pug will take it upon himself to find ways to creatively remind you that a mealtime is eminent.

• After you have fired the husband/cameraman, ordered him out of your studio, and exclaimed that it is time to return the new video camera to Best Buy the next day, eat chocolate. Chocolate calms the soul.

• The next morning, after husband/cameraman asks to return to his post and swears to not utter a single word during the entire filming, lock well fed pugs in kitchen and proceed with video.

Mum says there is nothing we do worth videotaping at this time, mostly because it would cause undue concern and revulsion to our viewers...whatever!

Love, Dozer


Sankissjuice said...

No way! I would love to see videos of you guys. Start filming ;)

I'll be back,

Ziggy Stardust said...

Oh please, I never get sick of seeing you both! Mommy loves the suggestions, they made her laugh real hard.

Loveys Sasha

Unknown said...

Aunty Nancy this here is Howie, star of the video, and I claim full responsibility fur the regurgitatory special effects. Tell DozerBritches to CALL ME and I gots some tips fur his first video, too. Tell him to eat some garbage an hour before filming, that shood git yew on the right track,
regards from the PeeMan

Unknown said...

Did you say chocolate calms the soul? Well...Mummy says she will definitely get some before she starts filming!

Happy weekend,
Ginger, Buddy n Shadow