Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Order in the Court! - Cooper's Notes

Your Honor, I would like to enter into evidence the following photos taken from the surveillance camera in our kitchen. I would like the jury to note the vast expanse of mess created by the defendant, although she denies being present at the destruction. Please note that the trash and recycling were attacked and furniture was tossed aside in her attack to find edibles.

The room formerly known as the "kitchen nook".
Now known as the trash heap.

From the surveillance camera we can see the suspect trying to make a break for the front door and freedom. I think not!

Again from the surveillance camera, the defendant is caught surveying the destruction during the aftermath of the event!

I believe it goes without saying that the jury can only find the defendant GUILTY of gross negligence in her attack of the kitchen nook! We demand an inquiry and cookies, lots and lots of cookies!

The prosecution rests its case.
Cooper Edwards, Esq.
Attorney for the State


Tibby said...

Hi Cooper!
You make quite a case! You definitely deserve some cookies!
:) Tibby

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hey, this here is HowiePants BarristerPug and I don't see that DottiePants received legal re-paw-resentation in this matter atall. Therefore I must come to yer house and investigate the evidence to make sure there was nothing delicious left in the trashbin that was previously known as your mama's kitchen. Please notify the judge I will be arriving shortly.

Martha Basset said...

Hi Cooper
That was a good case you presented but things are not always as they seem.
We think you should explore all alternative explanations and of course you should have some cookies.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xx

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Ohhhh boy....somebody's in deep doo-doo!
Here comes da comes da judge...the court's in session!

GoldenSamantha said...

Definite trouble - what a disaster - glad Dozer's got a barrister coming - and you deserve plenty of cookies!
Hugs and Licks,
xo Sammie

Peanut said...

hmm I don't know. Is she being framed.

Moco said...

We are happy that Dottie is feeling well enough to make that mess. We really think that Foley found his way to your house and did it.

ocmist said...

Hrumph!!! Not Dottie!!! I'm sure she is being framed... and who would make such a mess if not her? Probably the one that is doing the most accusing!! Us sweet females would NEVER do something like that... Mmmm... Do I remember someone saying that they have her on a diet? Well, they have me on one and that could make a girl do most ANYTHING to get some REAL FOOD!!! OC

Totally Timmy said...

Don't worry Dottie, I will send you Timmy's lawyer. He has gotten him off the hook many times. Not that you did anything wrong :)
Glad to see your feeling better.