Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Jury Remains Sequestered

The jury has been sequestered until Dottie's attorney can arrive from Texas. Mr. Howie PeePants, esq. will be advising Dots on her plea and examining the evidence shortly.

Nancy and the fatties has left a new comment on your post "Order in the Court! - Cooper's Notes": Hey, this here is HowiePants BarristerPug and I don't see that DottiePants received legal re-paw-resentation in this matter atall. Therefore I must come to yer house and investigate the evidence to make sure there was nothing delicious left in the trashbin that was previously known as your mama's kitchen. Please notify the judge I will be arriving shortly.


Moco said...

At last we will get to the bottom of this crime. We have seen the HowiePants BarristerPug on TV. He is very clever.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

You guys are killing me. Too funny. Happy Easter! Cat ^..^

Puglette said...

i think after dottie's recent illness, she should have a get out of jail free card...could her interest in the trash be a sign she is feeling better?

i love the post about dozer's poofing! charlie does that too. she likes to sit on the back of my armchair and lean her head down against my face. she is a little machine! toot, toot,toot!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Oh my...a court case in session! This is very interesting indeed...can't wait to hear what the jury will decide! *grins*

I've tagged you for a little game at my blog! Please stop by to check it out...*grins*


Mango said...

Some serious mayhem at your place. I just cannot believe that sweet little Dottie would do that. Don't forget, innocent until proven guilty and all that.


P.S. I want to order one of those corgi mops.

Nancy and the fatties said...

ALL RISE!!! *Howard walks in wearing an itchy wig and scratching himself in public*
Okay all you doggies, I'm here now so let the case begin! I wudda been here earlier but as yew can read from my bloggy, my plan to ESCAPE was thwarted by the neighbor who delivered me back home before I could get to the bus stop. Sheesh. I tried to explain the importance of the case, and how it had to be concluded before LUNCHTIME, but all the hoomans jest ignored me and insisted I go home again to my mama. So here I yam now, and I've had time to examine the case and I find the defendant, DottiePants DestructorDoggy, NOT GUILTY, by reason of temporary insanity. *bangs gavel on floor next to Dozer's toe* CASE DISMISSED because it is almost LUNCHTIME!!
*signs decree with a flourish*
His Honor Howard Pee BarristerPug, esq