Monday, April 13, 2009

Dottie is out of control - Cooper's Notes

Problem: How to stop Dottie from pulling things off the kitchen table.
Solution: Put chairs on table.
Dottie checked out the "solution" and everyone went to work.

Dottie pulled off chairs, snacked on one and then proceeded to destroy kitchen.

Dottie even pooped by the chair after she destroyed it. I think that is called "adding insult to injury".

After she finished with the kitchen Dottie turned over the kibble container and ate about 1/5 of the bag. This necessitated a trip to the vet at 5:30pm after Mum got home from work for x-rays because Dottie was walking funny. Why? Because she had gained 3 pounds and most of it was kibble in her tummy! The vet said no food for at least 8 hours. Dottie didn't care, she just wanted water and a nap.

Cost of solution? $191.00 for vet visit and x-rays. No total yet on destroyed chairs.

Possibility of unloading Dottie on some unsuspecting family? None, Mum thinks she is cute and forgives her. (sigh).



ClassyChassy said...

Oh my - that is one expensive fur baby!

the Corgi Girls said...

OMD, Dotty.... we're totally impressed, quite an accomplishment! You are wise in your years, girl!

M & I

Anonymous said...

Is Dottie getting enough exercise? A long walk every day might make her too tired to be so destructive. Just a thought.

ocmist said...

I think Dottie is totally ticked at someone... Maybe blames them for leaving her at the vet. I know you had to do it, but it sure looks like she is trying to "get back" at someone!

Was she like that before? Ever? (Like after some other vet visit) I don't like vets either and you said you put her on a diet, which makes me really cranky, too. That would also be why she would eat so much... I think I'll take note in case someone decides to tick me off. OC

Moco said...

What in the world is happening at your house? Poor Dottie. We have no idea what is up with her.

Mango said...

Dottie is insane! Yowsa! Who would have thought a short legged could get into so much trouble.

Did your mom mine the poop for treasure like mine does?


Martha Basset said...

We are amazed that Dottie has the energy!
Thank dogness she is OK having eaten all that kibble!
We are pleased you mom loves her!!!
She, like most dogs, probably does not want mom to go to work!!
Our mom only works part time and we hate that!!!!!
Can we send some boxes for you to sit on?
Martha & Bailey xx

Tibby said...

Wow Cooper,
I didn't think that Dottie was that destructive! I wonder if she is mad about something? I hope she is doing better soon!
:) Tibby

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Oh my...Dottie sure has a bad mood that day! And a very expensive one to boot! Hope she will feel better real soon!