Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dottie's Not Mad, Just Naughty!

Mum has gotten a bunch of notes asking why Dottie is so mad at us. Mum even asked the vet about this and the general concensus is that Dottie is finally feeling better than she has in years and is kicking up her paws and enjoying life. There is a wee bit of the devil in our little canine sister and now she has the energy and joy of life to act on her naughty ideas!

So Miss Dots is not mad, just bad! BOL! Actually right now she is resting on the grass and not feeling too well. Apparently the kibble is making its "exit" from her intestines and Dottie is feeling kind of poopie, literally.

M'lady needs her privacy at this time as she is indisposed.


Tibby said...

I guess that would explain things! It's good for her that she is feeling better! Just think of all the things you two can get away with and blame on her!
:) Tibby

DogzRock! said...


Mango said...

I am glad she is feeling well enough to cause trouble.


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

LOL! Hard to believe that a regal lady like Dottie would be bad...but maybe she's feeling tired of being too good all the time! *grins* Glad to hear she's feeling okay!


Tee said...

A naughty pup is a healthy pup! We're glad she's feeling better!

We also got an award to pass to you both for such an fantabulous blog!

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