Monday, January 26, 2009

We're Back - Dozer's Notes

While I am glad to be back, it was horrifying to find out that Mum was seeing "others" while she was away. And they aren't even of our species! Mum swears this is just a metal turtle at a park (yeah, like I just fell of the turnip truck) and they were just "friends". How dumb do I look? She's covering its eyes up - just like those black squares censors put over folks when they want to hide identities. And Mr. Turtle looks pretty darn happy if you ask me. Fortunately Dad picked us up from The Farm - where it was one long party for three days! We had a ball and Dottie got into party mode like a pro. When it was time to leave she wasn't so sure that she wanted to come. Dad told Mum that Dottie wasn't exactly running for the door when he arrived - she was checking out McDuff the Scottie Dog who lives in the front office most of the time. Apparently little Miss Dottie had a small crush on you-know-who!
Try as we did, the ladies at The Farm decided baths and nail trims were the order of the day and then they topped it off with scarves around our necks. Even Cooper was slightly embarrassed (I was simply appalled - we're guys after all, we don't wear neck ornamentation. How hard is this to understand ladies?) Anyway, Dottie apparently looked "absolutely adorable" according to Mum who went just a little crazy when she got home. There was the usual round of kisses, hugs, rolling on the floor, little squeals of delight, and general greetings and that was just Cooper !
Dottie went a little overboard - like Coop - and did a major roach on the living room floor. Like I have said before, there are piggies on farms and there is Dottie in our house. Honestly, if she had cloven hooves, you would never know the difference.
Cooper decided Dad making spaghetti was the place to camp out. It wasn't like we didn't get good food, it was all great. But Dad's spaghetti is world famous (thanks to the Ragu folks who put that red stuff in the glass jar).
I thought I would leave you with my tres chic visage (that means good looking face - I learned it from a French poodle at The Farm). We are home! Hooray!


Tibby said...

Hi Dozer & Coop!
I'm glad that your home! It sounds like you all had fun at the farm. I hope you got to eat some of your dad's spaghetti!
:) Tibby
PS: Thanks for playing Bingo with me! I will need your email to send over the code. Or you can write to me at tibbytales (at) hotmail (dot) com

Mango said...

Roaching for joy? I have to try that one.


Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi DozeyBritches and CoopsterMan! *waving paws* welcome back! Hey, that is one fromage tres chic visage... heh heh
your pal, H. Pee

Anonymous said...

You guys sound happy to be back home even though you had a fun time at camp. But...what about a picture of you in a scarf, Dozer?


Moco said...

It looks to us as if everyone had a good time, but as Dorothy says: "there's no place like home."
Love that french look. I think I can see that little mustache that they have.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer, coop and dottie!
we missed you! we are so glad you all had such a great time!
excellent photos!
m & e

the Corgi Girls said...

Awww, Dot DOES look irresistibly adorable, we have to agree. And you boys shouldn't worry too much about the bandannas... I mean big manly cowboys wore them in the old west, that's very macho (us corgi girls like macho)... So glad the farm was fun... but even glader-er-er you're home!

M & I

dreameyce said...

Ooo! Another Cardi blog- Dottie is beautiful :) And, we live close to each other :)

I'm adding you to my blogroll right now :)

ocmist said...

Aha, DozerMan... No scarf? We are country corgis and scarfs are IN!!! Coop looks good in his. Your Dottie reminds me so much of my Mama... She was a black tri. Glad you're back home again. Hope you enjoyed some spaghetti... We LOVE slurping it up. OC