Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet My Friend Patsy - Dozer's Notes

Check out my friend Patsy. She has the best ear hair I have ever seen - no one can come close if you ask me. She belongs to Mum's pal, Leanne. So Patsy's full name is..Patsy Pitts! BOL! (Mum says to stop making fun of Patsy's name and get on with it). So this is Patsy having her hair styled by a friend. Notice his wonderful hand technique so that the hair is fully elongated. Obviously this friend is a pro.
It looks like Patsy stuck her paw into an electrical socket! I wish I had hair you can style but Mum says with the amount of fur I shed that it would be one more nightmare in her life. Nightmare? What nightmare does Mum have in her life. Not me.

So we leave Patsy with her hair styled for success. If it ever stops raining we are going to have a play date but Mum says it requires a back yard for games. You tear up one couch and you are forever marked as a trouble maker, sheesh! It wasn't like we ate the couch, we just got it wet with drool and then pulled out the stitching a bit. Still, there is lots to do in the backyard once it dries out. Digging under the fence comes to mind.


Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
Your friends Patsy has a PAWSOME hair do! I have a little mohawk but nothing like that! I hope you get to play together soon!
:) Tibby

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
oh my gosh! we love patsy hairdo!
that made our whole evening!
m & e

Puglette said...

hi dozer, patsy is a cutie! her hair reminds me of drew barrymore at the golden globes...same stylist?

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's quite a style Patsy has going on. But...I think it needs a few mud highlights to make it absolutely purrrfect!


oh yeah...Dozer has a girlfriend, Dozer has a girlfriend,...

Leslie Moore said...

Hey Dozer, I see what you mean about Dottie looking a little piggly. Then again, I like pigs! Patsy reminds me of my beloved Roger, a wonderful West Highland Terrier, who is no longer with me but always in my thoughts. Hope you have that play date soon!

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

Such a funny, funny post and enhanced with hilarious photos.
Thanks for the belly laugh!!!

Mango said...

She almost looks like she has three ears. I don't think that quite qualifies as a show cut. More like a gremlin.


Moco said...

Does Patsy have piercings that go with that hair. It needs a splash of color also.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Howie is very suspicious of Patsy. Howie is not quite sure Patsy is really a dog, and suspects Patsy may be some sort of mop. Okay (wait, I'm listening to Howie here...) Okay, Howie says to put Patsy down on the floor and see if there is a cord running from her to an electrical outlet. Report back soon. Enquiring puggy minds want to know.

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

That hair do would look good on me!

ocmist said...

Goodness!!! Almost speechless here. The shine and texture looks like she DOES have a silken mop on her body. She almost glows!!! I'll just bet she LOVED (not) everyone playing with her ears and hair like that. The pics were pretty funny though... hope she was a good sport about it and you weren't being mean and making fun of her, but I'm sure you're a better dog than that. Catcha later... OC