Monday, February 2, 2009

Corgi Looking for a New Home - From Dozer

Mum left us again for 4 days without any notice, without any preparation, without anything. Just up and left. Thankfully Dad was there to hold things together. But Cooper and I sat on the couch and kept waiting for Mum to come home after work but she never did. Dad said Mum went to Arizona to visit Grandmummy and Uncle B and Uncle Alex. That is what he said. I checked Mum's telephone and she took pictures of animals of the likes we have never seen, so I think she was out shopping for new pets. (Cooper is crying so I won't keep going in that direction). Anyway, Mum came home last night and let us sleep on the bed and we got pets, treats and love which is all nice but she still left us and I think it is best I start looking for a new home. I cannot handle these absences all the time. Mum says that was her last trip, but I don't believe her. I will post pictures of these new animals for you to see and I think you will agree, something is dreadfully wrong. Mum is holding hands with a man other than Dad which I think is a story in itself. (Cooper says that is Uncle B, but can we really be sure?)
This is Uncle Alex (we know him) and again, this man called "Uncle B".


Nancy and the fatties said...

Dear Dozer and CooperCrybaby: This here is yer buddy Howie Pee. I read your post and it all sounds real fishy to me, too. Pull yerselves together, pack yer bags, and come on over to the House of Pee. When OUR mommy leaves, the Dad feeds us so much garbage we consider it a holiday. Here is the address, you can dog-oogle it:
Howie's House
Tree in Front Yard
see you soon,
H. Pee

the Corgi Girls said...

OMD! What are you uncovering here? Seems scandalous... should we call the Enquirer?

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

These ol' pups are pulling any string they can to get mama home!
Dogs can be such rips, but they just want what they want!

ocmist said...

Oh, come on, Dozer... Is your Mum a KNOWN liar? Of course not... You are having some kind of anxiety complex from loneliness, and THAT I can simpathize with, being in sort of the same situation. I'm just having to have faith in my Mom and I'm sure you can have faith in your Mum's love for you. Hang in there. OC