Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm at Camp! - Dozer

Mum took us to Inavale Farm on Thursday because she has taken off for Arizona to see family. This was a bit of a shock because she didn't tell us but we love the Farm so it was a nice surprise too! It seemed like a lot of work because Mum had to load three beds into the car - even though Inavale has nice beds in each of the giganormous kennels. But Dottie has to have her giganormous bed for her joints. Then we helped Mum pack our medicines, chewies, one bone each and an assortment of toys into a bag (it was giganormous too). Finally she took Cooper and me to the car and Coop immediately jumped into the passenger seat. Then Mum brought Dottie and had to lift her in because she is so low slung she can't jump that high.
We love Inavale because it is a giganormous horse farm and also has a two story dog and cat kennel with an indoor play area and an outside play area, field trips, walkies, and lots of loving time on laps. Cooper spends most of his stay making time with the ladies who take care of all of us, but I am into major play time. Everyone gets a free bath before they go home which the pawrents seem to think is a great idea but I think everyone would agree we could pass on that. We also are getting toe nail trims which we all hate but you cannot fight the ladies at the Farm. When they say you are going to get a trim, you are going to get a trim.

Everything was going pretty well until Mum started to leave. Coop and I waved her off - we had to get serious about getting to our kennels and meeting our pals. But Dottie hasn't been to the Farm and she didn't want Mum to leave. She followed Mum to the door and then pulled on Mum's pants so she wouldn't go. Cooper immediately felt bad and went over to her which only delayed our play time. The ladies told Mum to go and they would get Dottie inside and busy so she wouldn't miss Mum. I think they said Cooper and Dottie would bunk together, I prefer a private suite myself.

I have no idea how much the Farm costs, Mum said I shouldn't ask because my allowance will never cover it.
Dad is coming to get us on Monday so we are going to get plenty of time to play. I told the staff that Mum said it was okay for me to make phone calls and to just put it on my bill. I am going to call Gerald and Janice in British Columbia and see if they will send me a case of Guiness. And then I am going to text Howie PeePants in Texas and see if his mother will send me some scrambly eggs and kibble. This may be my once chance at decent chow and I have to make a break for it!


Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
That farm sounds like a ton of fun! I agree that there is no need for a bath before you go home. Doesn't your mom want to smell all the fun you had? I bet Dottie will have fun even if she didn't want your mom to leave! Have a great weekend!
:) Tibby

The FOUR Musketeers said...

WOW ! It sounds like so much fun at the camp ! How I wish I was there too ! BOL !

Janice and Gerald said...

Dozer ~ send me an email and I'll give you our phone number ... don't tell your Mom ... this is our little secret. Or, if you have computer access while she's gone, you could call us on SKYPE! Okay?? I'll await your call, and get the Guiness ready to ship.

Moco said...

What great fun you are going to have. We never get to go any place as neat as that. Foley would have a stroke if he had to leave the house.
Get on the phone pronto.

Anonymous said...

Dozer you are TOO funny!! And such a lucky pup to get to go to a nice camp like that!
Now Jane's telling me to take a trip so SHE can go to camp!...see what you've started!

Mango said...

Dottie will be OK once she gets the hang of it. Camp is FUN!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer and family!
have a wonderful time at camp! we cannot wait to hear about yours and mom's adventures!
m & e

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Dozer and Cooper, and the mom. You are so lucky to go to camp!
Family camp- yes! What fun. It looks like the Olympics for paw paws to me! In fact I think I may have seen you on tv yesterday doing som agility doggy stuff.
Well even if it was not you- that's okay- I know you will be having a blast. And by the way - you asked me what kind of treats I get. Well I get chunks or bites of these cookies that have apples and yogurt and good stuff in them, I also get crumbs (yes looks like crumbs to me of hard fried bacon.)
Do your treats compare to that? I am always open for suggestions
You be having a good time now

ocmist said...

Camp might be fun, but we didn't have to go because we've still got Dad at home... besides, we don't go to camp if everyone has to leave. We've got to visit at Aunt Mimi's with her Yippee Chi Mixes that treat Dott like a queen or something. Sounds like you're having a blast (except for missing your Mum, of course)... OC