Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pugs - Do They Have Necks or Not? - Dozer

I was surfing the Net the other day and found this video of confused puglets. (It is from Yahoo Videos and specifically which in no way means pugs are stupid) I had always thought corgis were superior to pugs because we had necks and pugs did not. As I tried to explain to Mum, necks are an important part of a dog's life because it is integral to accessorizing one's fashions. Without a proper neck it is difficult to wear scarves and bandanas to enhance... well, like my eyes. (This is when Mum started rolling her eyes for some reason)

So I ran smack dab into this video and was shocked to see that that if pugs don't have necks then they must be cousins to owls because they can roll their heads around like no one's business. I asked Mum how they do it and she said "It's a gift" so I guess it is something they got for Christmas. I tried imitating the pugs but I ended up looking a bit cockeyed. Mum also said if I threw my neck out that she was not taking me to the vet for physical therapy because all I do is flirt with the ladies.

I will write Howwee PeePants in Texas and find out if he has a neck and if he can roll his head around like these pugs.

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh how funny! i think we should get emmitt (pug)and moe (corgi) in on this debate! :)
m & e