Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Heights in Embarrassment - Dozer

So the nice folks at Rubbermaid are having this contest where you throw caution to the wind and upload a picture of your messy kitchen, garage or closet and plead for their grand prize where they get you organized (hopefully without recriminations or laughing). And of course Mum decided to think only of herself and upload a picture and make a case for needing serious assistance. She never thinks of us and how we might feel being paraded around for some big company to laugh at - I bet her entry ends up on the lunch room wall or on the water cooler and the Rubbermaid people get hernias from laughing too hard.

Here is what the grand prize looks like - and it appears to be a kitchen so I hope the Rubbermaid folks are not leaning towards awarding a kitchen the prize. Seriously, Mum does need help on so many fronts but I digress.

Mum sent in a picture similar to the one below. My pathetic looks should make the judges fold like a house of cards, especially after they read Mum's equally pathetic entry. The only good thing is that she did spell everything correctly.

The Entry:

"Somewhere in this clutter is a small Welsh Corgi. I am sure he is there, if only I could find him. I know that all my craft things will fit into the closet - after all it has the shelves already there! But I am in need of guidance as to how to do it.

This was a room as the result of a garage conversion, which was made into a very skinny bedroom. We turned it into my office/craft room. There are built-shelves, as well a bookcase, but things seemed to have gotten away from me. The upstart of the whole problem is that 1) I lose the dog on a daily basis, 2) I don't feel creative with all this clutter and 3) I am afraid if I die my mother will come to the house to console my husband and keel over when she sees this closet/room.

If I am deemed worthy of a closet re-organization you will save not only my sanity, but the life of a dog and my mother (plus other mourners she might drag to the house). The dog has a blog which is read by many, who would miss him."

Fortunately they had a limit on the length of the pleading part of the entry. If Mum had let me write it we would surely have won...with what she sent in..well, it doesn't bode well.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, hey...that looks kinda like my dad's office. Momma's a neatnik and she's been working on a new office/workroom for us that's really cool. It's almost finished and she hasn't even pulled all her hair out yet!
Good luck with the contest...I hopes you WIN and that they include a new bed for you!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

Hi Nancy!

I absolutely love your new header!

what a great post! I think they will be calling you with that fabulous entry!

Saint Lover said...

Good Luck! I dont think its "that" bad though. It just needs a little "direction" lol!