Monday, January 5, 2009

Present for Me? What a Good Idea! - Dozer

A big box arrived for me today. It came from our friend Melanie who has Shop MoeMoe at Etsy (click here to visit). We met Melanie through Melissa and Emmit the Pug (click here to vist them) who are regular bloggers. Like Melanie, Melissa is an artist.

Melanie made a wonderful Sock Puppy for Mum to give as a present before Christmas which I thought we should have kept. I didn't even get to sniff it and apparently de-stuffing it was completely out of the question. I don't remember seeing a note from Melanie saying it was special and could not be played with. Mum ordered a second Sock Puppy for herself (they are made from gloves but Mum calls them Sock Puppies for some reason) and Melanie made one. I pointed out to Mum that it did not look the same as the first one and that perhaps Melanie had forgotten what they were supposed to look like. Mum said Sock Puppies are just like corgis, no two are the same. After I thought about it, I decided that made sense in a strange sewing-machine-stitching-artsy way.

I thought perhaps Sock Puppy would be given to me to play with but Mum immediately took his picture to send to friends and then she parked him on the arm of her lamp in her office. I cannot figure out what is going on because he looks like a toy, he sits like a toy so he should be mine!
This is Sock Puppy. He was very hard to take a picture of because he kept moving and looking around. He has a ski hat on which matches his neck muff/scarf.

Melanie also sent a little Corgi Puff which unfortunately looks exactly like Dottie. Obviously Melanie needs some professional help because no artist would use Dottie as a model. What was she thinking? Mum says it is just coincidence but a magical coincidence. What about me? Why didn't Melanie make the Corgi Puff look like me?

Mum is a bit torn but Cooper says she will probably send the Corgi Puff onto Dottie's previous owner,
Betty (click here to read about Betty). That is a very good idea in my book! We don't need Dottie getting any more airs than she already has.

Mum says we have to thank Melanie for Sock Puppy and the Corgi Puff....sheesh, okay, thank you Melanie. Maybe next time Melanie will remember to put care and use instructions when she sends these Sock Puppies out. I could be gnawing his eyes out if she had just put down that he was a toy and not a piece of art!


Joan said...

Dozer - sorry to hear that you couldn't chew on the new little sock puppy! Yeah, they have those same kinda "Art" rules over here at our house too!! Larka (our sib. husky mix) and me don't really like them rules either! But we are outnumbered. Say, we read about Betty, and agree she looks like the perfect Grandmother. How nice for Dottie and your mum to visit with her. Okay, Little Dozer Dear, you did it made us really LOL...we also read your post entitled "Man Cave Violated - From Dozer - 12/l7/08"...we even had to wipe the tears off from laughing so hard!
Hope you guys have the very bestest day!
Pug Hugs,
Skippy & Joan

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Dozer. My aunt Molly is known as "the Alligator" and she can tear a toy apart like nobuddy's bizness! She's a chocolate lab so she has big teeths. Sorry you didn't get to bite the sock puppy, but maybe if you asked your mom she'd get you a toy you can bite.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Dozer, this is outrageous, your mama is danglin that delectee-bull toy right up there and not lettin you play with it?? What is this world coming to??
your good pal,
Howard Pee Badpants

River said...

Well, that is so not fair. Can you climb up on a chair and grab that thing? It looks purely like a dog toy to me and should be in your mouth.

love & wags,

Tibby said...

Hi Dozer,
Sorry you didn't get to play with that sock puppy! He looks like a ton of fun! I have given you an award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
sorry that you did not get the gifts in that package but they are for your wonderful mom.
m & e

Mango said...

I am confused about sock puppy. Is it for you or your mom?

The Dottie pillow is so cute. You could bitey it and pretend its her.


Saint Lover said...

Those turned out great! I really like the sock dog toy.