Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Weekend Fun

We had a busy weekend. Mum had to go to work Saturday morning for a couple of hours and then she came home to take me, Cooper, to the vet. Time for a quick exam, one vaccination and lots of cheese-in-can!
This is Stephanie, my new girlfriend. She is one of the vet tech's at Ark Animal Hospital. She likes me.

In the afternoon Mum and Dad went to Costco and did some shopping and then they came home to watch Oregon State University play football against Arizona (we won in the last 30 seconds!). I got bored watching the game and took a nap on Mum's lap. Every once in a while I run or snort which cracks Mum up. (She is so easily entertained!)

Dozer is a whiner and he hates being in his cage, so Mum lets him out in the evening after his walk and cuddles him. He is such a baby but as they say, "he's working it".

So it is Sunday morning and I have read the paper and am now taking my morning nap. Mum is watching the Discovery channel and Dad is surfing the internet. Now if it will stop raining for a bit, Mum can take me to the park!


the Corgi Girls said...

Looks like a GREAT weekend!!!

We still can't believe you get CHEESE at the vet, sheez... there is something wrong with our vet, we don't get anything, ever!

M & I

Melissa and Emmitt said...

what a great weekend!
your photos made us smile!
m & e

River said...

Glad you enjoy going to the vet. Dozer does look pitiful!

love & wags,

Moco said...

Did you get any of the chicken jerky from Costco. They have pig ears also. We love both of those treats.
You look like you know how to take a good nap. We like taking naps on the rainy Oregon days.
Dozer is getting better. Hooray!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Your vets always look so nice and accommodating, Coop! Hope you and Dozer have a great day!


Dog Checks said...

Now thats some sunday snoozing ;)