Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dozer Squared

I am recovering nicely from my knee surgery but realize that Cooper is laughing at me every time he walks by. Mum finally got a mirror out and showed me that I have a square on my butt. How did that get there? I don't think that is funny at all. (Cooper now rolls around the floor in hysterical laughter). Mum said they did that for the surgery which makes absolutely no sense to me at all. I look like an idiot! I want a refund! And I want Cooper to stop laughing at!


Sparky said...


Oh dear, your butt is shaved! Man, Cooper must be very inconsiderate to be laughing at you! I mean, what kind of doggy brother would do that?! Even I'm not laughing at you! Well, I might have laughed just a little bit earlier, but I'm over that now. I think. Maybe. Wahaha, never mind, I'll shut up before you feel really bad!


the Corgi Girls said...

They could have at least rounded off the corners or shaved a manly cool design into your fur... like flames. Oh wait, flames coming from your bum... maybe that's not such a great idea. Hmmm....

M & I

Mango said...

Gee, that's an unfortunate place to be shaved. I don't know how you can overcome the embarassment. Its not like you can wear a hat on your butt.