Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free At Last, Thank Kibble I'm Free At Last!

Finally at 10:30am I got to go to the vet and get rid of the big blue inner tube. When I went in Chrissy was there - my beloved handmaiden of healing. I have missed her gentle touch and her generous nature when it comes to treats.

I met Stephanie, a very nice vet tech, with red hair. Like Chrissy, she is exceedingly generous in nature, specifically cheese-in-a-can. I like Stephanie who is going to Oregon State University and will some day be a vet.

Hey, look at me! Last picture with the blue inner tube! BOL!

Check it out! Me and my ladies, Stephanie (on the left) and Dr. Williams. I have my stitches out and start rehab tomorrow with Dr. Williams. I told Mum she could just drop me off for my rehab and Dr. W and I would spend an hour together but apparently that won't fly. Mum says I will just roll around and beg for treats and not do any sort of therapy if she doesn't come along.

I never get to have fun! Oh well, if I play my cards right I might get more cheese-in-a-can. It's good to feel good again!


the Corgi Girls said...

Aw, we're glad you're free AND feeling good again! We miss the Dozer shenanigans!

M & I

Sparky said...


I'm so glad you're free of the blue inner tube now! You must feel much better, eh?


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Congrats for getting tube off, Dozer! It must be so liberating not to be confined by the rubber thingy, yes? *wink* Stephanie and Dr. Williams look SOOOO nice!


Moco said...

This is wonderful news. Do your exercises the way you are taught and get better fast. Those look like very nice ladies to work with. We want cheese in a can.
What was Dottie thinking. Did she want to take up smoking?
That is a lovely poem that you have posted. Thanks.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Are you sure that was an inner tube Dozerbuddy? It looks like a delishush donut to me!
We are glad you are free and can run like da wind again.
your good pal,
Howard Pee