Friday, October 17, 2008

Coop is such a woose

Cooper is such a woose, he spent the whole night on the couch or by my cage. I was fine, I didn't need company. But he seemed compelled to stay by me - it's not like we have ghosts in the house or anything. The least he could have done is to try and get the doors open on this prison and get me out of here! But no, he was keeping watch and the next thing you know, he's pulling z's and laid out like a rug again. Sheesh, what's a corgi to do? I did figure out that once I pee or poop, my walks outside end. To that end, as it were, I am holding everything as long as I can and turning a deaf ear to Mum as she pleads for me to do my business. I bet Chrissy, the vet tech, would take me for long walks. I do miss her feeding me by hand. Mum looked over the top of her glasses this morning and said "Not on my watch young man". Now I know what it is like to be sentenced to prison, the big house, up the river. I need a lawyer and I need one fast!

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