Friday, October 17, 2008

Thanks Howee and other Fatties

Thanks to my pals in Texas who put me on their blog. Howee, I feel bad I never came and rescued you when you were locked up for fartin'. Can you rent a Winnebago and come rescue me from prison? I've been sentenced to 6-8 weeks and won't get out until Christmas at this rate!


Aniemother said...

We hope you'll feel better and get out of jail in no time!

Comforting kisses,
Virus & Bajas

Moco said...

You are like famous now. How cool is that? Take care of yourself and get lots better. We will be thinking of you daily. Healing vibes are going your way at this minute. Enjoy that peanut butter while you can get it.

Laura said...

Get well soon, Dozer!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Dear Dozer, I read with shock and horror (as opposed to shock and awe) about yew not getting long walks and bein in prison. If yer mommy really loved yew, she would let that cute vet tech come and visit and hand feed yew and let yew hobble around the yard and stare at the birds (medication makes you do stuff like that). We sure hope you are feelin better soon so Coop can get back to his bed and stop guardin yer cage. Sheesh everything grinds to a halt when Dozer is not in charge!
with lubb and sympathee,
Fartin Pee *starting up the Winnebago to come rescue Dozer*

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
emmitt and i are friends of nancy and the p's. we just heard of your surgery and want to wish you a super speedy recovery!
melissa and emmitt