Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Again!

I am finally home again! It seemed like forever for Mum to get to the hospital today to pick me up. Of course my favorite tech, Chrissy, made sure I was taken well care of and after yesterday I should hope so! I don't remember much but I feel like someone hit me with a ball peen hammer. Reminds me of my obedience school days when we would kick back have some drinks after school - too many Shirley Temples and I would be out like a light and wake up with a sugar headache.

I was not feeling very well this morning - a lot of pain and this plastic collar really do not go together well. But dear Chrissy sat down with me and hand fed me my breakfast and then gave me some pain medication. What can I say? That woman will always be on a pedestal in my view - and my view got fuzzy after the pain medication and I took a morning nap.

Mum and Dad came and got me at 5pm. I was so glad to see them. I can't jump because of my leg but Mum knew I was happy. I don't need that sling-thing to walk, I have that all figured out and I practically pulled her out of the building. Dad put me in the back of the dogmobile and I was home in about 6 minutes. On the way Dad fed me a McDonald's hamburger and I was in heaven. He kept telling me to chew, but I like inhaling them.

Cooper and Dottie met me at the door and then I went into my new "man cave" in the living room. It's okay but not exactly cozy - I had Mum bring in some toys, bones and another bed so I have things to play with and I can stretch out comfortably. Mum filled my Kong with peanut butter and she filled the inside of a bone too. Then she came with my special water bowl and I emptied that in no time. I had to wait for my second bowl but Mum was happy to see me drinking.

I had a nice walk with Mum tonight and decided to make her day and did a nice poop and an extremely long pee - yeah, I know, I spoil her. She was so complimentary about my poop - what can I say, I am an artist - Mum said it was an exquisite little gift and she wrapped it up in those scented bags and tossed it in the repository.

I have been whining which Mummy finds a little disconcerting but only because I want to be on her lap and I don't like being in the living room by myself. I know, I know, I'll adjust but I really think I should get some lap time. Mum said she will give me a big good-night hug and kiss when she gives me my pain medication in a few minutes.

It is good to be home - hi Howee, River, Mango, Sparky, Willow, the Corgi Lounge Ladies, Peanut, and all my many friends. I missed you all and I am so glad you didn't for get me!

Good-night, Dozer


Malissa said...

I am so happy that Dozer is on the mend. He is going to be loving you for a long time for all that has been done for him!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Mister Dozer - I am glad yew are feelin a little better. If yew get extra peanut butter you don't happen to want, you know you gots a buddy in Texas who can help yew out with that, rite? My brother Java Cheesy whined a lot the first 2 days after his knee surgery, but mommy said he got better real quick. We used to sit by his crate to keep him company. Mom will email you some pictures if you want to give her your email address so you can see. We are sending yew healin hugs today. from your pals in Texas,
H Pee, Annie Bee and Java Cheese and The Mama

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hey Dozer, mom posted a little thing about yew on my page today. Get well buddy!
hugs from Pee

the Corgi Girls said...

We'd never consider forgetting about you! BTW- might hint to your mum that us corgi girls make lovely nurses... yes yes! We'd keep you comfortable all day long!

M & I

Mango said...

Sorry I have been so out of touch. I missed your whole splurgery thing. Hope that short little leg gets better.