Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on our patient

Dozer's surgery took quite a while but he came through with flying colors. He had a bit more damage than anticipated, but his wonderful surgeon put all the pieces together and he was put to bed by his favorite tech, Chrissy. I stopped by at 5:00pm to say good-night because he needed to stay overnight where he could be monitored and have his pain medication. Just before I arrived he had been in pain and they gave him some morphine so he was dozing and not really aware of who was with him. He was trying to get his collar out of the way but then gave up and closed his eyes.
The vet and techs had Dozer on a nice blanket pad with a warm, white blanket covering him - so he was all tucked in for the night. When I got down to give him a kiss good-bye his little pink tongue was just peeking out from his lips, which he does when he is having good dreams. I know he will have a good night's rest and he can come home tomorrow night after I get off work.

I went to Petco tonight and spent the Christmas money on a large cage which has the dimensions the vet said he needed - 4 feet - to turn around. And of course if you get the cage, you have to get a nice pad, wee wee pads, and assorted other items. Did buy Cooper a Halloween costume (pictures to come) which my boss feels does not help Coop's self-esteem (really?).

I have been overwhelmed by the concern of others for Dozer and it touches my heart. Howee in Texas sent such a nice note via his Mother, and folks I have never heard from before and who I did not know before, have sent their warmest wishes. Thank you all. Dozer's surgery will pretty much empty the coffers but he will have 85%-90% use of the leg and that means he will have a great life. And really, how can I put a price on the warm muzzle of a sleepy Pembroke Welsh Corgi who runs in his sleep and likes nothing better than sitting in my lap and leaning against me as he falls to sleep? Yes, you're right, it's priceless!

Good-night all!


River said...

We tried to send a note yesterday but blogger refused to accept comments so we were thinking about you and Dozer! I hope he will continue to do well. It is so loving of you to have the surgery done. Sending beagle prayers & hugs from Georgia.

love & wags,
River & mom

Moco said...

We are behind in following our blogs and did not realize that Dozer was having surgery until today. We will do a special circle of healing vibes just for him. Poor guy, hurting himself like that. We say that your money could not have been spent on anything better.

the Corgi Girls said...

That's what a superstar athlete like doze is prone to... superstar athlete injuries, so sad! Glad everything looks like it will recover nicely, knowing Doz, I bet he'll never really realize a difference... he'll still be up to his shenenegans ;o) Corgis are like that you know!

Corgi girls cuddles and kisses...
M & I

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Aww, so sorry to hear about Doz. We'll be sending your thoughts from Texas!

Chris & Mac

Nancy and the fatties said...

From Howie's mom - please give little Dozer big hugs from us. We are so glad he has such a loving mama and family. Java's quality of life got SO MUCH better after his knee surgery - you will be so glad you did this when you see Dozer running like a puppy again very soon.