Sunday, August 24, 2008

They Didn't Take Us!

So Mum and Dad and cousin Anthony took the boat and went to Green Peter Dam* (actually we were on Foster Lake - big reservoir) which is just outside Sweet Home, Oregon. About an hour from our home. The last time they took me I wore my life vest and was very well behaved. But this time Mum didn't take me! She said there would be a lot of watercraft and she wasn't sure how well all the boating would go. She probably made a good decision on that one. There was engine trouble which took a bit to get resolved and it was sunny and a bit warm and I overheat easily.
Mum said there were interesting rocks that showed the evolution of the area. There is even on picture that shows the rocks bending! That was pretty neat to see. She took these pictures I could see the pretty trees and the lake and its "fingers" that go deep into the forest.

That's not wood, that's the rock "bending"! Mum says it takes a long, long time for that to happen. And it also involves "plates", heat and all sorts of things of that nature.

Looks like the rocks want to fall in! BOL!

Look, the rocks are slanting down into the water!

I would like to go next time. I thought I would be subtle and just wear my pirate hat and that it might jog Mum's memory. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) has nothing on me!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, I did! (Got to sleep on the bed with Mum last night!)

*Green Peter - peter is used to describe a rocky summit, which Green Peter has a lot of. GP is the site of a forest lookout, some books and old maps refer to this area as Bald Peter but the Linn County Fire Patrol states that Bald Peter is actually about a mile north of Green Peter. We're assuming the green refers to all the pine trees around the lake, of which there were a lot.

*Sweet Home was originally named Buckhead but somewhere in time, actually around 1874 it was renamed to Sweet Home but no one knows why.


Saint Lover said...

How could they! How could they not take you there! What a beautiful place for a vacation.

the Corgi Girls said...

Mum was loving the pics... she's a geologist that loves that kinda thing!

We however really love the pirate hat! We think that would be a requirement for riding on a boat!!!

M & I