Friday, August 22, 2008

Difficult Days at Dozer's Den

In preparation for our mission to save Howie in Texas, we have begun intensive training (with treats) to make it through the devious traps that will be laid in our way as we make our way through the land called Texas. We are undergoing the highly coveted Marine/Navy/Army/Air Force Seal-Ranger-Canine program so we are in tip top shape.

Here we are undergoing adaptability testing for scampering through the tunnels we expect to encounter. Sadly, we do not seem to have the aptitude for anything except treats.

More tomorrow.


Willow the Black Dale said...

Guys what do you need from me? Please take some of my fart bottles if you need them!!! I pass them on to you. Deetzy put them on his sidebar for emergencies. We must free Howie!!! I am also trying to get Paco (the wheely) Aire-lifted to the Airedale Heaven Hospital. I have two missions I am working on. I am a Marine girl so I can do both! Good luck with that training.
Sempre Fi,

River said...

At least you're trying! We're just sitting around eating cake.

love & wags,
Pee-Ess for Willow--wouldn't that be Sempre Fido?? bol

Peanut said...

Just pack that thing up and ship it to me then you never have to worry about it anymore

Preppy Pugs said...

Oh that training looks tough... not good for those with little legs. That why we pugs have learned the art of crawling... much easier to go under than over sometimes. :-)

Judy K said...

Charlie in WA says she knows how to do the tunnel's her favorite part of training! She can be called up at a moments notice for duty! Just not when she's at Grandma's house...she has chopped up hot dogs for treats!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, agility! Good luck pals... just pretend with your short legs it's impossible and put on a cute face... if they make you try anyway, fall down and give them the puppy eyes... act hurt... put on the cute... and you'll never have to do it again, BOL!!!

M & I

Saint Lover said...

nice tire! My yellow lab learned it not too long ago. The easiest way for a dog to figure it out is to unclip it and hold it on the ground and encourage your dog to go through. As they figure that out hold it up just a bit more and encourage through. keep raising in small increments until you can clip it back up. it works like a charm.

Good luck!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Dear Dozer and Coop my truest friends. I gots one word for you. Okay, mebbe two:
RUN!!! RUN!!!!! git away from that thing. It looks pretty dangeruss to me. I took an Jility Course once and got kicked out fer peeing on the seesaw. *packs little puggyfanny pack and awaits rescue by Dozer and Coop Agility Dawgs to the Rescue.
Howard Pee in the land of the unloved and underappreciated...

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hey, pssst. Its me agin, Pee. Mom's sweatin bullets. heh heh. You got her real nervous about the rescue mission. I used the secret code and accessed her blog again to make another unauthorized entry about yew two.
yer pal,

wally said...

I'm very good at the treats. I'm a little unsure what you're supposed to do with that tire thing. Knock the apes into it and go through their pockets for snacks?

wally t.