Monday, August 18, 2008

This is for you Sparky!

There are so many good dog cartoons by this artist,
but we think this one looks just like Sparky!


Willow the Black Dale said...

This really is so cute! The poor kitty! I love kitties. But my mom keeps say something like "Willow stop chasing those cats!!! You are not Alf and they aren't Lucky!!!" Nope still don't get it. Do you? must go read my blog. I have a section on there about farting and the fart bottles and why they are so important. I let everyone know who reads my blog that our pal Howie is MIA due to his farts!!! Keep me informed on his status.

Staff Sgt. Willow ready for action.

the Corgi Girls said...


River said...

Wow, that Sparky has cahones (still)!

love & wags,

Sparky said...

BOL! That's hilarious, guys! This just made my day, ha ha ha! Thank ya!


Willow the Black Dale said...

Dozer I NEED you buddy please come by my blog!!!


Saint Lover said...

Hahahahahahahah! I have a friend whos BC could be the star of that cartoon.... lol