Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Comin' Howie!

We heard from Howie in Texas. He has managed to circumvent his Mum's password on her computer and gotten a message out to us. Apparently his Mum has sent dire warnings out about Howie's wet farts. We're not so worried but our Mum did take a loving look at the living room couch, which is really our couch. If Mum only knew how many farts have been absorbed into the corduroy cushions, she would just cringe.

Willow and Wally are ready to make the trip to Texas with us to spring Howie. Of course we can't just run off without preparation. Heck no! I have started my regime by watching The Alamo which we believe is somewhere in the great state of Texas.
Being from the Northwest, Cooper and I do not really know that much about the land called Texas. We know that a lot of people and cattle live there and that they have blue bonnets (not the margarine, the flower).

I thought it best to begin training slowly. To that end I am practicing my attack skills on cowboy hats in case Howie's Mum lets loose with a posse or a herd of cowboys. I know she is a painter but they can have a wild side, let me tell you!

Willow and Wally will be conduting their own regime to ready for our response to Howie's incarceration. Be patient big guy! We're coming!

Take that cowboy hat! I'll show you!


River said...

Looks like you're almost ready! Cowboy hats beware the Dozer!!

love & wags,

Nancy and the fatties said...

Wow, that hat looks delicious. Thanks fur breakin me outta this place. I just want to say, fur the record, DIET is a four-letter word. I am also wonderin what's in your fridge Dozer and Coopster. Do you think I can convince yer mama that I didn't have four meals and 12 snacks today?
yer hungry pal,
Dietin Against His Will Howie

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, we want to see you with the hat on Doz!!!

M & I